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Top 10 Diss Tracks of All Time

Top 10 Diss Tracks of All Time

There’s always so much controversy surrounding the controversy. The fact is hip hop battles are at its best when all the attacks are done verbally and tastefully. Use the microphones and words as weapons and really shell out all of your ammunition. With this list, I present you some of the best semi-automatic tracks that have been released in the hip hop genre. There is in my opinion very little debate as to what the top 5 are, and I will even put mention as to some that didn’t make it in (but I know I’ll get the: “What about this song Deez”, “What about that song Deez”. Regardless, I’ve done this list a few times, have had many people co-sign it and even use it as their own. I’d love to see the responses. This is about as genuine as a list you’ll get as so many factors are taken into consideration such as: time period, style of attack, types of jabs, subject, content, flow, lyrics, etc. Many diss tracks are just seen to be constant “your mama” jokes and really, that’s not what makes a great diss joint. The factual jabs tied in with precise lyricism and flow all account for a great track in general, let alone a diss track. Without further ado…

10. Mobb Deep: Drop A Gem on ‘Em

Mobb Deep vs. 2Pac

Year: 1996

Who Got Dissed: 2Pac

Short History: While Pac was one of the biggest names in hip hop at the time, Mobb Deep was no slouch. They had the entire underground hip hop scene on lock and had just released an undeniable classic in “The Infamous.” 2Pac on “Hit Em Up” and “Against All Odds” just went all out and threw the Mobb’s name in there. Hav and P decided to fire back.

Why It’s So Good: It was subtle, very subtle. To this day, many people don’t even realize that this was a diss to 2Pac. If you want to make the assumption that it takes balls to go all out and be blunt and name call and stuff, then go for it, I disagree and think that something like what P and Hav did takes so much more skill and execution. Moreover, P delivers probably his best post-Infamous verse. It seems as if only 2Pac would know that this track was to him, I think that makes it even more beautiful. The beat is dope too, kind of chilling and haunting, it adds to the atmosphere.

Lyrics: it’s warfare in the arena; you turn arenas into house of horrors / its terror dome, when you see my click you need to run behind shit/ you got a gat? you better find it and use that shit/ think fast and get reminded / of robberies in Manhattan you knew what happened / 60 g’s and one for gun clappin / Who Shot Ya? You’d probably scream louder than an opera / New York gotcha / now you wanna use my mob as a crutch

9. Roxanne Shante: Have A Nice Day

Roxanne Shante vs. BDP

Year: 1987

Who Got Dissed: Boogie Down Productions

Short History: She was like, 13 or 14 at this time. Enough said. Marley Marl saw potential in her, and even though Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap wrote a bunch of stuff for her, she came out on her own and dissed one of the most revered MC’s then and now, KRS-One and his DJ Scott La Rock. The whole Juice Crew and BDP wars will go down in history as the greatest rap battle of all time, but Shante’s diss tracks got lost in all of this. In the middle of this she also had “Roxanne’s Revenge” (a diss to UTFO) and “Bite This” (a diss to just about everyone in the industry at that time). Shante had a lot of anger to let out especially after KRS said she was only good for “steady fu*king.”

Why It’s So Good: She was 13. I mean, we really haven’t established Shante at the level that Lyte or Jean or Lauryn were established probably because she was surrounded by so much talent, but I mean, she’s 13 going at a much older legend and pioneer. And really, no one to this day has dissed BDP better than Shante has, not even MC Shan. It was direct, catchy, well written, well flowed, and just an all out good track. This is coming from a huge KRS-One fan, and I think KRS would admit so (today) too. To pick this out of her many diss joints was tough though, I’ll admit that.

Lyrics: Now KRS-ONE you should go on vacation / With that name soundin’ like a wack radio station / And as for Scott La Rock, you should be ashamed / When T La Rock said “It’s Yours”, he didn’t mean his name / So step back peasants, poppin’ all that junk / Or else BDP will stand for Broken Down Punks / Cos I’m an All-Star just like Julius Erving / And Roxanne Shante is only good for steady servin’

8. Notorious B.I.G: Kick In The Door

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Nas, Jeru, Ghostface, Raekwon

Year: 1997

Who Got Dissed: Nas, Jeru The Damaja, Ghostface, Raekwon

Short History: There was so much beef going on. To cut it short, there was a little hostility with Biggie against Nas, Ghost and Rae. There was a skit on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx that claimed Biggie as a biter; a biter of Nas’ album cover and Raekwon’s King of New York Title (The Purple Tape and Ready to Die were both prominent albums at the time). Not only that, Jeru took shots at Bad Boy Records on his track “One Day” and Biggie responded to that on this joint. One could even say that he took a slight jab at DJ Premier as well, because DJ Premier rolled really tight with both Nas and Jeru. A lot of this can be recalled by Nas on “Last Real N*gga Alive.” Some believe that the ‘This goes out to you (10x)’ line is calling out all the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Why It’s So Good: It was vicious. Even as an extremely biased Premier fan, the way this “I Put a Spell on You” sample was flipped was sheer genius. It provided this comedic type of atmosphere, but B.I.G was there to assure us that nothing was funny about this. It left you guessing: “Was that line about Nas?” “Was that line about Rae?” He even flipped the whole bleach threat line around and fired back. Shortly after this, he died, but with a track like this, it certainly lives on forever. Another great thing was that this beef never got escalated even with a ferocious track like this. People took notice and moved on.

Lyrics: Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns/ As I crush so-called willies, thugs, and rapper-dons/ Get in that ass, quick fast, like Ramadan… Lyrically, Im worser, don’t front the word sick/ You cursed it, but rehearsed it/ I drop unexpectedly like bird shit/ You herbs get, stuck quickly for royalties and show money
Don’t forget the publishin, I punish em, Im done with them/ Son, I’m surprised you run with them/ I think they got cum in them, cause they, nothin but dicks/ Tryin to blow up like nitro and dynamite sticks/ Mad I smoke hydro rock diamonds, thats sick/ Got pay off my flow, rhyme with my own click/ Take trips to Cairo, layin with yo bitch

7. LL Cool J: To Da Break of Dawn

LL Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, MC Hammer

Year: 1990

Who Got Dissed: Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, MC Hammer

Short History: If you talk to any old school hip hop head, they’ll tell you about how dope LL was back in the day, but arguably how even doper Kool Moe Dee was. LL was on the come up and Kool Moe Dee dissed LL on a track called “How Ya Like Me Now”, and from there LL dropped a now classic “Jack The Ripper”. The battle boiled on and on, and LL stepped out of the game for a moment. He came back with what could be the best comeback album of all time: Mama Said Knock You Out and on it, “To Da Break of Dawn” showed LL taking shots at the very popular MC Hammer and Ice-T. He further went on to diss Kool Moe Dee in the same track, totaling up three top notch emcee dissed by one artist. LL was walking like a panther, chewing up whoever was in his way to his goal.

Why It’s So Good: Kool Moe Dee really was a great MC. He’s forgotten by most newcomer listeners now, but if “Jack The Ripper” didn’t finish him, then this did. While this track didn’t completely dismay Ice-T or MC Hammer, the complete shock value alone of LL going at three huge artist was a really big deal. He also single-handedly held his own and provided one of his best performances on the mic. Also, on an album filled with tremendous songs, this one certainly sticks out with the title track.

Lyrics: Homeboy, hold on, my rhymes are so strong/ Nothing could go wrong, so why do you prolong/ Songs that ain’t strong, brother, you’re dead wrong/ And got the nerve to have them Star Trek shades on/ Ha, you can’t handle the whole weight/ Skin needs lotion, teeth need Colgate
I’ma show you the real meaning of the danger zone/ Stop dancin, get to walkin/ Shut your old mouth when young folks is talkin/ you little snake in the grass/ You swing a hammer, but you couldn’t break a glass
How dare you stand beside me/ I’m Cool, I freeze I-c-e/ On your trail and I’ma cut that bull tail
In the immortal words of L.L., ‘hard as hell’/ Your broad wears it well She’s the reason that your record sold a few copies
I’m not Scarface, but I want more beef/ Before you rapped you was a downtown car thief/ Workin in a parking lot/
A brother with a perm deserves to get burned

6. Nas: Ether

Nas vs. Jay-Z

Year: 2001

Who Got Dissed: Jay-Z

Short History: You should know the story by now, but in brief: Jay-Z made fun of Prodigy and called out Nas at Summer Jam. Nas drops response freestyle. Jay-Z drops “Takeover”. Nas drops “Ether”. Jay-Z drops “Super Ugly”. End. That’s the short version. Technically, the beef could go all the way back to when Jay-Z did “Dead Presidents” in which Jay-Z used Nas’ vocals from “The World is Yours”. Then the whole Memphis Bleek incident biting Nas with “Memphis Bleek is…” and then even “Got My Mind Right”. Nevermind Memphis Bleek though, these were two very well respected artist taking some shots at each other until it eventually became too much.

Why It’s So Good: I could get a lot of hate for choosing this over the other (I can tell you “Takeover” isn’t on this list) but I’ve stayed by this ever since day one. This is the type of song Pac’s “Hit em Up” wanted to be because it was so personal, and while it had childish touches (Gay-Z, Cock-A-Fella) it still remained adult in content. Nas took jabs at Jigga’s numerous biting habits of Biggie and Jaz-O and even the album title of his then (Blueprint, already used by KRS-One). Moreover, took jabs at Jay-Z turning his back on hip hop, even calling him Judas with “Hawaiian Sophie” fame and questions his business ethic as he traded his soul for money and fame. The third verse really kicks things up a notch and it’s just a slaughter fest of uppercuts. After that, it was without a doubt something that was epic by nature and stunning after the delivery.

Lyrics: First, Biggie’s ya man, then you got the nerve to say that you better than Big/ Dick sucking lips, why won’t you let the late, great veteran live
In ’88 you was getting chased through your building/ Calling my crib and I ain’t even give you my numbers/ All I did was gave you a style for you to run with

And, Eminem murdered you on your own shit/ You a dick-riding faggot, you love the attention/ Queens niggas run you niggas, ask Russell Simmons

5. Eminem: The Sauce

Eminem vs. Benzino

Year: 2002

Who Got Dissed: Benzino

Short History: Benzino, was pretty much hating all the success and fame Eminem was getting and probably hating that Eminem was one hundred times the rapper that he would ever be. He claimed that Eminem was simply all commercial and corporate success set to further isolate the Latin American rap community in the industry. Benzino fired first, then Eminem dropped the very tame “Bully”. Benzino fired back with some terrible diss tracks then Eminam put the nail in the coffin. The beef went further for legal disputes because Benzino, so desperate to win a battle that he already lost, dug up some tapes of Eminem spitting racial slurs.

Why It’s So Good: “Nail in the Coffin” is the other, more popular one, but “The Sauce” is just three and a half minutes of brutal, continuous stab wounds right to the ribs. Hearing Eminem rap with so much passion, emotion, and disgust is something every rap fan should experience. This was somewhat laughable because Benzino is a terrible artist, but to attack one of the most vicious emcees of our time was another thing. Eminem seemingly had fun pointing out Benzino’s street cred, age, even his braided hair! Also, Eminem attacks the credibility of the once very credible source that was once littered with Made Men advertisements (Benzino’s group) and questionable reviews given. So many quotables and as a once avid reader of the Source, the truth hits extremely hard. It is almost perfect in nature, even with a fitting beat; it was just such a silly beef (because we all knew Eminem would prevail) that most don’t even need to mention this.

