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Freestyle Friday: Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap


This week it’s the Juice Crew members going head to head.  When I was growing up the talk was who had the better verse on “The Symphony” Big Daddy Kane or Kool G Rap?  Today we are going to decide who had the better verse on that song and highlight other gems throughout their careers.

The idea behind Freestyle Fridays is to battle one another with your favorite verse from either of the two competitors. You’re essentially battling other commenters in this thread by using the words of Big Daddy Kane or Kool G Rap. Hit the jump for a few rules and then jump in on the comments!

Before we start, let’s see if we can keep the thread in order today, by following a couple simple rules:

1. Please don’t drop the lyrics to a whole song. No more than one verse!

2. Please stay in order…. Big Daddy Kane, then Kook G Rap, then Big Daddy Kane, etc. If you want to drop a BDK, wait until someone has dropped a KGR one. The idea is to go back and forth. It’s possible that more than one person may be trying to drop a verse at one time… we’ll just keep moving on.

I’ll start this thread off with a verse from Kool G. Rap:

“Yo, Marley gives the slice, I get nice,
and my voice is twice as horrifying as Vincent Price
goes deep, till you fell in a spell of a sleep,
and while I’m countin’ the money, you count sheep.
When G Rap strikes the mic, I recite the type of hype that you like,
and make the people unite.
I grip up hips and zip up lips, step on reps, you flip and wanna sip on my tip.
Take a deep breath, because you don’t have another left.
Comin’ back like I’m avengin’ my brother’s deat.
Makin’ veterans run for medicine,
cuz I put out more lights in a fight than ConEdison.
Rip the damn cage like I’m on a rampage.
And if you want rage, I’m-a make front page.
Read the headlines, suckers, todays the deadline,
your head is way past bedtime.
Can’t kill though.  Solo.  Cuz you’re still all…soft like a pillow.
My rap is rougher than Brillo.
So fear me, don’t dare dare me,
and don’t compare me to him when you hear me.
Talk about a battle but you ain’t yet ready for war.
Your metaphor sucks more than a whore.
You can’t replace me, ice me or ace me, bass me, face me, slice me or race me,
bite me or taste me — I’ll show you that I got force.
My rap burns your mouth like hot sauce.
Run for water while I break your tape recorder.
Server-to-sucker: the order is manslaughter.
Another rapper, G Rap wrecks, he’s rated X, to mean the boy is sex. Next…
the amplifier gets used and abused.  Pumps so loud, we might blow a fuse.
This is anger, madness, ready to hang ‘er.
Rapper or singer: I’m puttin’ up my middle finger.
Next up… (I believe that’s me)
Big Daddy Kane, get on the mic for the Symphony.”

-Kool G Rap, “The Symphony”

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From Maryland
  • Lil Ish

    “And cats still wonder can they get as hot as he been
    That probably depends, let me show you how to begin
    Bang chicks in Marriotts down to Quality Inns
    Hit the bar spend cash like Monopoly ends
    Plushed out, rock gators and exotical skins
    Come in the hood, flippin the chicken and broccoli Timbs
    Niggaz come in the game, block they shot at the rim
    That ain’t in you – the FUCK you gon’ possibly win?
    I do it, “Booty Calls” on the BlackSTREET Teddy tip
    Keep a steady grip, make cream just like Ready Whip
    Heavy with, styles that’s the deadliest
    Cats on that petty shit watch how much lead he get
    You tryin to go places, chasin Oasis
    About nothin gettin low wages
    Drink Hennessey with no chasers
    Right hooks (write hooks) like Joe Frasier’s
    I’m the bodacious
    Body parts are big and like Schwarz-a-niggaz
    Smokin Garcia Vega tryin to get the larger paper
    If you, block the cash, we lockin ass
    I’ma put it in your chest like a Stockton pass
    Only out to earn figures like we please
    but I don’t mind to burn niggaz like CD’s
    Now – exhibit, styles I kick with it
    [*COUGH*] Pardon me, but I’m fuckin sickwiddit”

    Platinum Plus – Big L Feat. Big Daddy Kane

  • Thomas

    Only one person for this post? And Kev we were stressin over this joint yesterday? Might have to let this one go.

