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Soul Movement Fam: The REMIX Contest

Ladies and Gentleman, we’re back with another REMIX CONTEST… and this time we’re doing it up big!  Eariler this week, we premiered the release of the new mixtapes from Cee & Bekah and NoTiOn (both of the Soul Movement Fam).  They wanted to do something special with these releases and we came up with the idea of having them host our next remix contest.  If you’re familiar with our past remix contests, this one’s quite a bit different.  Read on for the details…

Unlike our previous weekly remix contests, this contest is an all at once, one shot deal.  The Movement Fam are looking for new up and coming producers to work with on their upcoming projects.  This remix contest makes it easy for them to scout the Internet talent pool.  Both mixtapes, Cee & Bekah’s Soul Movement Vol 2 and NoTiOn’s World Domi-NoTiOn will receive special edition rerelease treament in the form of your remixes.  That’s right, these projects will be officially released.  The Movement Fam are not signed to any label at the moment, but I’m sure you can understand the incredible opportunity this is for the up and coming producer.

Cee, Bekah, and NoTiOn have selected 12 tracks from each mixtape (a totally of 24 tracks) for you all to remix.  You can choose to remix one track or you can remix them all… the choice is up to you. Obviously the more remixes you complete, the more exposure you gain.  Here are a few guidlines…

  • Please encode your remixes in mp3 format (minimum of 192kbps)
  • Be prepared to have the original wav available if your remix is selected
  • Please submit just one final package, in a zip file, uploaded to your favorite file sharing web site (ie, zshare, Rapidshare, MediaFire, Megaupload, etc.)
  • Please tag your mp3s with proper title, artist name, and your name
  • Feel free to post your remixes here in the comments if you wish to have peer feedback.  You will not receive feedback from This Is Hip Hop nor the artists in the comments, however.

I think I covered everything.  If you have any further questions, feel free to ask here in the comments.

Cee, Bekah, and NoTiOn will be picking the winning remixes themselves.  They are currently on tour in promotion of the mixtapes here in the U.S. and will return back to Australia by the end of October.  Because of the amount of tracks we have to remix, the deadline for remix submissions is DECEMBER 15th, 2008.

This thread will be the place to discuss everything related to this contest, so keep it bookmarked.  Just a little hint as to what the artists are looking for, I asked this question in my interview with them specifically for you guys… What do you look for when picking beats for a project?

Bekah: I am very picky with beats. Cee will tell you ALL about that haha. We scout for beats from producers all over the world. Cee and I look for a beat that screams “melody”. If I hear a beat and I have melodies and ideas pouring out, and the same with Cee, we know that’s one we need to do.

Cee:  Bekah summed it up perfect — when we’re checking for beats for the Cee & Bekah projects, it definitely has to be melodic and it’s also a group decision; if only one of us wants to go ahead with it, it doesn’t happen. One criterion is soul — all beats we use must have an aspect of soul to it that reflects the type of music we make.

NoTiOn’s style is a little more hip hop than soul, so no explanation needed there.

So are you ready?  Below we have the mixtapes with all the tracks in their original incarnation, then we have the acapellas for each mixtape for you to remix.  After the links, there is a form which you all will use to submit your completed remix package.  Good Luck!

Download Cee & Bekah: Soul Movement Vol 2

Download Cee & Bekah Acapellas

Download NoTiOn: World Domi-NoTiOn

Download NoTiOn Acapellas

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