Lyrics: No more Source for street cred, them days is dead/ Ray’s got AK’s to Dave Mays’ head/ Every issue there’s an eight page Made Men spread/ Will somebody please tell whoever braids his head
Bitch this is war now, and you’ll never beat me/ All you do is cheat me out of Quotables
But you know that you’ll always see me/ On your TV, cuz you’ve got to stay up ’til/ Three in the morning to see your video played once on BET

It’s extortion, and Ray owns a portion/ So half of the staff up there is fresh out of jail from Boston/ Bullyin and bossin Dave like a slave/ They completely brainwashed him and forced him to stay/ Locked in his own office Afraid of the softest, fakest, wannabe gangsta in New York

4. Canibus: 2nd Round KO

Canibus vs. LL Cool J

Year: 1998

Who Got Dissed: LL Cool J

Short History: It all started with a tattoo. No, not really, but sort of. “4,3,2,1″ , a song by LL Cool J featured Canibus along with fellow Def Jam-ers Redman, Method Man, and DMX. Canibus made a reference to the mic tattoo on LL’s arm and LL took offense. LL fired back at Canibus on the same track and there was an obvious beef between the two just after listening to the song. There was another whole ordeal that had LL wanting Bis to change the lyrics and such (this can be heard on a telephone conversation somewhere on Youtube). Canibus dropped this gem on his debut album, and it remains to be one of the best diss tracks of all time. LL replied with an impressive (but rumoured to be ghostwritten) “Ripper Strikes Back”, but LL’s successful career continues while Canibus only has his loyal fan base that probably isn’t as large in numbers as LL’s.

Why It’s So Good: A new up and comer like Canibus coming after a wildly successful and legit MC in LL Cool J was enough for people to pay attention. Bis was seriously contending as opposed to being a punching bag for LL. So many lines were directed at LL’s image because it had been so long since he had made anything but a track for ladies. Canibus was also a fairly big LL fan, he even states that he did all the background checks, so he had plenty of ammo to hit his drug-free image and his plasticized body-type. Moreover, he attacks LL’s bogus terms to being the greatest of all time and attributes that right to Notorious B.I.G. The jabs at the majority female fan base, the sitcom lifestyle, and the declining skills and wasted potential of LL were set ups for a knockout blow in the last quarter of the 2nd verse. To this day, people claim unanimously that Canibus slapped a legend with a heavy dose of reality.

Lyrics: You walk around showin off your body cause it sells/ Plus to avoid the fact that you ain’t got skills/ Mad at me cause I kick that shit real niggaz feel/ While 99% of your fans wear high heels
And if you really want to show off, we can get it on/ Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom/ I’ll let you kick a verse, fuck it, I’ll let you kick em all/ I’ll even wait for the studio audience to applaud

Fuck that, cause like Common and Cube I see The Bitch In Yoo/ and I’ma make the world see it too, motherfucker

3. Ice Cube: No Vaseline

Ice Cube vs. N.W.A.

Year: 1991

Who Got Dissed: N.W.A.

Short History: Ice Cube was no doubt the smartest, most talented member of N.W.A. They were quick to take deals and Ice Cube really wanted to wait out and see if there were better things out there. He also wanted to pursue a more thorough solo career but N.W.A wasn’t too cool with that. They even referred to Cube as ‘Benedict Arnold’ on “Message to B.A.”, which was the first track to diss Ice Cube after his departure. “Real Niggaz” was another diss track to Cube. Cube felt that Eazy was stealing money from the group along with the manager, Jerry Heller. Cube was right; they were, and the group dismantled and never really got a chance to respond to “No Vaseline.” Really though, as one of the greatest diss tracks ever, there really wasn’t much to say. It was a huge issue that just turned everyone against Eazy-E and Heller.

Why It’s So Good: Cube holds nothing back. He says what’s probably on everybody’s mind, but does it with such anger and rage. The hits come from all places: telling Dre to stick to producing, homosexual jabs about Eazy, relating Ren to Kunta Kinte, calling Heller the Devil, calling Yella a lost cause, and so much more. It’s a front to back debauchery as Cube just unleashes every bit of ammo that he has. He brings question to the credibility of their ‘attitudes’ and also distances himself from any affiliation with the group. The punch lines are so powerful because of how true they probably were. Cube in three verses single-handedly aired out one of the most powerful groups of the late 80′s and early 90′s, because after this every thing fell apart for Eazy and the crew.

Lyrics: Yella Boy’s on your team, so you’re losin’/ Ay yo Dre, stick to producin./ Callin’ me Arnold, but you been a dick/ Eazy-E saw your ass and went in it quick.
You’re gettin’ fucked real quick / and Eazy’s dick, is smellin’ like MC Ren’s shit
/ It’s a case of divide-and-conquer/ cuz you let a Jew break up my crew./House nigga gotta run and hide/ yellin’ Compton, but you moved to Riverside.
Now I think you a snitch/ throw a house nigga in a ditch/ Half-pint bitch, fuckin’ your homeboys/ You little maggot; Eazy-E turned faggot/ With your manager, fella/ fuckin’ MC Ren, Dr. Dre, and Yella/ But if they were smart as me/ Eazy-E would be hangin’ from a tree/ With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline/ Light ‘em up, burn ‘em up, flame on/ till that Jheri curl is gone.

2. Common: The Bitch In Yoo

Common vs. Ice Cube

Year: 1996

Who Got Dissed: Ice Cube

Short History: It started with a misinterpretation. I thought I was one to juxtapose, Ice Cube took a line in “I Used to Love H.E.R.” as a shot because he felt Common was saying the West is where hip hop turns commercial, flashy, and turns away from the spiritual aspect. Anybody could see that Common didn’t mean anything offensive by it, but apparently Cube didn’t. Cube and his boys of the Westside Connection released “Westside Slaughterhouse”, which was mediocre at best. It was an interesting situation because Common had established himself in ’94 with Resurrection and Cube was already a powerhouse, but no one expected Common to reply. Well, he did. The beef eventually ended with Minister Farrakhan stepping in to settle it. Both are at peace and respect each other heavily.

Why It’s So Good: What started as a complete misunderstanding ended up with a credible hip hop career of one of hip hop’s best going down the drain. No one really expected Common to fire back because he really wasn’t that type of rapper, but he proved everyone wrong. Backed by an outstanding (and I mean outstanding) Pete Rock beat, Common wastes no time and calls Cube a ‘bitch nigga’ right off the bat. The shots are one after the other commenting on Cube’s beat selection, his whack crew, his dick riding of particular emcees, and constant blunt references to other people they’ve each had encounters with. Common is very persuasive and it hurts even more that Common uses tons of Ice Cube’s own titles (Boyz In The Hood, Higher Learning, Glass Shield) and spinning them around to offend Cube. It is two verses that really don’t give you time to reflect on the last lines you just heard and beyond that, you got a great beat to bounce to. It’s not only one of the best diss tracks, it’s one of Common’s best tracks. Beyond that, Cube really had nothing left in the tank. He went on to a very successful acting career, but his career as a rapper was sluggish and slowly came to a halt.

Lyrics: Now what the fuck I look like dissing a whole coast /You ain’t made shit dope since AmeriKKKa’s Most / Wanted to cease from the Midwest to the East / On the dick of the East for your 1st release
Shoulda repented, on the 16th of October /Get some beats besides George Clinton to rock over /Rap career is over, better off acting /What trouble I see, you’re managing WC and Wack 10

It’ll take the Nation of Millions to Hold Me Back / From giving you mouth shots or hit wit the pipe Ralph got / Chris Tucker ain’t around, it’s your Friday, it was good / I wasn’t salty, she was wit the Boyz N the Hood

There’s a thin line between the fake and the real /Grafted ass nigga, I see through your Glass Shield / Had skills once upon a time on this project, yo / I’m a have ta wreck a Ho’shea /I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper/ so I had to slap her/ And violate you, a Muslim drinking brew/ Your nigga ain’t no Mack 10, he’s a 22

1. Boogie Down Productions: The Bridge is Over

BDP vs. Juice Crew

Year: 1987

Who Got Dissed: Juice Crew

Short History: MC Shan of the Juice Crew (sort of) laid claim to Queensbridge being the birth place of hip hop. The song was called “The Bridge”, and after Shan performed it at a concert one year, KRS and Boogie Down Productions came on stage afterward and performed the first response, “South Bronx”. It was essentially the same song, just praising the Bronx as opposed to Queens. Shan wasn’t the only one involved; Marley Marl was also heavily involved because he backed up Shan, who then replied with “Kill That Noise” which was more or less a set up for KRS-One’s huge breakthrough, and undeniably, the greatest diss track of all time, “The Bridge Is Over”. While the beef is listed between the Juice Crew and BDP, rappers like Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap more or less distanced themselves from the entire battle and from Shan.

Why It’s So Good: I really hope this needs minimal explanation, but this is the blueprint for diss tracks all over hip hop. This is the epitome of ending beef and ending careers with one fatal blow. While Marley’s career, and the rest of the Juice Crew’s, remained relevant and active, Shan was the pond that was sacrificed. Kris jumped all over him like a wolf on a lone sheep. It is kind of funny listening to Shan’s diss tracks, then KRS’ because of how easy KRS made it seem. The Scott La Rock piano loop is perfect and while it adds that playfulness, KRS is all business as he takes shots at Mr. Magic, Marley Marl, and even claims that Roxanne Shante is only good for steady fu*king! It was raw, gritty, and offensive. So offensive that no one ever mentioned any place but the Bronx being the birthplace of hip hop. Another reason why it is so good is because of the legacy it left and the relevance it still has. It is irreplaceable and timeless and is recognized by your boy, Deez, as the greatest diss track ever.

Lyrics: Pick any dick for the flavor that you savor/ Mr. Magic might wish to come and try to save ya/ But instead of helpin ya out he wants the same thing I gave ya/ I finally figured it out, magic mouth is used for suckin/ Roxanne Shante is only good for steady fuckin/ MC Shan and Marley Marl is really only bluffin/ Like Doug E. Fresh said I tell you now, you ain’t nuthin/ Compared to red alert on kiss and Boogie Down Productions
What’s the matter with your MC, Marley Marl? / Don’t know you know that hes out of touch/ What’s the matter with your DJ, MC Shan? / On the wheels of steel Marlon sucks
You’d better change what comes out your speaker/ You’re better off talkin bout your whack puma sneaker

Honorable Mentions:

DJ Quik: Dollarz and Sense

  • Quik unleashed a diss track during a very lengthy and heated rivalry with MC Eiht. It’s most famous bit comes from the line: “Tell me why you act so scary/ Givin your set a bad /name wit your misspelled name/ E-I-H-T, now should I continue/ Yeah you left out the G cause the G ain’t in you

MC Lyte: 10% Dis

  • Lyte torched her rival MC Antoinette because Ant somewhat jacked a beat that was similar to her brother’s Audio Two “Top Billin” beat. She kind of ate her up; Lyte was really mean back then, and really proved that she should be on everyone’s top five Femcee’s of all time list.

Boogie Down Productions: South Bronx

  • The first response to Shan and Marley Marl. The track is really dope; it is usually just over shadowed by the track that came after it. It’s catchy and it hits hard, enough said.

Roxanne Shante: Bite This

  • Shante was a dissing machine back in the day. This track went after just about everyone, people who she wasn’t even affiliated with. It was just unreal to see someone so young go after the elders with such attitude and validity.

LL Cool J: Jack The Ripper

  • Really, this or “To Da Break of Dawn” could’ve been in that top 10 list. They were both great diss tracks that took huge blows to Kool Moe Dee.

Masta Ace: Acknowledge

  • It was a diss to High and Mighty, probably for a misunderstanding. It’s actually a great track when all is said and done. The track isn’t as hard hitting as some, but it is very Masta Ace like; very laid back, but very piercing.

Kool Moe Dee: Let’s Go

  • During the whole LL beef, Moe Dee unleashed some fury. The best of the bulk was “Let’s Go”. The third verse includes all of the definitions for LL, and boy, this was a heavy track. If one of the Honorable Mentions should be in that top ten, this is it.