  • skeme


    A mind designed to find a rhyme that’s right on time
    One step beyond and not behind the line
    That separates dogs from divine
    Take it as a caution, or a warning sign
    Whether antonyms, words I’m blending them
    Homonyms, synonyms, good like m&m’s
    With polo and while he’s slicing
    I’ll turn the mike’s last name into tyson
    My brain is like a factory constantly creating
    Material stitch by stitch for decoration
    Lyrics are fabrics, beat is the lining
    My passion in rhyming is fashion designing
    Now it gets odd it, cause people want to sport it
    You bought it, if you didn’t then you couldn’t afford it
    Poetry full of surprises, it’s like a game show
    And my brain glows just like a rainbow
    Rappers and poets they already know it
    G rap is a terror not a error and never will I stop reaching for better
    Whether wheels of steel or reel to reel
    G rap will make you feel the real deal
    I usually rap hardcore and I know
    That y’all thinking am I somehow semi, so
    We yell party and girls and boys and
    Remember kool g rap, doc the butcher and polo is poison

  • skeme

    “the wrath of kane”

    The man at hand, to rule and school and teach
    And reach the blind to find their way from a to z
    And be the most, and boast the loudest rap
    Kane’ll reign your domain! (yeah kane!)
    The heat is on, so feel the fire
    Come off the empire, all the more higher
    Level of def one step beyond dope
    You suckers all scope and hope to cope but nope
    Cause I can never let em on top of me
    I play em out like a game of monopoly
    Let us beat around the ball like an astro
    Then send em to jail for tryin to pass go
    Shakin em up, breakin em up, takin no stuff
    But it still ain’t loud enough
    So mister cee let the volume grow
    So I can flow, now yo
    Juice crew’s the family, slick rick’s a friend of me
    And doug e. fresh, stet’, krs and public enemy
    Blase blah, you know who you are
    The red black and green, the sun moon and star
    Knowledge of self, degree of twenty-one after
    Peace in the name of I self lord and master
    I come to teach and preach and reach and each
    With the speech every leecher I’m impeach
    Drop science and build with math
    And the dumb deaf and blind’ll feel the wrath, of kane!

  • S. Mat

    Champagne wishes of caviar dreams ?a penis didn’t cream?

    With sales of fish scales from triple beams I gleam

    Livin the live of rowdy packin fifty cali’s

    Rockin lizard Bally’s while we do our drug deal in a dark alley

    Up in casinos just me and my dino primo

    Pushin beam-o’s then parlay in Reno with two fly latinos

    Nas, he runs the whole staff, we count mad for seen bad

    We’ve seen a half a milli dashin out there on the Queens half

    Three major players gettin papers by the layers

    And those that portray us on the block get rocked like Domateus

    Fakers get used to shootin targets, soon as the dark hits

    Front on the drug market, bodies get rolled up in a carpet

    Those that cheat us try to beat us we got hookers with heaters

    that’ll stray pop and put more shells in your top than Adidas

    Da leaders, lookin straight crimy in our Giorgio Armani’s

    You wanna harm me and Nas you gots ta come get through a whole army

    The celo rollers money folders sippin bola holdin mad payola

    Slangin a Coke without the Cola

    Me and black don’t fake jacks but we might sling one

    It ain’t no shame in our game we do our thing son
    - Kool G Rap from Fast Life

