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Skyzoo Archives #16 – 18… Playing Catch-Up

Alright, so I missed the last three leaks Skyzoo dropped on us, but I ain’t one to stop bringing you all the goodies.  Hit the jump for all three…

#16: Stack Bundles Tribute

“So at #16 in the series, im taking it back to 2002 for an unreleased verse. Not from me though, but from my man Stack Bundles. Tomorrow, Oct. 21st wouldve been his 26th birthday, so im doing this one for him. For those of you who’ve been following me, you know that im real close with the Justus League, as well as tons of others in the game. What you probably don’t know however, is that back in my late teenage days, I was in a crew called The G.R.I.T.S (The greatest rappers in the streets). We were a 7 man team of soloists who came together for shows, mixtapes, etc. Stack Bundles was one of us 7 members. We all put together a mixtape back in 2002, and when we did it, Stack was outta town and couldnt make it back to NY in time to get on it the way the rest of us did. Not wanting to drop the tape without him being apart of it, I called him and had him drop a verse accapella over the horn. The verse was one that even I hadnt heard before, so as you listen you’ll notice me laughing and getting hype in the background due to how bananas this verse is. He bodied the phone, lol. As you know, the rest of the story sees him with everyone from Lupe and F&F to Desert Storm to Byrd Gang, all while building his Riot Squad empire. Stack was working on his album back in early 2007, and was actually supposed to be on “Cop-N-Go” with me, Maino and Stimuli, but he was on the Street Dreams tour. We spoke once he got back, planned a session for him to drop his verse, and then he passed away. I went to the funeral and was overwhelmed with greif, along with surprise when I saw Rich Boy, Juelz, Fab, Maino, Jae Millz, Ron Browz, Lupe, Budden, and more all come out and pay respect to the king of Far Rock. So this one isnt about me today, its about my man Stack. Here’s that rare verse he dropped over the phone for the team. RIP Stack, you were definitly a rock star. Happy Birthday.” – Skyzoo


#17: Good Looking ft. AC [prod by Hi-Tek]

“At #17 in the series, this joint is called “Good Looking-2007″ featuring AC, produced by Hi-Tek. This is a joint that I did with AC in 2007. He had this concept to say good looking to everyone who ever helped or hated through out his career thus far. I dug the idea so I knew it would be a dope record. Hi-Tek did the beat, and it has that vintage Tek sound that he’s known for. If you have AC’s mixtape from early 2007 then you’ve heard this before, but if you dont, enjoy the new old. Holla.” – Skyzoo


#18: For The Love of The Game ft. MC [prod by Drawzilla]

“So we’re at #18, and this one is “For The Love Of The Game” feat. MC, prod. by drawzilla. This is a joint that my man Drawzilla wanted me to do for his compilation album in late 2007. He sent me the beat and pretty much said “its all on you, do whatever the track tells you too”, so that’s what I did. The record is really me talking to the music as if it were a girl im dating. People have done that in the past, so I put a twist on it as far as the outcome and my decisions on staying with her. Once I finished the record, Draw got his man MC to sing on the hook, and he definitly got busy with it. Drawzilla did the beat, and he’s been doing big things with the music for awhile now (MTV placements, Remy Ma joints, etc.), so look out for him. Here’s “For The Love Of The Game” feat. MC, prod. by drawzilla. Holla. Oh, and the album is almost done, and its coming out CRAAAAAZZZYYYY!!!” – Skyzoo



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