Tim Dog: Fuck Compton

  • Tim, a Bronx native, was really upset with the exposure of the West Coast scene of gangster rap, so he decided to do something about it. It dissed members of N.W.A amongst others, but it was filled with animosity. The track was a huge hit, it was just upsetting that Tim Dog didn’t get more exposure passed this song

*Why “Hit Em Up” isn’t on this list*

It really isn’t that great of a diss track. One writer said it best, in that 2Pac sounded like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. Throw in the fact that he had his entire whack crew on the track as well, who have half the passion, half the emotion, and probably half the skill that 2Pac had and it was an all out mess. The real diss was probably the flip of the beat, or even the allegations that he slept with Faith Evans. But beyond that, it was a bunch of “fuck you’s” and “you’z a bitch ass nigga’s” throughout the entire 3-4 minutes. The energy in it is great, for the first minute, and then it drowns out. It actually frustrates me that this song is always included on these types of lists, because it is in fact a terrible diss track that didn’t effect Biggie’s career. It was almost TOO blunt, and as mentioned in this article, it takes so much more skill to be subtle and hidden when laying out a diss track to a certain extent, but this, everyone saw coming.

So yeah, bring on the hate, but as far as I know, this is how any Top 10 + Honorable Mention lists should be. Enjoy the read.

*Extensive research was conducted to make sure I made the best Top 10 list possible. I would appreciate e-mail, feedback and any comments regarding this piece. I don’t plan on doing top ten lists like this (thorough) for the next long while because this took so much out of me. So much second thinking, so much maneuvering, so much thinking…*

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  • Kevin

    This has got to be one of the most classic posts in the history of hip hop blogs. Major props Deez!

    Let the debating begin!

  • 20/20Proof

    I would have to put MF Grimm’s recent diss track of Doom on my top 10 list. Shit got real personal and he pulled some MAJOR cards. Putting out Doom’s true feelings about Ghost and RZA was fucking brutal. Nobody ever cared about Benzino so I have a hard time with that song even being anywhere near the top 10. No Vaseline is my fave dis track of all time and has to be over The Bitch In Yoo. Common’s track is cool and all, but Cube did make dope ish after AM (Death Certificate is above and beyond anything Common has ever done),and everyone forgets that Common was on the dick of Das Efx big time on his first album. It is rather funny because now Common is in the same boat with Cube doing Hollywood bs, hangin with Jeremy Piven and selling $150 hats.

  • Sean Deez

    “but Cube did make dope ish after AM (Death Certificate is above and beyond anything Common has ever done)”

    That’s a really bold statement my man. Like Water For Chocolate is arguably the most relevant album of the new millennium and Resurrection is extremely significant. I agree that Cube did do 3-4 really good albums afterwards.

    I wouldn’t say Common was on the dick of Das Efx though, what makes you say that? And I could care less for Benzino.. but people should care about Eminem rapping at arguably his most ferocious pace ever

  • 20/20Proof

    Sean, I am not saying that Common’s albums in the past have been weak. One Day It’ll All Make Sense is amazing as well. However, I simply believe that Death Certificate is a classic. It has aged amazingly well and is one of my favorite albums of all time. Cube was a beast lyrically then and at his peak I feel was above Common. My Summer Vacation, No Vaseline, Us, Color Blind, Steady Mobbin, etc, etc. Every song on DC is killer. Unfortunately, I am not checkin for either of them nowadays. The style that Common kicked on his first album was very Das Efx-esque and he has even addressed this in the past. If I recall correctly he discussed being worried before it was coming out because he believed people would see him as biting. He kind of made it a moot point with Resurrection. Peace

  • Beezy

    this is respectable, you can argue that ether is better than a few of the ones above them though

  • Sean Deez

    Common’s still got it, where as after Bitch In Yoo, Cube kind of sucked….

    That’s why Bitch In Yoo is so high up because it literally just.. finished Cube as a rapper.

    And Beezy, big ups man. You’d put Ether over.. which one? Maybe the Sauce.. but I don’t think anything else could fly

  • Soulfull Vibes

    This is one of the best post I have seen, mad props to you, you took some time out for this one!!!

  • Snowman

    This is an on-point list. To 20/20, I think that Eminem song is on the list not because people cared or didn’t care about Benzino, but because of how ill the actual diss track was. Lyrically it was top notch, the beat was haunting, and he just slaughtered. If that was aimed at anyone else, it would have been just as vicious I think.

    A track I really liked and think deserves honourable mention is “No Rest For The Wicked” by Cypress Hill against Ice Cube. It was pointed and pretty dope, but at the same time said nothing much different than the other diss tracks thrown at Cube around that time.

    Good call on the number 1, and in general this list is pretty fuckin’ ill. Dope job, Deez.

  • JHendrix

    well as i was reading this i figured it would be pretty cool. but i was wrong. sorry Deez, i kknow you prolly worked hard on this, but i didnt enjoy reading it whatsoever
    maybe its because i was never THAT interested in diss tracks, or that you left off some of my favs (Takeover, Westside Slaughterhouse, Dre Day, Real Muthaphukkin G’s).. but yea

  • Beezy

    it should be now lower than 4th, i would put only Common above it personnally just becuz of the affect Ether had on Nas’ career afterwards

  • Sean Deez

    I guess you can say that Ether was somewhat the resurrection of Nasty Nas.

    That was certainly taken into affect

  • A.Holeyfield

    GOT DAYUM Deez. This is a classic post full of classic disses from way back when. Some of these I didn’t even know were disses until later on in life. Heavy article!

  • Umlaut

    Well written, Deez. Selections at the bottom were unconventional, but understandble. Of course people will disagree with the choices-that’s the ulterior point. You argued for your selections, laying out your points quite well laced with appreciable reasoning.

    Personally I would have dropped Shante out, and slid Common’s Bitch in Yoo down to at most 8 and No Vasaline at 4.

    - On a side note Common’s diss track could be described “Anatomy of a Murder (of Ice Cube)” Common breaks down arugments with uncanny scientific precsion and phrases them up in witty cleaver but focuesed lines and aptly laid over Pete Rock track (the demo mix was eveb more analytical-Common was doing some high performance liquid chromotogrphy separation shit on melted Ice Cube’s career). That track was the most well designed diss track IMO. I bumped it because its effect was overrated; Cube was on the decline indrectly by 2Pac’s ascension, naturally the 94′ revolution, and most effectively John Singleton giving him new career options.

  • Dustin

    Good list. I remember hearing a recent (maybe ’05) interview with Premier in which he said that Biggie’s “don’t forget the publishing, I’m done with them” line was about him. Going at the producer on his own beat… hah!

  • Sean Deez

    Umlaut, after all the proof you just gave regarding Bitch In Yoo, you’d move it further down? I think it’s in a perfect place. I agree, its a perfect structured song. Of course, the one in first place is probably the blueprint for diss tracks, that certainly played a big part


    I was going to add that, but I didn’t want to encourage more controversy than there might’ve been having that track up there. A lot of people will be speculative about it. It wouldn’t be the first time DJ Premier was dissed by one of his own. Guru took direct shots at Premier on “Now You’re Mine”. But the whole “Son, why do you run with them” could be directed at Premier

  • NiiLa

    nicely done Sean .. and i’d say i agree with most of the tracks you got up there .. the ones that I do know of..
    good job =)

  • NiiLa

    Nicely done Sean.. I have to say that I agree with most of the tracks you got up there.. the ones that I do know of..
    good job =)

  • Isbjerg

    Biggup Deez…. Great post…

  • nofrillz

    superb write up deezy. plaudits to you sir. damn right about the pac diss. i was never into it while everyone else kept going on & on sbout it. i think you pretty much nailed the order there in too. i’m uk
    & over here i actually remember some people tryna say that LL’s comeback diss (i forget what its called) actually beat Bis K.O. i still laugh about that to this day!

    Fuck compton, i loved that track

  • Benadreal

    it would be extremely difficult for me to debate you on any song on your top 10.. so I won’t. There were a lot of songs on your list that I had overlooked/neverreallyrealized/forgotten about so thats good that you can still make a top 10 list and still include songs and artist from the 80′s and not overlook people or artist. I don’t know what the average age group is for this site or whatever but I’m 20 and honestly my hip hop knowledge isn’t what it should be. I know random bits and pieces here and there, but its not near extensive as it should be. I fear that there are plenty of people reading this list and thinking “what about Takeover? what about 300 Bars and Running?” etc.. and while I will say I think they, along with Against All Odds deserve some recognition (maybe not top 10, but somewhere, respectively.) Ether was a great diss, but if your going to say that Ether helped get Nas back in motion, you gotta give Jay the credit of throwing the first punch with Takeover. But I think for the most part I understand you on this one Deez lol..

  • Sid

    Liking the list Deez, I wouldn’t say The Bridge Is Over is that good, but I can understand the historical relevance of it

    Nice to see 2nd Round KO

  • John Q

    Like The List. I see yous point with pac’s diss. I don’t really have no arguements over the list.

  • Thomas

    Good list. Really can’t argue with anything on the list. I would have liked to see “Takeover” on the list. I thought he killed Nas in one verse compared to Nas going at Jay for a whole song. But, that’s being picky.

    I think everyone should have picked up who B.I.G. was talking about in the song. It took awhile for me to get that he was talking about Preemo, but the others that that was clear to me.

  • Thomas

    Oh….that Mobb Deep track, to me it wasn’t subtle with lines like “you got rapped on the island/your offically got” or something like that…that Havoc said. I knew who he was talking about. Havoc was a beast on the production tip back then.

    I would agree MC Lyte was a MONSTER back in the day on the mic. I’ve always wondered if she wrote her own rhymes? Anyone has a clue?

  • Kevin

    I know Big Daddy Kane wrote a lot of Roxanne’s rhymes. If fact, I think I remember reading that he actually wrote this diss track of hers, even though he had no beef.

    Oh, you said MC Lyte… good question.

    But yeah, I remember when the Jay/Nas beef was going down and radio stations everywhere were doing “who won the battle” polls. I remember everyone said Nas won. I’d put “Takeover” up inside of “Ether”, but only cuz I’m a Jay stan.

  • Sean Deez

    Holy Comments

    Niila, Isbjerg, NoFrillz, Ben, John and of course Thomas, thanks for the responses.

    Frillz, the LL comeback was called “The Ripper Strikes Back” this was because the first diss track he did to Kool Moe Dee back in the day was called “Jack The Ripper”. This started the whole “Rip The Jacker” thing by Bis as well

    Ben, seems like it could be 50/50 with Takeover, but I hear you. I still do feel bad that it didn’t get an Hon Mention, but once again, it wouldn’t of been genuine

    Sid, I think The Bridge IS that good considering what it did to MC Shan’s career. It ended it. The funny thing is, Shan initially never said anything about the birth place of hip hop being Queens in the first place. Lyrically its not as complexed as Bitch or Gem, but verbally, its abusive.

    Thomas, it simply was that one line about Premier though. Rae, Nas and Jeru and Rae & Ghost got full verses lol

    I believe Milk and Gizmo of Audio 2 would’ve helped her write some things strictly because she was younger than them. But I’ve never heard any speculation about her not writing her own rhymes. She’s always had her own style, 10% was pretty vicious

  • SeventhSun

    I’ll never understand what people hear in “Ether”. If I was Jay, I’d be laughing at it.

    Most of it is childish gay name calling. Then there is something about how Jay looks. Which is kinda ridiculous, considering Jay was dating Beyoncé.
    Who cares about looks, if your girlfriend is generally regarded as one of the hottest females in the world?

    Then there is the biting thing, which of course is a hard hit, and Jay felt he had to adress it.
    And he dismissed it relatively easy: “if I say a Big verse, I’m only bigging up my brother”.

    To me Jay absolutely killed Nas with Takeover.
    Like Second Round K.O. he uses almost nothing but “truths”, which makes it hit so hard.

  • steve b.

    deez, this list is thorough and well-written…

    “takeover” definitely could’ve been on the list, but damn, all these other joints are vicious.

    eminem’s “the sauce”…that shit was fucking murderous…i thought “nail in the coffin” was cupcake shit compared to it..

    good work, deez

  • J.Brookinz

    go ahead and make that Common “Bitch in yoo” number one!

  • Pree,

    Deez…my main man. Enjoyed the article. Buuuuuuuut…would have Takeover over Ether, way better song and Takeover addresses Mobb Deep, Nas as well as Fat Joe (in half a bar…lol) and others he was beefing with. Also as someone else posted, Ether is very similar to hit em up as its pretty much simply immature name calling. Its no coincidence that when Jay put Nas on blast for being a “backstreet boy” and not being a street disciple that Cormega did the same on Get Out My Way.