  • skeme


    You no-frill slow toy, cheap thrills, no joy
    My lyrical skills give me Pillsbury Doughboy
    Back, I’m packin em up like Jack the Ripper
    Some pally’ll I’m pullin the zipper
    Finger popped, the better the batter or flipper
    You’re out of date, you must be the Late Show, I hate those
    puttin on the brakes slow, uh-oh, better get Maaco
    Dead-on, head-on collision, bad decision
    You wanna see me nigga you better check your vision
    It ain’t 20/20 money silly bunny your funny
    Your ass’ll get smashed just like a crash test dummy
    Retire, an MC that Oscar Meyer could take
    Some of you wacky rappers just play anyway
    that’s B-O-L-O-G-N-A
    So come and swing wild, mild child, and get your style hurt
    HEY HEY HEY! Should I say it’s Fatter than Albert
    Play at your own risk, if you diss, got a lotta hot groups
    turnin cold, better go and sip on some Swiss Miss
    Inner city, actin like bitties, you’re pussy
    so here kitty kitty, come get some milk from my hoe’s titties
    Cross at the green not in between or get hit G
    Red light, green light, one two three
    Out for the dash, but in the flash, you shoulda let me pass
    ‘fore crash, now that ass is in a bodycast
    Everytime I put out my records and tapes
    Motherfuckers go bananas like this was Planet of the Apes
    Grapes I bust em like cherries and lay down, bitches purchase tickets
    to ride the dick and sit down it like a Greyhound
    Down with the clowns actin like killers, as good as wooden soldiers
    See niggaz, you ain’t even Magilla Guerillas
    Bass in your face, stingin like mace
    I’m bringin the right taste, hangin like waist
    Pick up the pace

  • skeme

    “set it off”

    Let it roll, get bold, I just can’t hold
    Back, or fold cos I’m a man with soul
    In control and effect, so what the heck
    Rock the discotheques and this groove is what’s next
    Attack, react, exact, the mack’ll move you with
    A strong song, as long as you groove to this
    I keep the crowd loud when you’re hype
    Do damage onstage and injure the mic
    As I shoot the gift MC’s stand stiff
    While my rhymes stick to you like Skippy and Jif
    Feel my blood fist, or my death kiss
    The rap soloist, you don’t want none of this
    Supreme in this era, I reign with terror
    When I grab the mic believe you’re gonna hear a
    Fascinatin’ rhyme as I enchant them
    So let’s all sing the Big Daddy anthem
    Go with the flow, my rhymes grow like an afro
    I entertain again and Kane’ll never have no
    Problem, I can sneeze, sniffle and cough
    E-e-e-even if I stutter Imma still come off
    Cos rappers can’t understand the mics I rip
    They sure enough ain’t equipped, that’s why they got flipped
    But my apparatus is up to status
    Don’t ask who’s the baddest, of course that is
    The maker, breaker, taker, my rhymes ache the head
    Put it to bed, so watch what is said
    Save the bass for the pipe and rearrange your tone
    Or take a loss and be forced in the danger zone
    Cos I get ill and kill at will
    Teachin’ a skill that’s real, you’re no thrill
    So just stand still and chill as I build
    Science I drill until my rhymes fill
    Your head up…don’t even get up
    The teacher is teachin’, so just shut up

  • skeme

    “ghetto afterlife”

    Niggaz get caught up in the struggle
    End up in court in trouble, sportin a bubble
    Ford azure bubble, importer smuggle, forcin a rumble
    Hit the blocks with a portion to double
    Flip and get tossed in the huddle
    Police with one piece short of the puzzle
    It’s a hustle, peep the street life, they movin muscle
    and the G’s’ll make your knees buckle
    Tussle with heat until your feet stand in a pee puddle
    Cheese double but all the speedy niggaz bleed puddles
    Make the headlines; some try to escape the fed time
    Phone taps on direct lines – tec-9′s with the red shine
    Jake climbin through the bedroom blinds
    Tryin to bring you to your deadline, it’s slippery when wet signs
    Red time, wipe the sweat around your neck time
    One shot spill out your red wine, rock shots to deafen your prime
    Pieces of hot lead left in your mind
    One slug to the left of your spine
    Forever late to rest on the shrine

  • skeme

    “the symphony”

