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Jay-Z x Sickamore: From Marcy to Madison Square


Another dope mixtape from S. Carter.  Another mixtape that I paid for.  SMH at me.  Everything after the cut.


01.   S. Carter & Sickamore Intro
02.   I Can’t Get With That
03.   From Marcy 2 Madison Square (feat. Sauce Money)
04.   Wake Up
05.   Nigga Like Me (feat. Dr. Dre)
06.   Lucifer (Remix) (feat. Bob Marley & 50 Cent)
07.   Blunts & Armadale
08.   Threat
09.   S. Carter Breaks Down His Flow
10.   Breathe Easy
11.   If Hov Can’t (feat. 50 Cent)
12.   It’s Hot (50 Diss)
13.   Who Shot Ya Freestyle
14.   Alone In This World
15.   Young G’s (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
16.   I Love The Dough (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
17.   Brooklyn’s Finest (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
18.   December 4th
19.   The Question & The Answer (Unreleased)
20.   Guess Who’s Back (feat. Beanie Sigel, Scarface & 50 Cent)
21.   Show U How To Do This
22.   Squeeze 1st (Remix) (feat. Lloyd Banks)
23.   Notorious B.I.G. Interlude
24.   My 1st Song
25.   Outro (3 Unreleased Bonus Tracks)


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About Thomas

From Maryland
  • MaG

    yo thomas remember the day when people PAID for mixtapes? i remember this joint vividly…was maaaad happy my bootlegger at the time on my block had this joint and kev on ya’ll job this jay week….

  • J. Rizzle

    I agree w/MaG…the spot I use to cop all my mixtapes back in the day was down on 12th & F outside Metro Ctr. in the heart of downtown DC..damn i miss the good old dayz.

  • Thomas

    I remember when people bought mixtapes. The tape had to be thorough for you to cop it.

    I’ll look for that Jay/Clue tape. If I find it I’ll provide a link.

  • MaG

    LOL at j rizzle giving the full bootlegger address…but yea man, it had to be OFFICIAL…you knew the joints was weak when you’d walk by 3-4 weeks later and the same joint was sitting there lol

  • Boxadan

    any way someone could put the link back up for this?? I bought it on cd in 03 but iv lost it now n cant find it anywhere

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