    U gotta throw the line about the bleach in too for Kick In The Door as it was sick. U mention it, but didnt provide the exact line.

    Overall, good damn article.

  • snd

    where did the flash players go so can listen?

  • trapperjohnmd

    I think Canibus 2nd round Knockout is perhaps the best diss track of all time. Mike Tyson definitely added to the joint. Ether is def. more ill than takeover, but I would’ve included takeover. I also agree that Drop a Gem On’em wasn’t that subtle a diss. Also, you have to throw in at least one 50 versus Ja Rule diss(I Smell Pussy, Back Down)

  • snd

    no not the flash player for the remix but deez diss segment had players for each diss track?

  • Kevin

    good question…. let me look into it (the flash players).

  • Kevin

    Hmmm, they somehow got deleted from the article. Deez, did you delete the flash players?

    I’ll get em back up tonight.

  • Sean Deez

    “calling my crib and I didn’t even give you my number, all I did was give you a style for you to run with”

    “And now I smile like a proud dad watching his only son that made it”

    Nas owns Jay-z numerous times even despite the name calling. With that said, I see everyone’s point

    And wow @ including a 50 Cent diss record in here lol. I think 50 wishes he was in the league as some of these records

  • Mark Esposito

    Great job deez, I know you put a lot of time into this and it really paid off. This is only the begining bro. Keep it coming!

  • ez


    eminem – quitter (dissin everlast) 7 minutes of STRAIGHT MURRRRRDDDERRRRR..he even flipped hit em up and made it 80x better….MURDER on a record….

  • The Standard

    Hot blog…writing was sharp. You list could be argued but you made very valid points. Righteous

  • Thomas

    “And you ain’t get a coin nigga you was gettin fucked and
    I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing”

    “Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide
    That’s one every let’s say two, two of them shits was due
    One was – NAHHH, the other was “Illmatic”
    That’s a one hot album every ten year average”

    Being the Jay stan that I am I had to put these up. Both Jay and Nas “sonned” each other.

    It was good for Hip Hop….I think (Nas won’t admit it…like I know) it resurrected his career to an extent.

  • Mike

    I have to agree w/Umlaut a lot. Bitch in Yoo is dope but Cube was past his prime already. Westside connect was average/wack. I would think Death certificate is way more relevant than any Common album. Almost every song on that album is political…race, military, gun control… everything has a strong message with dope ass production and sharp lyrics… and I’m a fan of both cube and common… also did Nas have anything to do with “making” Jay-Z… and did Jay-Z take Nas style?? Jay-Z roasted Nas especially with Super Ugly and Takeover. Good work on the list. Peace

  • trapperjohnmd

    C’mon 50 isn’t the same now. But the mixtape up until the Massacre 50 was a beast, you have to admit that

  • Sean Deez

    Word Thomas, both threw their punches. Kev agrees with me though that it would be silly and difficult to include both on the same list. I side with Nas and Ether

    Mike, I disagree plenty with your post, but more so that you like Super Ugly lol. I think that was a terrible diss track and I think Jay-z would agree.

    And we’ll have no idea of the personal relationship between Jay-z and Nas and what it was like when they were 17-18 years old… only what Nas was able to tell us on Ether.

    Trapper… I can’t agree. I never thought he was really that good, I think those diss tracks he put out were pretty blah too..

    42 Comments though, hope you guys are liking the article. The debate is what makes this so beautiful

  • trapperjohnmd

    Oh New York New York, by the Dogg Pound, it was dope

  • trapperjohnmd

    Who Shot Ya by B.I.G

  • Thomas

    I wouldn’t add 50′s disses the content of the lyrics were on par with other disses. What I will say is that all of the jab’s he was giving Ja Rule ended his career. Ja hasn’t come back from the constant onslaught that 50 gave him. 50′s joints were funny….he had a whole mixtape with skits about Ja that had you falling on the ground in Laughter. I can’t remember the mixtape name…i have it at home.

  • Thomas

    I’m not sure that “Who Shot Ya?” is a diss. I think that was made before 2-pac was shot in New York. Anyone know the date when that song was made?

  • trapperjohnmd

    That’s the point(50 disses), can you name any attack by an MC that ended an established artist career? It wasn’t a gradual descent, it was immediate, for that alone one of those joints should be up there. I can’t remember the CD either, but it was a classic

  • Freddystyle

    Dope list son. but Westside Slaughetrhouse is mediocre? Someone’s anti-West Coast bias is showing. or my ridiculous West Coast bias is showing. Regardless, that’s a hot track. Fuck Wit Dre Day was hot too. and i’m going to throw this out there and get a TON of heat for it, but here goes… 300 Bars and My Bitch by The Game deserve honorable mention. Moreso 300 Bars than My Bitch, though My Bitch is one of the hottest beats i’ve ever heard and was a pretty good concept.

    Other than that, u hit the nail on the head with Bridge is Over as the top diss track. well done Deez Nuts

  • Quaddafi

    Fam this post was dope but heres my.02
    1.the burial from MC Lyte was “Shut the Eff Up” to Antoinette
    2.”I’m still #1″from KRS 1 to Mc Poet
    3.”Grand Verbalizer”from X Clan vs 3rd Bass, and KRS 1
    the line “Brother you must learn…!” or “Polar Bears trying to swing on a vine”

    there’s more but I will add on later….

  • Thomas

    DJ Fantasy and Jay Exclusive: E.M.S. presents 50 Cent/G-Unit: Extortion

    Is the name of the mixtape.

  • Dean

    Good list Deez. As I said to you, I’d probably have Dollarz and Sense, if only for the line you gave, which has to be one of the hottest punchlines ever.

    Top 3 is spot on, but yeah, good list and can’t really argue much with it.

  • Thomas

    Cannibus to me KILLED LL with 2nd Round Knock Out. I thought LL’s come back was lame. The comment about his body, fans wearing high heels, letting him kicked all the verses….wrapped it up.

  • Thomas

    Last one for the night. BDP “Build and Destroy” KRS-One went after X-Clan.

  • Sean Deez


    Trapper, I hope you read the article, because I mentioned numerous careers that were ended due to a diss track. The Ja Rule/50 beef ended more so due to popularity of 50 and the silliness of Ja Rule more so than the lyrical content that was given.

    Who Shot Ya would fit in the subliminal diss category for sure. A few shots are thrown around in there

    Quad, I think 10% is better than the other Antoinette disses, there were about 3

    Right on with Build and Destroy Thomas

  • Quaddafi

    word no doubt Deez! But when I heard the Millie Jackson sample used in the beginning of “Shut the Eff Up”I was blown. Especially when she said “do not say shit till you write your own lines”…lol! Sounds like people needed to listen then and now..cough Ghostwriters!!! I forgot what about the beef between Latifah vs Shante vs Lyte? Latifah’s dis was supposedly going at Foxxy Brown or Lil Kim. I remember the “loosen up my bra strap line” and the “don’t let become Cleo again”. Or the battle of Lyte assisted with KRS 1 vs Shante.Shante dissed first on Big Bad Mama and Lyte came back on the ruffneck album.

  • jayski

    Even though I’m Jay stan Nas went in on Jay! The fact that it came behind Takeover makes it even better if Ether was first then Takeover then maybe we would think different. Even though these wasn’t “official” tracks gotta include the Jada and Beans diss tracks!! Beans took Jada’s own beat and went in on Jada and a shot a DMX while Jada stunted on a disco beat and shot back at Beans and manage to call Freeway a “baby gorilla”!

  • trapperjohnmd

    What other careers were ended?

  • Beezy

    Ether- heres why its should be on the list and higher:

    - it resurrected Nas’ career
    - he sons Jay numerous time, while gettin gullly
    - exposes him as a fan
    - brings the term ‘stan’ to our vocab
    - flips a number of Hov lines against him, hilariously
    - the impact it had on everyone, not just the two involved. no one…and i mean NO ONE expected this from Nas. Jay shouted him out in summer jam and Nas was down playing it and eventually gave us the Stillmatic freestyle, after Jay responded with the Takeover verse and that shit was incredible (i’ll get to this later). Everyone was sayin Nas was done, even Horse left lol but then came a cold winter and the rest is history. It seemed like Nas reached his boiling point and just shitted on Jigga. This shit brought us back the greatest emcee ever, and we thought he was long gone.
    - when Jay said that he fell off, Nas disproved him with this song/album.

    - Ended P’s career and embarrassed them
    - Brought back the battle scene in hip hop, where it seemed just as competitive as it was personal.
    - Summed up Nas’ than career in one verse.
    - a K.West beat.
    - “one was mehhh, the other was illmatic….” nuff said, although i dont really agree

    the thing about this beef was that usually when a rapper loses, their career ends. But in this case a career was resurrected, which was opposite of what the goal is lol even tho Jay lost, this was an incredible track and i think it shoulda been Hon Mention.

  • Shoo

    damn. i really have no clue what the f*ck people see in Jay-z. I know i know he’s one of the greatest bla bla bla but for me his voice and his flow is awful! i wonder if there’s another mc with such a lazy and boring flow like his. i can sleep while listening to his tracks. he can’t even rap with anger. and this takeover song… where’s that truth you gus are talking about? nothing but comparing gun to knife etc…

    don’t be mad at me it’s only my opinon. i respect yours.

  • Thomas

    “We used to fight for building blocks
    Now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killing
    The closest of friends when we first started
    But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted
    Thinking back when we first learned to use rubbers
    He never learned so in turn I’m kidnapping his baby’s mother”- D’Evils (1996)

    I’m a Jay stan so excuse me. Not mad just trying to bring you to the correct side of the Jay-Z fence :)

  • Thomas

    I thought Em brought the term “Stan” into our consciousness with his song “Stan” in 2000, not Nas? But I have an understanding of the point your trying to make.

  • Sid

    In response to Thomas:
    Em simply named his character Stan, Nas used it as an insult, which is how it became part of the general hip-hop vernacular

  • Thomas

    “Wednesday’s I’m up in Shine, Cheetah’s Monday night
    I’m fuckin with the model chicks Friday night at Life
    So I’m cruisin in the car with this boozy broad
    She said, “Jigga-Man you rich, take the doo-rag off”
    Hit a U-turn; ma I’m droppin you back off
    Front of the club, “Jigga why you do that for?”
    Thug nigga til the end, tell a friend bitch
    Won’t change for no paper plus I been rich” – So Ghetto (1999).

    You can’t really be sleep throught this? The arrogance and cockiness in the flow…that has been copied by many.

    Joe Budden, Bathgate (at least while he was out), Lil Wayne (hate mail I’m waiting), Angelous, dude that’s with Jim Jones, etc.

  • Thomas

    I took “Stan” as being a fan from the Em song and took Nas calling Jay a “Stan” saying he (Jay) is Nas’s fan. I see it as a diss, but I associate “Stan” more with Em than for Nas saying…just me though.

  • Sid

    I think I do too, its a bit of both I guess

  • Thomas

    Agree with that Sid.

  • Isbjerg

    I feel.. That I dig Jay, and think of him as a very variated and stabile rapper, with skills and flow to bragg about, He even got Lil Wayne walking around, posin like a Jay wannabe, but arent really bringing anything new to the table other than bad verses and lame chorus’ ( Sorry WayneFans )

    I dig Nas, and are still amazed by his way to bring the inner poetry out in his lyrics – His choice of beats, on the other hand, are average…

    And when the feud was on, you didnt really wanna take side, because ýou were a fan of both


  • Sean Deez


    Read the article lol I answered the question you just asked many times in it.

    Thomas, one thing in common with those tracks you posted by Jigga Man.. PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMO. So how you gonna sleep on that? But seriously.. Jay-z is dope, I don’t hate him, I just think he’s a little blah these days and was blah a few days back then too

    As for the term “Stan” I don’t see how it can’t be attributed to Eminem.

  • Thomas

    Ok…yall I’m at work and bored. Sean no Preemo this time.