    Settin’ it off, lettin’ it off, beginnin’.
    Rough to the endin’, you never been in
    to move the groove with the smooth rap lord;
    like a bottle of juice, rhymes are being poured.
    Down your ear, crisp and clear,
    as I prepare to wear, tear and smear – then I’m outta here.
    With a mark left that you can all cling.
    Cuz rockin’ a party? Yo, it’s a small thing.
    I rip many places on regular basis, and broken down mics were the only traces
    that I’d been there and there at the party.
    The mic had my prints, and on it was a body.
    So take caution. I’m not horsin’ around in a throwdown, clown,
    I’m takin’ yours son.
    So just acknowledge the way that I kick it,
    cuz if rap was a house, you’d be evicted.
    And dismissed from the microphone, chokin’ on a bone, cuz Daddy’s home.
    And battlin’ me is hazardous to health,
    so put a quarter in your ass, cuz ya played yourself
    Like a game in the arcade. You need a far aid.
    I’m walkin’ the path that Allah made.
    I’ll attend and then begin to send a speech to reach and teach,
    so just say when.
    So I can let lyrics blast like a bullet.
    My mouth is the gun; on suckers I pull it.
    The trigger, ya figure, my pockets gettin’ bigger,
    cuz when it comes to money, yo, Grant’s my nigga!
    You’ve got the groove, MCs, freeze, stand still, nobody move.
    It’s a sabotage, as I take charge. Don’t barge, cuz gotdamn, I’m livin’ large
    like a giant. You’re nothin’ but a midget, a small digit.
    You ain’t hit it, forget it, quit it.
    I reign superior, always takin’ care o’ya.
    No-frill rappers, you will evaporate, disintegrate, deflate to your fate,
    as the great will dominate straight to the state
    of reignin’, gainin. So put Kane in, that category. Period. End of story…

  • Kevin

    LMAO @ Skeme battling himself… nice job man!

  • skeme

    @kevin..i like this concept..its actually cool and different than the norm..i guess im showing my age by knowing these mc’

  • Thomas

    “My ideas overload
    And the records I make explode in every zip code
    Definitely def, the five fingers of death
    Doc the Butcher, Polo’s the chef
    And I’m the waiter cause I serve imitators
    Who try to duplicate like an emulator
    Try to get paid copying a name brand
    If I was Gucci, then you would be Dapper Dan
    Now hear the diaper, cause I’m a sniper
    You want to get hyper?
    Prepare for hyperspace and just flow with the bass
    And fall in place, just keep up the pace no time to waste
    Just enter the place to see the entertainer
    My rhymes keep me fresh like a container
    Some rappers said, my rap is dead
    Shake your head to my bass like a basehead
    There’ll be bloodshed, enemies shot
    Those who beef get sliced into pork chops
    Until your fork stops stabbing my rhymes
    >From the latest and the greatest of all times
    Sleep while you knock Z’s, I’mma clock G’s
    Freeze rap heroes below zero degrees
    Rhymes like thieves will seize enemies
    That want to be G, like the Bee Gees
    Not rated PG, we break necks
    Like sex, rated XXX
    Yes, Doc the Butcher is who I recommend
    DJ Polo let the record spin”

    -Kool G Rap and DJ Polo – “Men at Work”

  • skeme

    “just rhymin wit biz”

