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Rebel Starr: Adventures in Boondocks

Mars had sex with Venus and produced a set of twins, Back Wordz (the boy) and Likwuid (the girl). The soulAquarians, joined by the sign of the Water Bearer, were separated at birth leaving Back Wordz in New York City and Likwuid somewhere lost in the South.

In 2007, as fate would have it, the two kindred spirits rejoined and found each other in a street battle in the Lower East Side of NYC. Upon noticing the vast similarities in their appearance and their matching Afros, the two both agreed that they had been coupled together by Fate for a supreme purpose.

Today, the earth has been blessed with Rebel Starr, the Neo-Quantum-Retro-Hip-Hop-Boy-
Girl Duo.

I wanna thank my man MIDIMarc for turning me onto this duo. All I can say is this is some really dope music… a must to check out. If you’re feeling their music, go to and vote for Rebel Starr in Urb’s Next 1000.

  1. The Black Jacking
  2. Soap Box
  3. You Like It I Love It
  4. Boombox
  5. Won Two
  6. The Real
  7. About U
  8. Tell Lie Vision
  9. X
  10. Viva La Rebel
  11. Hey Young World
  12. Hit the Bar
  13. Look What I Can Do (Party Mix)


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About Kevin

Owner - Kevin is the owner and founder of Originally from Virginia Beach, VA he now resides in South Florida. In addition to this site he runs HiPNOTT Records, a small independent Hip Hop label and is an Executive Producer of the documentary film DEMOS: An Independent Artist's Guide To Success. Other than music, he is a techie by trade and holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
  • MIDIMarc

    The artwork is sooo fresh to me

  • Likwuid

    Kevin your site is amazing!!!! Me and my twin have been hearing about you for a while and we thanks so much for this love, bro!!!

    L dot

  • $PiT Money

    best group ever…….wait no your momma’s favorite is….but theyre dope too

  • wordspit the illest

    I fucks with rebel star, download the fucking mixtape…or die!

  • Boy Sand

    rebel starr is ill.

  • Final Outlaw

    These two are greatness!

  • marushkam

    I vote for Rebel Starr any and every day.

  • NativeSun

    I asked Likwuid to submit this joint to KH months ago! Glad to finally see it here!

    That place in tha South is SC, by the way… former home of SpecTac, and current home to N’Telligence, and legendary SC emcee Sab Young…


  • NativeSun

    KN My bad (typin in tha dark)

  • DirtySoufYankee

    I lo0o0o0ove Rebel Starrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Back Wordz

    Rebel Starr is dope!!!

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