    “Yeah I know the platinum chain be lookin real sweet
    but reach and I bury niggaz sixty feet deep
    S dot Carter turn rappers into martyrs
    Seperate fathers from they daughters, why bother
    I’m a crook like you, I took like you
    I disobeyed the law threw out the book like you
    How dare you look at Jigga like I’m shook like boo
    I keep the fifth with me nigga, come and get me.” “Come Get Me” (1999)

  • Thomas

    “Made men aint supposed to make statements
    End of the story i followed the code cracked the safe
    Other niggas aint in the game so they practice hate
    Leave that boy Hov alone why dont ya
    You dont have to if you dont want to but dont say i didnt warn ya” No Hook (2007).

    I got one more

  • Thomas

    “Still haven’t apologized
    so please play this back
    while I try to come to terms
    with such a heinous act
    you know in more than one way
    cocaine numbs the brain
    All I did was think about
    how the funds once came
    then I ran across this memory
    and it stung the brain
    How can you ever destroy the beauty
    from which one came
    That’s a savage you’re the reason
    why me and these beats make a marriage
    why I rhyme above average and
    I ain’t shit
    Glad you got yourself together
    no thanks to me
    Strong and beautiful the way thangs should be
    You must love me” “You Must Love Me” (1997)

    Last one!

  • Sean Deez

    I don’t get where all these Jay-z quotes came from… I don’t wanna sound like an asshole, but what are you trying to prove…

  • Thomas

    Somebody said he could fall asleep while listening to Jay-Z. These verse (to me) won’t make you fall asleep. I know I’m messing your post up…i’ll stop.

    Did take offense to your question.

  • Isbjerg

    Kids kids listen up…

    Some like Jay, some don’t. Some like Nas ans some don’t…Whatever ! Ive had a friend, whos favorite rapper is Too Short, and every time I see this dude he’s always trying to convince me what awesome rapper he is and it’s frustrating.. I almost go in the other camp and hate Too Short.. I had another friend who repeatedly rapped meths first album for me all the time and ít resulted in me not hearing the album for a whole year because of him.. I hated the album lying there and made me think of my friend rap with a terrible danish accent..
    Conclusion : F*** it. It’s just music.. You and me may not agree visiually on the best rappers and the best dis but we do enjoy them…


  • Sean Deez


    I feel as if what I say is fact…

    I’m an asshole, hence why Kevin hired me.

    Kev’s a nice guy though, but don’t hate on him either wise he’ll be on this list as the sender in a few years

  • Preem

    Regarding 50 diss tracks, his best one which very rarely gets mentioned is Be A Gentleman. Great track all together.

  • trapperjohnmd

    Be A Gentleman was ill! Like I stated mixtape 50 up until The Massacre was dope. He had the lyrics, charisma, sarcasm. I remember hearing it and telling my homies he was going to be the next thing and it happened. His back is against the wall a la Eminem and Raekwon now, so we’ll have to see what they do

  • Beezy

    Nas first used the term ‘stan’ as a slang, it CAME from Shady’s song, but it was never slang til Nas said it.

    so even tho its attributed to Shady, it was really Nas that brought the phrase to the terminology

  • ayohla

    Ok I Pause @ SIX (you must know why) to comment and then I’ll go back 2 reading… this is purely for debate purposes so DEEZ get here now!!! the Nas vs. Jay ting didnt end on super ugly I dont think, they both had tracks on BP2 (title track) and God’s Son (last real n***a alive) & I cant believe take over doesnt even make honorable mention… i fink it should defo make the top ten so your reasons as to why not r welcome… more comments on the way… GREAT read so far from 10 – 6!!!

  • ayohla

    Even more interesting 5 – 1!!!! And as for 2nd ROund K.O, this is jus me but i defo enjoyed ‘ripper strikes back’ more… 99% of your fans dont exist… if thats not a comeback then I dunno what is fam!!! But Yo Deez you do the business fam everytime…

  • Damien

    I think this list is great although I believe that Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones” should be on this list, that song really did put Wyclef in his place!

  • SeventhSun

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse, BUT I see a question in the ish-storm, that deserves an answer :-)

    @ Shoo:

    The truths in Takeover are (IMO) lines like:
    “And you ain’t get a coin nigga you was gettin fucked then //
    I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing”

    To me it’s the perfect diss to fuck with a man’s business. And publishing rights are no mystery, so if Jay were lying about this, it would be easy to debunk.

    And even though I actually like “It Was Written”, there is no denying, that at the time, Illmatic was widely considered the only Nas album worth checking for.

    There are lines like:
    “I showed you your first tec on tour with Large Professor” that are difficult to prove right or wrong, but to me Jay just seems the more plausible gangster.
    In contrast Nas was almost anti-gangster on Illmatic, and it always annoyed me how he changed his image from “I’m still writing rhymes but besides that I’m chllin’” to Nas Escobar.

  • Kaybee

    Nice list but lets be honest.Hit Em Up might have lacked all the ingredients of a classic diss track but its is the only track that not only made two camps go into war but also made the entire West side & East sides feud.futhermore it is also the best selling single of all those in ur list


    Sorry for the late post. I just came across this blog while on the net. Good job in your research for your top 10 list. One note on Roxanne Shante – she was 14 on ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ and 17 on the BDP diss ‘Have a Nice Day’. I was around at that time so I remember. It’s probably no surprise for my to say I liked Kool Moe Dee more, especially with the Treacherous Three and when he took out Busy B. However, with LL’s ‘To the Break Of Dawn’ and ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ along with weak beats Kool Moe was given, his career went down the toilet. But don’t ask Kool Keith from UntraMagnetic M.C.s who’s better. He will tell you he is better than all other them as he dubs himself as ‘the best M.C. in the whole wide world.’ Regarding MC Lyte, I think ‘Shut the F Up’ rivaled ’10% Dis’ when it came to her battle with Antoinette.

  • http://yayyay TexasFight

    I wish “Real muthaphukkin G’s” by Eazy got a mention, but I can’t argue with the list.

  • Beezy


    Serchlite Publishing mangaged Nas’ publishing for free. So in fact he DID get paid for the sample. Serch said it

  • Sean Deez

    I still love this list

  • mark

    how can you not put LL Cool J’s “The Ripper Strikes Back” in there? It was better than 2nd round knockout. Also eminems The Sauce shouldn’t even be in the top 10.

  • trapperjohnmd

    No way LL’s response was better than 2nd round knockout

  • Sean Deez

    anddddddd they’re off!

  • Woody Black

    Man, I like this list even better than the XXL one. I was WAITING to see BDP on the bottom and you know like I know that hip-hop beefs won’t even be the same if it wasn’t for this song, fam. CLASSICK! Great list.

    Yeah, ’96 was ‘Pac’s mediocre year, but I liked the ad-libs at the end of the “Hit ‘Em Up” song than the lyrics itself. Did you ever hear Eminem’s dis to Everlast using the same beat?

  • Sean Deez

    Big Ups woody lol

    Wish XXL would hire me though, doubtful.

  • someo

    ARe crazy who the fukc made this list is a idiot there no great diddis in there muyst be in hit em up rela muthapuck gs

  • Deez


  • BigTris216

    Im sorry but Jay Z won the nas beef. he killed nas in super ugly murdered dat nigga.

    “I came in ya Bentley backseat
    Skeeted in Jeep
    Left condoms in tha baby seat”

    “And since you infatuated with sayin tha gay shit
    Yes u was kissin my dick when u was kissin that bitch
    Crazy bitch
    You thought I was boning Ranette
    You calling Carm’ a hundred times I was boning her neck”
    - Super Ugly Jay-Z(Classic)

  • hiro

    Cool list, but I’d take the Eminem track out. Also I’d give a honorable mention to Company Flow’s Linda Trip. There’s no comeback from having the emcee that you’re dissin say that he loves your group in your diss record.

  • C Davis

    First of much props on the list. It’s by far the comprehensive diss list I’ve ever read.

    That said, there just has to be a Jay track on here. Either “Takeover” or “Blueprint 2″ deserve an honorable mention at the very least. Ether sounded more like a kid mad at his older brother for getting more girls than him.

    It’s basically a roast. All he did was basically tell jokes with no fact. Takeover was a factual diss song…and Jay only needed one first to fully address the Nas situation.

    And in “Blueprint 2″ he goes into even more detail. Jay just gives more fact and less petty joking.

  • Sean Deez

    Thanks CD,

    I’ll beg to differ though:
    “With Hawaiian Sophie fame, kept my name in his music”

    “and it’s manuscript, just sound stupid
    When KRS already made an album called Blueprint
    First, Biggie’s ya man, then you got the nerve to say that you better than Big
    Dick sucking lips, why not you let the late, great veteran live”

    “In ’88 you was getting chased through your building
    Calling my crib and I ain’t even give you my numbers
    All I did was gave you a style for you to run with
    Smiling in my face, glad to break bread with the god
    Wearing Jaz chains, no tecs, no cash, no cars
    No jail bars Jigga, no pies, no case
    Just Hawaiian shirts, hanging with little Chase”

    and i wont get into the rest of it, but I can certainly see your angle. But I think what can be said about ether can be said about takeover too

  • Deez

    Thought I’d make this the official 100th post

  • DJ Xplisit


  • Sean Deez


    word up Shiv… drop your top 10!

  • Nick

    good post man, glad to see some of the more over-looked tracks on there

    i always thought drop a gem on em was a sick diss track, prodigy doesnt get enough credit as a dope MC back then bc of all the trash he drops now, but Mobb Deep got classic NY golden era albums

    “think fast and get reminded, of robberies in manhattan, you know what happend, 60g’s worth of gun clappin, who shot ya? you prolly screamed louder than an opera, NY gotcha”

    also happy eminem’s the sauce got recognized over nail in the coffin…”rays got aks to dave may’s head, every issue there’s an eight-page-made-men-spread”. Has anybody ever dissed eminem and not regretted that shit later?

    one thing i’m kinda surprised about, maybe its just me, but i think it shoulda at least got an honorable mention…dr dre and snoop – fuck with dre day (and everybodys celebratin)…that song was dope and was a mainstream hit, and that album and doggystyle really solidified the new dominance of the west coast.

    anybody else?

  • Carlito149

    With no takeover being here dis list is incomplete. If u gonna do dis type of a list try and be unbiased, so it can be respected.

  • Sean Deez

    i duno Carlito, I think my list is perfectly fine and I really don’t see the point or aim of having Takeover AND Ether on the same list.

    Flat out, I felt Ether was better and I felt I validated it too

    Besides, if you wanna discredit my entire list because one joint isn’t included.. that’s fine too… so let’s discredit every great emcee that had one bad song.. .no .. one bad LYRIC.. k?

  • SeventhSun

    Since this post is still being discussed, I have a few more thoughts.

    @Sean do you have take sides in a rap beef?
    I just don’t see the logic in “I really don’t see the point or aim of having Takeover AND Ether on the same list”.

    The point would be that they’re both good diss songs?

    By your logic, if the best diss song in the world, is answered by the second best diss song in the world. Only the first is viable for your list.
    That makes it a very uncomplete list.

  • Slyck

    First off i gotta give props 2 Deez 4 a great post. I enjoyed readin/learnin everything i did.

    There are many reasons wat i am about 2 say has no business on this post: tha artists have absolutely no business in tha same breath as tha 1′s on this list, tha song isnt as good as some of the 1′s on this list, this beef is prolly unknown 2 a vast majority of tha hip hop community. BUT, i feel inclined 2 mention Copywrite’s recent diss of asher roth, “Cremation”, as a honorable mention. I’ve already said that this beef is basically irrelevant compared 2 others on tha list but i jus feel that Copy completly ATE asher with this track. If they were more popular, i feel it would be an honorable mention.