    Check it out, y’all
    You don’t stop
    Keep on
    Well it’s the kane in the flesh
    Of course I’m fresh
    Oh you thought that I was rotten?
    Huh, I beg your pardon
    To me getting paid and getting busy fall together
    So a man of my ambiance…never!
    Could I be weak, why I’m rather unique
    I got style, flavor, grace, and plus a different technique
    That I be using and not many can manage
    So a brother like me, I do damage
    Just by picking up the mic to go solo
    I cold turn a party on out, and oh yo
    I get physical, mystical, very artistical
    Giving party people something funky to listen to
    That’s why the other mc’s can’t swing long
    I stomp them out just like I was king kong
    Stepping on roaches, I get ferocious
    I go on and on and on and
    Until the bright shirley murdock morning
    Cause i’mma pimp, hear the primp, yes the emp-
    Eror, bringing much terror in your era
    I ready, willing and I’m able, so bust a move
    Never use a barbershop I got my homeboy smooth
    Cooling out with the clippers right around the way
    To keep my fresh cameo cut every day
    Like that y’all, it’s like that y’all
    It’s like thata-the-that, it’s like that y’all
    Cause I’m the prosecutor taking a stand
    And, I’m cross-examining you my man
    The judge and jury, releasing my fury
    The verdict that I reach for you is rather blurry
    You see, the name kane is superior to many people
    It means king asiatic nobody’s equal
    I hate to brag, but damn I’m good
    And if mics were a gun, I’d be clint eastwood
    And if rap was a game, I’d be mvp
    Most valuable poet on the m-i-c
    Or if rap was a school, I’d be the principal
    Aw fuck it, the kane is invincible
    To be specific, I may die one day
    But my rhymes will remain like a hieroglyphic
    It’s a certain special skill that takes much practice
    I got it good, apparently you lack this
    So in turn, sit back and learn
    Listen close, this is for your own concern
    Let me show you exactly how it’s properly done
    Lights, camera, action!
    A rap pro, do a show, good to go, also
    Cameo afro, virgo, domino, I go rambo
    Gigolo, romeo, friday night spend money on a ho-
    Tel, to get a good night’s sleep
    I’m keeping in step
    Now do I come off?

  • skeme

    “let em live”

    Yo, don’t fight the heist if you treasure your life
    Cus my trife is measured in nights
    Out your wife at the edge of my knife
    And it’ll be my pleasure to slice
    The bitch will be forever with Christ
    Get hit twice with this real nice
    Berretta device
    Nickel playes to your North Face
    Put feathers and flight
    Let my lead strike and sever your life
    Leaving you red and wet in the night
    Head bite from infrared sight
    Cock back, squeeze and let it ignite
    Placing your body where the bedbugs bite
    Baby you thug right?
    A slug might, open your mug like
    I’m checking your blood type
    The drug life
    We hop on a Rolls
    Shopping for clothes
    Rocking our foes
    Put you in a coffin with the top of it closed
    You know, put a fucking glock to your nose
    Run up in your spot for the O’s and blow
    Shove cock in your hoe
    You ’bout to blow
    Nothing stopping the doe
    Most popular flow
    Like iceberg at the top of the globe


    Enter the dragon, as I start, to braggin and taggin
    And sayin I’m baggin all rappers on the bandwagon
    Feel the fury of a renegade, well men I slayed
    So send the aid, cause I penetrate
    Bein the best up, with lyrics I dress up, so don’t even mess up
    Or try to press up, it’s better to fess up
    Cause if a rapper ever goes too far man
    I start to screamin on mc’s like tarzan
    So witness the glare when I appear
    None’ll compare, so take a seat in the rear
    Child, you gotta understand, you just the man
    Sittin next to the man, sittin next to the man, sittin next to the man
    And no one friar comes higher than the messiah
    Sparkin the mic like a live wire til I retire
    Whatever the comp is I burn em like fire
    With all the blow, I hit em hard like.. pi-yah
    So take your hand and fold cause this is total control
    And no one grabs a hold, huh
    You got somethin to say, before it’s told
    If you speakin on me, you better hablo espanol
    Cause I ain’t tryin to have none of the penty-ante
    Mumble jumble kick yak, you better get back
    Clear the way when you see me comin through
    Back up and bow, nuff respect due…

    Big Daddy Kane – Nuff Respect

  • Tokyo Cigar

    I only rock with fam’n
    Plot plannin’ niggas that cock cannons
    Roll with the ox jammin’ niggas doin’ whole bids in the box standin’
    8 niggas thats quick to hop in the van’n
    Cock glocks and put the drops on the whole block gamblin’
    Turn it to knots landin’
    Gun shots got ‘em scramblin’
    Leavin’ 4 cops to examine
    The streets are frigid so i speak it vivid
    Sleep it, love it, and live it
    If you want one of these slugs i’m’a give it
    And pop you ’till you drop liquid
    Your days are numbered and i’m droppin’ the digits
    Bodies get sent to the chop shop like civics
    All for poppin’ up on the wrong blocks to visit
    The wrong spot to risk it
    Nothin’ but hollow tops in the biscuits
    Get helicopter lifted out your hot lizards
    Keep it far from the child shit
    .40 cal. spit
    Runnin’ with wild cliques
    Dead you and beat the murder trial shit
    12 valve whips
    The strip is scorchin’
    Flooded with drug enforcement lawmen
    Strippin’ your fortune
    Shorties are like the statue of liberty, they stay liftin’ the torch’n
    Orphans that spit the fifth often
    Mad chicks get abortions
    Weak ones lay stiff in a coffin
    Federal stakeouts, spots get raided
    Shots get traded
    Come in a lock everything rock related
    Keepin’ the cell blocks overly populated
    Incarcerated scarfaces inoxicated
    Bodies get operated
    Some get chopped and faded
    Leave ‘em bleedin’ in need for medical aid
    For dough metal gets rasied
    When shit gets hot it’s hard to settle the blaze
    The ghetto we praise.

    Kool G Rap – Real Life

  • clubba lang

    Now whats the bullsh*t nigg*z been sayin
    don’t try to act like Martin now wit dat “O I was just playin”
    no need to grief or mourn
    now that the beef is on
    UHH all of ya teeth are gone
    just cause ya rap dont mean ya catchin wreck with me
    ya step to this I’ll give ya mic a vasectomy
    I only know 1 nigga that can come next to me
    Nah thats a tattle can’t count my own shadow
    a battle? I gots ta have it
    unless you gonna rob me like Whitaker when he fought Chavez
    cuz when it comes to goin against Kane rappin
    you like a pimp tryin to pull a nun
    ain’t nothin happenin
    nonresistable, non compatible
    I’m not sayin’ Im the best
    I’m just sayin’ Im fuckin’ incredible
    and lets just get one thing understood
    that if I fart on a record
    trust me nigga that shit gon’ sound good

    Big Daddy Kane – 95 Freestyle Verse

  • clubba lang

    Lovin a thug plenty
    cop slimmies that got pennies
    15 shot glock the stemmie stop any
    brother on the block when we pop hennies and remy
    smoke shit like a hot chimney
    rock many like kiddies
    whats left in ya semis turnin coppers to hot pennies
    troops wanna treat me like a hoop put shots in me
    but any clique that wanna splatter G. Rap
    Im comin back strapped
    wit more black cats than Everready battery packs
    clap ya weak pack
    fully loaded macs’ll slap ya weave back
    dope rappers get whacked kid believe that
    I love battles
    You got cash? I got the cattle
    Want blazing saddles?
    You’ll see all of the gas rattle

    KGR – Wake Up Show Freestyle

  • clubba lang

    MC’s and enemies I freeze at 32 degrees
    Because they can’t drop rhymes like these.
    Competition never saw none done,
    So pay attention as I mention the 411.
    Just the other day, I heard a brother say,
    Taxi cabs don’t even come my way.
    They all be afraid they won’t get paid
    So they zoom right past and pick up a lighter shade,
    And if they stop, the first thing they want,
    No more than two people and the money up-front,
    Treatin’ me like I’m some type of thug.
    It might sound bugged but they don’t wanna get mugged.
    Who’s in the right or wrong? It’s time to unite along
    The righteous with a walk in success and be strong.
    Instead of lookin’ for someone to beef with,
    A brother like the Big Daddy Kane is peace with
    Rappers of today like Kid’N’Play,
    Hey, even my man L.L. Cool J,
    Stetsasonic and EPMD,
    Public Enemy and BDP,
    Salt ‘N’ Pepa ’cause we can’t sever never,
    Whether, whatever, we better stand together.
    That means unite, not fightin’ or fussin’ or cussin’.
    Save all the base for the pipe and start lovin’
    One another ’cause separation is a flaw,
    So endure for more and stop lookin’; for….Another Victoy