    Copy comes at asher’s obvious similarity 2 Eminem’s voice on a track, says he also took Em’s flow, and claims Asher is basically holdin Em’s place til he gets back in tha game. He also says DJ Drama only did a mixtape wit him for tha access 2 tha college crowd and not outta respect for his spit game. He takes otha shots at him but those r tha basic 1′s. IMO, Copy baited asher into this with his first track “the real fake shady” and Asher came back with a few subliminals on “Silly Boy”. Anywho a few lines from “cremation”

    “Your fam will url for days/cause we ripped Em’s voice from your throat/and gave you auto-tune/ put u in a world of PAIN”

    “retire wit this spit shit/cuz if Em hadnt retired for a quick bit/ u’d still be Van Wilder’s assistant/man, some swear they made it but they barely famous/better Curb Your Enthusiasm b4 u play urself like Larry David”

    “Missed your slight chance 2 blow/on tha white rapper show/figured fuck it I’ll jus bite Mather’s flow,who has 2 kno?/prob is his soul’s that of a white casper ghost/figured fuck it again and clothespinned like half his nose/coincidence his voice is like a twin? or is he bitin Slim?/hmmmm, I’m runnin wit tha ladder like a fireman”

    Not only were tha lines hot, he spits it over a very menacing and hot beat. All in all, I felt it was deserving of at least a mention on this post about the greatest diss tracks of all time.

    Here’s a link 2 hear it:

  • Slyck

    Also, Copywrite even pays homage 2 tha Jay/Nas beef with tha line:

    “So either A keep away, take over a week 2 pray/cuz beef this way will leave ur face Superugly wen tha Ether spray”

    Jus thought it was worth mentioning since thats a major topic of discussion on this post(which it should b).

  • Thomas

    The Copywrite’s song couldn’t be included on this list as it was released in Feb/March 2009 and this list was conceived in August 2008.

  • Slyck

    ahh, u do have a point there lol. well, i guess i jus wanted 2 mention it then.

  • Kevin

    Good lookin out Thomas! lol

  • jobu

    does anyone remember Big Pun jabs at Jay Z? “then you tried to snuff Joe, must’ve been the puerto rican rum….” oh yeah Jay never responded back.

  • Sean Deez

    I don’t think I would’ve included that diss track even if it was in time. The fact that Asher Roth doesn’t exactly have a career to crush yet doesn’t make anything hard, you know? Copy is dope though, he slips under the radar all the time.

    What validity would a diss song have if the reply or the precursor was stronger? I’m not rooting for the Runner Up’s here. The Roxanne joint was an exception because of the circumstances of that battle, and of course because Bridge is the greatest ever.

    I don’t see the logic in putting in a track when a big reason for including the superior track in the first place was because of the ability ie. Ether had to discredit a lot of what Takeover said.

    Flat out, and I’ve said it a few times, TakeOver just isn’t that great of a diss track

  • Ne Where Gang

    No HIT EM UP on the list………wtf? Pretty Much kills the whole list for me

    Big ups to no 50 cent diss or Jay-Z diss songs

  • Sean Deez

    actually hit em up IS on the list

  • Mel Blunt

    Tight Analysis, I see that you put a lot of work in. I totally agree with the “Hit em’ up” omission.

  • Illmatic 13

    Great list.

    I never thought Ether was a great diss track though, and imma a big Nas fan too. I’d take Takeover over Ether any day. The beat, delivery, and flow I think is just far superior than Ether.

    I’m surprised neither Real Muthaphuckkin G’s or Dre Day is on there, not even on the HR list. Some classic diss records from the west.

  • tooba

    great list, I remember really liking dilated peoples – search 4 bobby fisher, dissing eminem. The track didn’t stop em’s success, but still I enjoyed the track

  • GeeTee

    Damn this is a dope list! I’m glad Ether is on there, though not as like as I thought it’d be (I thought it’d be 2nd). People be sleeping on that Canibus 2nd Round K.O. I didn’t understand how LL was declared the winner, Can-I-Bus straight murdered him, and Iron Mike was on it too lmao. Takeover should’ve been honorable mention(it did end Mobb Deep’s career to a certain extent)and BDP vs. Juice Crew is definitely the best battle of all time. How about Game’s 300 bars?

  • timm2014

    The new Joe Budden diss song “Pain In His Life” against Saigon should be on here. I know, I know, it’s too new but damn, I found myself saying it was the best diss song since 2nd Round K.O. Saigon’s response song “Pushing Buddens” is pretty amazing too, but after Budden’s song, it’s clear there is no repsonse that could compare.

  • exnerdumel

    whoaaa…im young but i think but i think the ripper strick back is wayyy better dan 2nd round ko

  • justin

    biggie remember when i used to let you sleep on the couch and beg the bitch to let you sleep in the house

    against all odds is a must on this list as well

  • the truth

    I love Ether and all great track and it certainly brought Nas back from the dead, but you’re not very in tune if you think Nas won that battle….

    Jay summed up Nas’ whole career on Takeover in ONE VERSE… as well as deel with his problems with Mobb Deep, etc on the same song… probably the most underrated diss song ever… Nas did basically nothing but make a bunch of accusations, and call Jay Z a homo, excluding the reference to Jay jockin Big… Jay summed up his entire musical career up until that point….. and on top of that, it took Nas 6 D AMN MONTHS to finally respond to Jay. Nas took the L in that battle for sure, and Takeover is easily a better diss track if you know anything about the battle

  • Kevin

    I’m gonna bring a lot of hate with this comment, but I can sum up Nas’ whole career in one word… Illmatic. lol

  • MaG

    yo real quik on dis one deez…whut u think about the LA LA and NY NY joints from mobb and tragedy and snoop and da dogg pound…i think on eof those for me would have made the cut…but no 1 hands down is bridge is over…that loop is whut made a bronx kid say “i wanna rap”

  • Sean Deez

    Mag, they crossed my mind, but I never really thought they were lyrically superior to the ones on the list here.

    they get a lot of love though, very patriotic in nature.

  • Charity

    Buddens vs. G-Unit: Big Shot
    Jadakiss vs. 50 Cent: Checkmate

    Shouldn’t necessarily be on the list, but these are some more recent slept on disses — lyrically impressive at least.

    Re: Hit ‘Em Up and Takeover just not being good diss tracks, I just don’t see how that applies to both of them. It’s definitely true of Hit ‘Em Up, but Takeover is anecdotal enough. Super Ugly is just petty tho.

    I don’t know why the XXL list included the Jada/Beanie beef. All of the wit and rage there was throwaway.

    I feel like Eminem, Jadakiss and Joe Buddens should commit themselves to dissing every living rapper just to see who survives them.

  • Sean Deez

    overtime, and thanks to the Jay-z stans on the site, I’ve begun to appreciate Takeover a lot more

    Both that and Ether are solid diss tracks. It really could go either way.

  • Thomas

    “overtime, and thanks to the Jay-z stans on the site, I’ve begun to appreciate Takeover a lot more”

    Say it ain’t so!!!!! I’m a big Jay and Nas fan. Jay merked Nas in one verse. Nas just joked throughout his song. Both good songs but Takeover>Ether

    Jay stan (and Nas) signs off

  • Sean Deez

    ^ yeah, I still don’t think that though
    I stand firm by Ether

  • Charity

    The final argument for Ether is that, save for the “I will not lose” repeat in the beginning, Nas digs in and finishes without a hook. He’s relentless. Also, the fact that Ether provoked Jay into the hot mess that is “Supa Ugly” was another point scored.

  • Sean Deez

    great point C bone

  • Thomas

    Great point, but Nas tied the score cause Jay’s line “you know who did you know what…” made Nas go the route of name calling, calling him fag, using words such as d**k, sucking, etc in Ether

    Jay=1 Nas=1

  • Thomas

    Jay finally told the world he was bangin his baby mother. I don’t care what anyone says…when you found out somebody else hitting ya chick especially someone you know and the thoughts of what she COULD be doing to HIM.

    That shit make you go crazy….or make Ether

  • Charity

    I hadn’t realized so many people defended ‘Supa Ugly’ in this thread. Shit was a train wreck. Who thought placing ‘Bad Intentions’ after ‘Got Urself” on the beat was a good production idea, first of all? And how did placing a bet on his lyrical position by bragging about Carmen for half a song make any sense? By the time Jay spit ‘Blueprint 2′ I bet he wished that track had never existed. “Is it Oochi Walli Walli or is it One Mic?” was a real retort; “condoms on the baby seat” was just a bit much.

  • Thomas

    Ether = Supa Ugly in my eyes. I stated here that I didn’t like Supa Ugly (funny as it is) because it wasn’t Jay IMO.

    I like the second round of disses myself.

  • Charity

    The (effective) end of it all was def the least petty: ‘Blueprint 2′ vs. ‘LRNA’

  • DJTommyIIGunz

    Super ugly was garbage.
    It really didn’t inform anybody of the fact Jay was bangin his baby moms. we already knew that. That was common knowledge just like Joe Budden is fuckin wit Tahiry (Fabolous’ ex-girl)
    Nothing really shocking about it. Hell IMO D.O.A was a better diss song than Superugly. and He aint even blast nobody but “Mixtape Weezy” lol

  • Thomas


    I never said Supa Ugly was the best song. You need to go back and look at my comments. I think you just skim through them sometimes.

    Supa Ugly = Ether because both were nothing more than shit throwing contest.

    If you talking about “1st replies” Takeover > Ether. One verse summing up a person’s whole career vs name calling, calling somebody a fag, etc is equal to #12 missing them FT’s in Game 4.

    I didn’t know he was bangin is BM. Where I live didn’t know that. I guess if you were in New York or in the industry you knew it, but I’m a regular Joe I wasn’t up on that.

    Everyone has their pick. Takeover > Ether

  • A87th

    First off, this is a great post, but it goes waaay past east coast bias when u include Tim Dog in “The Greatest” anything. Dude rhymes were crazy weak and so was “Fuck Compton”. Leaving off “Fuck Wit Dre Day” needs 2 be acknowledged as a mistake, because I know that had 2 be one. “Hit”em Up” was a bad dis record, but Pac killed on “Against All Odds”. “Ether” was dope, but as a beat maker myself, that was a very poorly produced Ron Browz beat( Nas’s wack ear). Where as “Takeover” was dope, with a far superior beat(Jay’s consistent ear). U would have 2 be a Nas Stan to deny Jay-Z his spot on this, otherwise pretty thorough, list. Especially, if u include mix-tape joints. Jay’s “SuperUgly” was more effective than the Em Benzino dis.
    I think someone should just admit that they really dont care for Pac or Jay-Z, Ha-ha… Peace!

  • Sean Deez

    ^ you were doing fine until you said Superugly was good and above the Eminem diss…
    YOU must be a Jay-z stan…

  • A87th

    Ha-ha…If Im a Jay-Z Stan, its Nas’s fault for selecting so many weak beats over the years. For the record, since ’03, I’ve been more of a 50 Cent Stan. That “Not Rich, Still Lying” joint dissing Game had me laughing for days on end. Also, I commented “Jay’s “SuperUgly” was more effective”. When that came out, the rap community eagerly awaited Nas’s response. It wasn’t confirmed on wax yet that Jay had hit Nas baby moms ’til then. Even though most thought the “condom rappers” line was a low blow. On the other hand, Em dissing Benzino isn’t a battle, that’s a slaughter. I never heard nobody say, ” Maaan, I wonder what Benzino’s gonna come wit”…. Hence, NO EFFECT!

  • J. Rizzle

    Tight list Deez…I like the diss songz that have ended catz ultimate favorite is “10% Diss” which Antionette never recovered and “The Bridge is Over” by BDP ..that joint jus’ dismantled the Juice Crew.

    P.S. – What about that “Em, Busta & 50 cent Haily Mary Remix – Ja Rule Diss”? This shit str8 murdered JaRule ..he’s somewhere still shook.

    What is the next top 10 list Deez?

  • Charity

    Hail Mary = ugh. the only great verse is Busta’s. Em sticks too close to Tupac’s original verse to award him any points for originality, and while 50′s verse is funnier, it’s also just a cache of vague mockery and taunting. Busta was the only one on that track who really roasted Murder Inc.

    @A87th @Deez, I can at least see the logic here that Eminem only nailed Benzino in what was an unfair fight from the start, especially if To Da Break Of Dawn, Ether, 2nd Round K.O. and The Bitch In Yoo are so notable on this list for the fact that they defied hip hop expectations. I still agree that The Sauce > Nail In the Coffin, tho.

    I would, however, suggest that so far as Canibus is concerned, Dr. C PhD (vs. Eminem) is a far better diss track — and one of Canibus’ best songs — than 2nd Round K.O. But, then again, 2nd Round K.O. is a thoroughly direct diss track in a way that Dr. C PhD is not.

  • Charity

    Man, I just listened to that Not Rich, Still Lying track for the first time. Oh, man, that was great.

  • SeventhSun

    IMO 50 killed Game by just talking over that “Emotional” track.

    “Cut it out man. You’re like a disgruntled employee – for the next 4 albums” :-)

  • Freddie C

    Renewed interest in this all of a sudden, I love it. The “disgruntled employee” reference was gold, but 300 Bars and Runnin’ tops anything G-Unit put out. Hell, the entire You Know What It Is Vol 3 tape and the Ghost Unit tape put Game over G-Unit in the beef

  • Sean Deez

    300 bars and running, for me, is a one time only track though. No way I could really go back and revisit it.

    But Game certainly turned out to be bigger and better throughout all of that.

    you would ride for the west coast though, wouldn’t you fred

  • Freddie C

    Of course I would lol. Oh I almost forgot, Game’s “My Bitch” still slaps more than any 50 diss

  • Charity

    @Sean, How so re: 300 Bars? I could listen to the Shook Ones, Keep Their Heads Ringing, Dead Presidents and Diamonds sections from 300 Bars and Runnin over and over again…

  • Thomas

    “Cut it out man. You’re like a disgruntled employee – for the next 4 albums”
    Game may have the better song, but this line is fact. 50 still getting paid off of him. Not denying those Vol3 and Ghost Unit joints….loved them…but 50 sonned him with one line. Can’t eff with that regardless.

  • Charity

    I mean, Eazy-E played that card against Dre, and it’s clever I guess, but whatever.

  • Thomas

    Clever it is……fact remains…50 still eatin off Game and not spending any money on him.

    Puff kept silent (for the most part) when The Lox had about 4-5 records on ‘We Are the Streets” dissing him. Diss me, but I still own your publishing. Diss me…make 4-5 mixtapes about me…..I still eat off of you.

    Plus I did say that Game hadt he better songs…..and I love those mixtape…btw.

  • J. Rizzle

    Thomas, U made a good azz point. If anything that’s the ultimate diss, u rappin your azz dissing this cat and the mo’ fo sitting back getting paid of the diss towards him, classic

  • Thomas

    Game manning up about his mistakes. He needs medicine for his Bi-Polar.

  • Stocky

    The G-unit Radio mixtapes had hilarious disses towards Ja-Rule, Diddy and the Game. I think it was part 4 (No Peace Talks) where they took 1 interview Ja did with Minister Farrakhan and made him look like the biggest fool in the game. I think that was one of the best diss mixtapes ever.
    Against Ja:
    “It aint hard to see you flopped on your last tune, cuz your dressing room’s the size of my bathroom… these rappers can’t spend a hundred thousand they lyin, you damn near sold a hundred thousand you cryin, I tell you what here’s a tech, shook yourself in the neck”

    I think some honorable mentions: Eminem ft G-Unit- Bump Headz (On Fire), Royce da 5’9″- “Malcolm X” & “Who Got Bodied”, D12- “Quitter”, The Game- “200 Bars”, Westside Connection- “King of the Hill”, 2pac- “When We Ride”, Lloyd Banks- “Show Time (The Game’s Over)”
    Best diss line ever IMO: lloyd banks disses fat joe on “it aint a secret”- ‘I thought about clappin Joe, but why hit him with the iron, he’s one Big Mac away from dying’

  • Charity

    That’s most certainly not the best diss line of all time.

  • Stocky

    Thats why I said in my opinion.

  • Sean Deez

    interesting opinion

  • Mason Green

    This is the worst list ever. Hit ‘Em Up is the greatest diss track out there.

  • Taylor

    Good list Deez, I thought that No Vaseline and Ether coulda been a bit higher respectively. I thought 300 Bars could at least get a honorable mention but I guess its because Game’s beef with Memphis Bleek, Young Gunz, and the Unit isn’t “monumental” enough to the rap game.

    I’m interested now whether ol’ man Jay is gonna go after Game after that So Wavy track; doubt it tho

  • Sean Deez

    Jay won’t sink like that. But he will send loads of subliminal shots to Game

  • james

    Eazy-e can’t get no respect ever from the hip hop community?! damn!

  • SlimShaney

    Yo Deez, You know who it is homey!!!!!!!!!!! Double check the name and you’ll figure it out.

    I agree that Common ended Cube with The Bitch In Yoo, but how come no love for “Takeover” when it clearly ENDED Mobb Deep….AND was a lot more consise (only one verse needed for Nas). You said yourself, that there were childish tendencies in “Ether”…

  • Charity

    Well here’s a jimmy joke about your mama that you might not like…

  • Jenny

    This is where you’re wrong. Hit Em Up is considered one of the greatest diss tracks because it caused a scandal that Biggie’s wife had sex with Tupac. Biggie, in one track, even said, “if Faith had twins, she’d probably have two Pac’s. Get it? Tupac’s!” It made Biggie so mad, he rammed the door to Faith and confronted her.

  • Jenny

    “‘Hit ‘Em Up’ was accused by many critics for going ‘too far’ due to 2Pac’s claim that he had sexual intercourse with Notorious B.I.G.’s wife, Faith Evans, and his derision of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy for having sickle-cell anemia. It was also criticized for intensifying the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry, and in hindsight, cited as the turning point towards the violence that later claimed the lives of both 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. 2Pac disregarded criticism that he had taken the traditional hip hop rivalry to a dangerous extreme, remarking that the song was a “classic battle record”. XXL later appointed “Hit ‘Em Up” “the #1 diss song ever”.

  • jude

    no take over? no hit em up? your list doesn’t matter.

  • Sean Deez

    Yessssssss Shane… big ups

    As for Mobb Deep ending, I think they did that to themselves. They were already on the decline of their career midway through Murda Muzik. Havoc is still making some dope beats, and P dropped a few over looked albums. It’s not like there was much to do with them.

    My appreciation since writing this article for Takeover has risen quite a bit though. I would put it equivalent to Takeover. I’d find it hard not to. Plenty of Jay’s music takes time to sink in, it’s kinda crazy.

    LOL @ Jenny dropping a Wikipedia link on this.

  • Jdog

    You don’t know shit about hip hop if you think Hit em up shouldn’t have been on this list, you east coast dick rider!

  • Eric Stevens

    Hit’em up is the best it destroyed the East Coast’s Reputation and Mobb Deep? are you serious? they are nothing compared to Tupac or Jay-Z which he said in Takeover so fuck you

  • Sean Deez

    Destroyed the East Coast’s reputation eh?

    I deserve that “fuck you.”

  • sid

    i dont know abt da countdown but wht u said abt hit em up(by pac ) is right..
    hey plus cud u post some good “REPLY’S” to disses..
    fr example if pac targetted biggie wid hit em up.. then what biggie said in return….
    post similar reply’s by diff rappers who wer dissd..

  • sid

    i dont know abt da countdown but wht u said abt hit em up(by pac ) is hell wrong..
    imagine u gettin shot 5 times for being better than ur enemy…fuck thats pathetic..
    for all da pain pac had to go thru..he came up wid da best…so i think ur countdown has to be changed..

  • TheRuLe

    Hit ‘em Up is the best diss ever.
    R.I.P. Pac! West Side! We Hit ‘em Up!!!

  • Detroit

    First where is 2pac – Hit em up??… That song was a classic it should be in one of the top 3 spots…. and Ether is only @ 6 while Eminem – The Sauce is @ 5?? Who even cared about Benzino? And the Top 3 list I totally disagree with.

  • yo

    fuck ‘hit em up’ wheres Eazy-E REAL MOTHERFUCKIN G’S that was best diss ever. And response from Snoop & Dre-DRE Day that was the best diss evr

  • yos

    fuck hit em up put on Eazy E – Real mothaphukin G’s the best diss evr

  • Phillip

    i have to disagree with you on your notes about hit em up. i think it did affect biggies career. seems like biggie died because of this beef. this beef claimed 2 lives..

  • Wu

    Best top 10 so far, i would have put that GZA’s paper plates track (50 cent diss) in honorable mentions. Not that it affected 50′s carreer but, since 50 beef with almost everybody from NY, I thought it was best diss toward 50.

    Props to That top 10!

  • Bren

    the games 300 bars and runnin should b on here.

  • bigc style

    how the fuck u gonna say that mobb deep’s diss track was stronger then 2pac’s. you are one slimey, grimey, tiny-brained ass nigga. hit em’ up is one of the top 5 diss tracks easily, you probably bitter cuz pac fucked yo bitch u fat motha fucka. and where is real motha fuckin g’s by eazy-e ? u got big nosed ass krs one that has his mouth all up on LL cool J’s dick on the top slot? some fuckin mc hammer diss, some 13 year old girl, and fake ass common, over real motha fuckin g’s like eazy-e and tupac:? you a mark made ass carrot cake ass nigga you bitch

  • Dillon

    While I think Ether should be higher than six, I gotta admit this list is good.

    I do think that this list is missing one song though. Even though it technically isn’t a track, Kool Moe Dee dissing Busy Bee at Harlem World in 1981 has to be one of the best disses EVER! Even KRS-one acknowledged that this performance by Kool Moe Dee changed the face of Hip-Hop and Rap forever.

  • RFCancer

    That DJ Quik line is way better than most I’ve heard, it’s definitely in my top 5 but I’m happy wit the honorable mention.

  • RazorRain

    Yo, where’s Paper Plates??

    “I was an emcee while you was in nut ville”

    Good stuff.

    God Zig Zag Zig Allah

    Word is bond.

  • Shonuff

    Personally I would put Ether above takeover and here is why. Takeover is an awesome diss track but the wounds it leaves are not deep enough. He attacks Nas’s longevity and sleeping with his girl which are heavy but not fatal. Nas’s track starts out as almost juvenile but its really more like a cover for how deep it goes. Jayz is demonized completely into what I would call P diddy version 2.0 . Hes painted as an opportunist who would sell his soul to get ahead. Whats worse is it almost paints Jay as the Blueprint (lol) to what fucked up the game. This comercialization of Hip hop stars who will cross anyone and do anything for a dollar. The difference between them is it was for a big part successful. I can’t tell you how many people I know that used to love jigga but call him a sellout bitch now.

  • Decapitatah


    What you said made no sense to me.

  • Mike

    I just wanna know why pac isn’t here

  • J-money

    This is a great list. There are a few newer school disses that deserve honorable mention though. Ether should be higher. You ppl that say jay one are some real duck riders. He put jay to rest. He didn’t even need to follow up. BUT I really want to know why real muthaphukin g’s is not on here. I WANT YOU TO EXPLAIN. He got at snoop and put Dre in his place. Not to mention that beat is TOP 20 HIP HOP BEATS of all time

  • Neks

    the cunt who made this list, now listen here-
    you dum ass motherfucker do you even know Hit’ em up. fagget it is the no.1 diss song ever in history. only pac had the balls to diss the whole east coast. was ur mum fucked by him that time bitch ass nigga. fuckn gronk suck my dick for not putting Hit’ em up as well as real muthaphukin’ G’s by eazy-e . bhen ke lode maa chuda apni. pan di lan teri madarchod.
    FUCKN GRONK go suck A DICK.

  • Neks

    go masturbate ur dad’s dick. fuckn gronk
    teri bhen de fuddi sale mardarchod bhen ke lode.

  • Decapitatah


    Pac did not diss the east coast so your argument is flawed

  • JoeyG23

    first off Neks:
    he explained why hit em up didn’t make it, and even though it IS technically a diss song and one of pacs most famous, he brings a valid point why it didnt make the list. everyone has their opinions

    but now for my opinion…. 50 cent’s “Piggy Bank” to me was a ridiculously good diss track. this was back when 50 still gave a shit bout what he makes, i found the beat was perfectly in sync wit the lyrics aswell as being aggressive and clever at the same time
    whats ur explanation on why it didnt make it?