    BDK – Another Victory

  • clubba lang

    My whole life about chrome rims and stone gems
    Big boned skins, Capone brims, dick blown in my own Benz
    Quick to Scarface thugs who raise up blown brims
    dollar trickin never politickin we grown men
    Ideas of settin me up for loot I won’t bend
    Just make that light bulb at the top of your dome dim
    Who rap-happy nigga keep the lyrics and poems grim
    Get found at the bottom of the river with stone Timbs
    Babyface women flash stomaches and toned limbs
    Wake up every mornin work out in the home gym
    Reppin this rap game until my zone ends
    ‘Til mixin boards melt down and microphones bend
    I spit about street shit but never condone sin
    Kept it thug for life baby followed my own trend

    Kool G. Rap – Thug 4 Life
    (pardon me for dominating the comments…blame yourself for bringing up two of my GOATS)

  • skeme

    “show & prove”

    Now tell me whoooo is the mannnn?
    With the high-potent lyrics no rapper can ever stand
    And steppin to me, thinkin I can be touched? huh
    Not even michael jordan’ll gamble that much, yo
    I get down on it and give it to rappers that even act like they want it
    I come for your title kid, run it!
    Or else get hit with the ultimate, too legit skit
    Ahh yeah, that’s that shit
    Drop lyrics on ya, strong as ammonia
    That is I thrown ya, scold ya, jones ya, I tried to warn ya
    You was wack since I known ya, fake as a cubic zirconia
    What did I just show ya, real lyrics doggone ya
    Look inside my rap book at every text my man
    And see that I got, more essays than the mexican
    The messiah that’s feared great, leavin rappers in a weird state
    Scared straight, for their prepared fate
    Strong as an elephant, intelligent, compelling and elegant
    So well in it with every single element
    And competition gets none! huh
    If I was wearing pantyhose you still couldn’t give me no run
    I see the way you’re trying to get to me,
    But with with speech impedi-ment, man you gotta come better g
    You’re hitting all the wrong switches troop begin again
    Mumble mouth rappers couldn’t last a minute with
    The non-resistable, non-competible
    No-no-i’m-not-sayin-i’m-the-best, I’m just sayin I’m fuckin incredible!
    And let’s just make one more thing understood
    That if I fart on a record, trust me nigga it’ll sound good
    So jay-z, if you’re down with the groove, my mellow
    Get on the mic it’s time to show and prove

  • skeme

    KOOL G RAP feat. B1 aka MF GRIMM
    “take em to war”

    Here I come to get some motherfuckin wreck but first I gotta
    umm vest check, uncheck, clip one check, clip two check, I’m set
    So let a motherfucker move a muscle
    When I tussle they’ll be piecin niggaz back like fuckin puzzles
    Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringin mad noise, a bad boy
    When I was younger always carried guns, I never had toys
    Grimm, gimme the infrared they see me and I’m puttin red dots
    on niggaz foreheads to makin motherfuckers indian
    You got beef? Go get yourself a wreath, because it’s murder
    cause I put holes in my beef like fuckin White Castle burgers
    So now I gots to run up on a clown with the fo’-pound
    Cock back, rock black, gun a nigga down
    I see em, he’s comin out the fuckin coliseum
    and hopped into a BM, shit!
    Put in my clip and then I dipped into the ride that my man had
    Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide
    I’m rainin on him (faster nigga) oh yeah we’re gainin on him
    (oh shit he’s with somebody else) fukkit, put his brain on him
    Boom boom, no survivors, lifted the nigga out his seat
    When they find him, he’ll be a backseat driver
    But I ain’t finished with the trigger yet, I’m lightin up a cigarette
    Bang bang, I left the other nigga wet
    It’s G. Rap baby, you know me, you try to hurt this
    I split your fuckin top and leave a fingerprint on purpos

  • skeme

    “dont curse”

    Uhn, the smooth rap inventor that enter
    Parental discretion’s not advised so there’s no need to censor
    Kiss on, peep it, but you want to beep it, what
    I feel like slapping a sticker on ya (chill chill, see) but
    Too magical rhymes are too tragical
    For any source to stop Kane from getting capital
    If I thought sticking me was dissing me
    Man, don’t you know that this would be worse than Stephen King’s Misery
    So clean all profanity, stealing all the man to be
    Rocking any microphone you’re handing me
    So Heavy D, i’m about to disperse
    So kick another verse and don’t forget not to curse