  • Anon51

    WTF? No hit em up? When people start complaining about this shit, the logic your using is irrelevant. You had to make a special section with asterisk for hit’em up, which means that deep down in the back of that head of yours you knew it was supported to be on the list. But by the look on the list……….

    No, Hit em’ up, no Real muthafuckinn g’s, no Dre Day, no 300 bars and runnin, no Real Niggaz

    Only concludes one point, another east coast dickrider music. Self righteous muthafuckers that think since rap music originated int he east, it is the only relevant coast. Well fuck that noise, NWA, Snoop, Dre, Pac, put rap on the map. Shit, if it wasn’t for The chronic rap would have gone the way of disco.

    Wow, eminem’s beef with bezino, who gives a fuck. The shit was as uninteresting then as it is now. im surprised people still remember that shit. But hit em up? Two niggas died muthafucka, hardcore style, homeboy fucked his wife?! Do you even have a girl? maybe thats why you don’t get it.

    PS. 300 bars and runnin should have been there. He single handily killed g unit. And started the downfall of 50 cent. Shit was sick son.

  • chillone

    what about the beef between Cypress Hill & Ice Cube?
    Cypress Hill No Rest For The Wicked against
    Westside Connection – King Of The Hill

  • Decapitatah

    @ Chillone

    First time i look i the list i said the same thing. “Ice Cube Killa” did it for me. Getting another dude that sounded like Cube push me towards Cypress for that beef

  • Defiance

    I’m mad there is only one mention of the MF Grimm vs. MF Doom beef here.

    Deep Fried Frenz vs The Book of Daniel – educate yourselves. This has to be atleast top 5 worthy. Not to mention, Grimm clearly won this… not based on fan base, but pure skill… he was a battle rapper nevertheless… and Doom was not.. but is Doom a GrandMaster now? Er… I think not.

  • whiz

    nice list…but very east coast bias…here is my criteria for being a top ten…lyrics, facts, impact, and recognition.

  • Thomas

    Who would you add and/or delete?

  • Zander

    Sean Deez—extraordinary piece here. Very well written and you make terrific arguments for your picks.

    The only thing that leaves me unsatisfied is that you haven’t addressed a criticism of your work that has now been vocalized by a variety of posters. AKA: the east coast bias that has ALLEGEDLY affected your judgement in ranking the greatest diss tracks of all time.

    You surely can acknowledge that you omitted some of the most classic diss tracks ever from the west coast. There may be a good reason for passing over 2pac, NWA, Eazy E and others…but I think those of us who worship the west coast rap deserve an explanation of your thinking.

    You feel me? Nice work.

  • Kevin

    Sean Deez doesn’t write here anymore, so that’s probably why he hasn’t addressed the criticism. Plus, this article is close to 2 years old. Thanks for the comment though!

  • hieroglyphics

    Good list, i can understand why ‘hit em up’ is not on it but it is undeniably brutal. I think Tupac’s ‘Holla at me’ is a better diss track, its subliminal and one that gets overshadowed by ‘hit em up’. I think its aimed at Stretch, Biggie and the woman who accused him of rape.

  • zsivaz

    First off this would of been a brilliant list but there’s one glaring omission- where is the “takeover” b Jay Z? you haven’t even given it an honourable mention?!!- Thats a big mistake. The aggression in Jay’s flow was brilliant, the samples used by Kanye West worked well too. He completely destroyed Mobb Deep on the track nd very nearly ended Nas’s career. It’s a top 5 diss for me. I personally preferred to ether- which I think is slightly overrated- but still a visceral reply. Leaving it out was a big mistake IMO- not one I would of expected considering all the other choices seem on point. I would personally rank Common- The Bitch In You as the greatest diss track.

    Honourable Mentions- Blueprint 2, Nail In a coffin, Piggy Bank, Dre Day

  • BayneDoyle

    god bless the dead should be on there by tupac

  • Ben

    Fuck wit Dre Day – Dr. Dre

  • vac

    king of the hill (ice cube), real motherfucking gs (eazy e), fuck wit dre day (dre), Roxanne Shante shouldn’t be on this list since that was all a gimmick, the sauce honestly makes no sense as a diss song and ether should be #1 since it literally made Jay-Z cry on live radio

  • Rena

    No ‘Takeover’, No ‘Hit Em Up? No Credibility.

  • Jennifer

    Canibus was never been heard from again after that battle.

  • PMic

    Nas made the word “ether” synonomous with dissing someone…you hear people all the time say things like “Lil Kim ethered Nikki Minaj” for example….That alone makes it the best diss of all time…at least second to the epic BDP track….I still have no problem with takeover being listed somewhere near the bottom of the top ten just because it was such a popular record with a good beat….but its nowhere close to ether …Takeover didnt make Nas cry after he heard it like Ether did to jay z….so if you cant see the lyrical perfection displayed in the record at least see the results it produced.

    “hit em up” lyrically was wack as hell and I’m glad its not listed…saying “thats why I fucked your wife” isnt being lyrical.

    Canibus diss track would be 3rd on my list of all time because he slayed LL by just being creative and Lyrical…..he was blackballed afterwards because LL is a powerful dude in the industry…but thats not winning a battle thats just being a devil, which is anti-hip hop and a big reason IMO that hip hop died.

    1. Ether (Made the word ether a verb meaning to diss someone)
    2. Bridge is Over (he made a diss track the city’s anthem)
    3. 2nd round KO(second most lyrical diss)
    4. ICE Cube “no vaseline” (just comedy)
    5. Jadakiss “Animal” (Murdered 50 with a smooth flow)
    6. LL’s “to the break of dawn” (I think he dissed Ice T harder than Moe dee)
    7. Common “bitch in you”…(def brought it to cube)
    8. KRS “Yeah we in there”..(disses Ice cube HARD..people just didnt know)
    9. GZA “paper plates” (actually may be the most lyrical diss ever)
    10. Jay Z “takeover” (most danceable diss track and sparked the #1 reply)

  • PMic

    Also, Roxanne shante’s diss of BDP was written by Big daddy Kane and should NOT be listed for that reason alone. Ghost written disses shouldnt be acknowledged.

  • Top Dawg

    This is actually a shoddy list. Just coz sum 14 year old takes on an older rapper does not make it a badass diss track. Where is Eazy E & Dre’s diss anthology? That beef had the Dogg Pund and BG & Knockout in it but you failed to manetion it. But then again, what do you know. You East Cost dick riding fag.

  • Top Dawg

    This is actually a shoddy list. Just coz sum 14 year old takes on an older rapper does not make it a badass diss track. Where is Eazy E & Dre’s diss anthology? That beef had the Dogg Pund and BG & Knockout in it but you failed to mention it. But then again, what do you know. You East Cost dick riding faggot.

  • Shafter79

    Why isn’t “Calling Out Names” by Kurupt on this list?


    To answer a question above @BayneDoyle, “God Bless The Dead” was not a diss track, and definitely it wasn’t The Notorious BIG he was mentioning – I didn’t know for a long time but he was referencing another rapper, named Bigge Smalls. There’s a little bit of info online about it, he had released a few tracks in the early ’90s, he & Pac met through Johnny J … and if 2Pac & Stretch had recorded this track “God Bless The Dead” it had to have been BEFORE 2Pac was shot & blamed Notorious BIG, since he & Stretch didn’t associate afterward, & once he went to jail.

  • Pac, Hit Em Up

    Hit Em Up is the best diss track ever.
    I mean, it is blunt, which is what makes it different from the others. And as if ‘The Sauce’ and ‘Ether’ aren’t as blunt.
    It contains epic energy behind it, all verses, both Pac’s verses to say the least
    How did it not affect Biggie’s career!? I mean, which of these diss tracks affected the careers of the guy who was dissed, if you put it that way?
    And probably, Pac was shot for that song, and, again probably, Biggie’s murder was in retaliation, so fuck spoiling careers, it (probably) got Biggie killed!
    I mean, I think you involved too much personal opinion rather than public opinion, and your personal opinion is also a little different to say the least :)

  • Pac, Hit Em Up

    Also I feel ‘Real Motherfuckin G’s’ should have been there, or at least a honorable mention

  • Haydos

    Where the fuck was Hit Em’ Up????

  • ASDASdasdas

    The Sauce is an incredible track, im surprised more lists dont have it.
    But what about Real Mothaphukkin g’s?
    Dre Day?
    Who Shot Ya??
    HIT EM UP!?!?!

  • Andresarriaga55

     you little faggot why isnt tupac  on the  pussy nigga eat a dick

  • Michgua

    So why the fuck didn’t you write your comments when Pac was still alive..coz he would have chewed ur bitch ass u fat dick…..SEAN DEEZ FUCK U 2..FUCK U N UR MUTHAFACKIN MAMA……OUTLAW FROM AFRICA … U DICK SUCKING BITCH..

  • jay hova god mc

    hit em up def deserves to be on the list it does take skill to be subtle but why make a diss song if nobody understands it but the person ur dissing? u want the world to know tht whoever ur against is a bitch thts why ether is so good because he straight up says fuck jayz i appreciate the forwardness of nas and pac in their songs….also the blueprint 2 nas diss should be on here jiggaman kills it

  • Danny Ribel

    First of all Hit Em Up is not a temper tantrum. The difference between Hit Em Up and every other one is that 2 pac was actually shot, almost killed or set up to be by the ones he’s dissin. He’s not merely commenting on things people said in interviews or previous tracks. Also, he says many things diss like besides F you. As you mentioned he claims to have Fucked Biggies wife which is the ultimate diss between men bit he sldo does in in the contxt of sayin Biggie wasn’t a playa, which if you know the interview Pac says Biggie wasn’t a playa but a trick because he didn’t get laid till he got money. Then he speaks of how Lil Kim is ugly, which is funny because she use to be hot adding that her crew were not real Gs, then he mentions Biggie copying Versace and how he use to be poor and Pac had to give him money and Biggie slept on Pac’s couch and any bitches house Pac knew as well as calling out the Who shot ya Track by sayin who shot me but you punks didn’t finish. Plus the song keeps sayin take money which is reference to Jr Mafia get money and Pac says it’s funny when they talk about gettin money because they were al livin bumby and fuckin with him for money. You haven’t listned to the track close enough if you don’t believe there are tons of disses and references.

  • DUnbiasedONE

    What are you homie like east coast biased or something chanting on and on about high grade lyricism and all some fights do actually get decided by blunt force and not organized finesse some of these tracks you have in your top ten are just straight up soft and should be considerably lower in ranking get for real cuz this is the most self opinionated list of this type I’ve ever seen.

  • Aobaswall

    no hit ‘em up… need to get your music straight my friend


    where’s Blueprint 2?…

  • the author deserves AIDS

    Go fuck yourself and die mother fuck, Hit Em Up is the best diss track ever.

  • Art

    How is hit em up not on here???

  • Nickyc619

    where the fuck is real muthaphukkin g’s by eazy e 

  • Fisher3696

    i think the invasion part 1 by em was his best diss track but hey glad to see he made it

  • jj

    R U KIDDING ME?! OMG! The #1 diss should have been Tupacs’ “You can’t see me!” WTF! It didn’t even make the list? Who blindfolded you and put a gun to your head to come up with this list?!

  • Djxcell75

    I’m an ol skool hip-hop head, and this list is right on point! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I enjoyed reading it!

  • Michael Raphoni

    The list is good,but even with pacs wack crew hit em up deserves to be in it

  • TxM

    Wow. What about H to the OMO? That was a classic.

  • makaveli

    lol no hit em up?

  • S_1

    Obviously you’ve gone over your opinion on hit em up. For me Eminem was more visceral and furious in his Do Rae Me, than the Sauce and just tore apart Ja. Takeover and Dre Day also solid.

  • NiggaRoe

    Why is it that when ever people talk about the jay n nas beef they never talk about super ugly. Super ugly killed nas dog. jay mother said tthat joint went to HARD why is Jadakiss beanie joint or jada and 50 joint on here

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