  • skeme

    “dont curse”

    You’re telling me don’t curse on a verse, they did it worse
    First I put a curse on every verse
    I kind of got outrageous
    Check it, even made a record on how I’m doing on the B-I-T-C-Hes
    Drop some verses for the bust
    Every word that you heard is cause I didn’t give a f-, aw shucks
    Hey yo, I almost forgot
    The curse is a plot but it’s getting kinda hot
    So I’ma let profanity retire, hey
    But if worse comes to worse, I’ll cut you out like Richard Pryor
    So Grand Puba, kick a verse
    But do your man a favor and don’t curse

  • clubba lang

    I’m just that ruthless, to leave ya toothless
    Cause you’re useless, makin up excuses excuses
    So never touch tap tangle or tamper
    A fearless fly foe’ll get slapped with a Pamper
    Cause I can dig in your face like root canal
    But I’ma chill, won’t even dispute you now
    Actin wild just ain’t my style
    Cause only the live will be movin the crowd but see
    quiet as kept, not like a starter you
    but I can roast an MC like a barbecue
    In the Dead Zone, you shouldn’t have left home
    Steppin to the man, now get the head flown
    I bring the terror, horror, there’s no tomorrow
    Child you shouldn’t even bother
    to press up, and get broken like a Lee nail
    So let me school ya plus scoop your female
    Just like a jiggalo but I’m much bigger though
    I’m like a hitman, pullin the trigger slow
    and smooth to the groove with lyrics that sooth
    and improve with every move, that’s why you’ve
    been enhanced by the mentally divine
    So play football, and let’s go the nine
    Shorts I take none, cause I ain’t the one
    In eighty-nine there’s damage bein done
    And for you to diss me, will be very risky
    Cause I make this be, as strong as whiskey
    To break and make my foes dispose in force
    So y’all can see how me the Kane will just reign
    superior, cause I ain’t even hearin ya
    Save the yang, cause it’s a Big Daddy thang

    BDK – It’s a Big Daddy Thing

  • clubba lang

    Yo Imma move in where they hustle at
    strongarm and muscle that
    duffle bags and rubble packs
    Cristal I guzzle that
    Catch you at the barbershop
    nah wait in the parking lot
    I see you like to bark a lot
    until a body part get popped
    catch em at the ATM
    Hindus Arabians
    put a nickel plate to them
    I stay constantly rapin em
    in telly rooms on honeymoons
    Timberland boot the groom
    the keys to the coupe and zoom
    leave him in his fruit of looms
    whack em all jack em all
    while they playin basketball
    white guys racquetball
    pimps at the mackin ball

    KGR – Nobody Can’t Eat

  • skeme

    “class of 87″

    Somebody let the lion out the den, I come flyin out to win
    Whatever you tryin bout to end – Kane’s comin
    Let me explain somethin – we rules the place
    You couldn’t shine around me wearin a suit from Mase
    And that, gruesome face – G, cock the hammer
    Let’s test his stamina
    or make him smile like he on Candid Camera
    I’m wreckin jaws with extra force just because
    I have no respect for yours against the boss
    Nigga, check your drawers
    Don’t let it get to where I have to sun ya
    And goin back you wonder
    Put holes inside your chest like accupuncture
    Give me a reason to flip I’ll put deez in your lip
    Be laid up without deez in your wrist
    and you bleed when you piss
    Presence alone make the hardest cats soften
    Put niggaz in the coffin
    Play Daddy to a female orphan
    I keeps it heated while so many get deleted
    And you close to bein the next one to meet it,
    now beat it!

  • skeme

    “class of 87

    Chandeliers glare, mahogany floors, house on the shore
    with the balcony doors, marble walls like it’s Carnegie Hall
    Armies of whores walk around in they drawers
    Mountains of raw, water fountains pour – take a tour
    ?? in the floor, draped in velour, paper galore
    Master suite dinner table for four
    Sittin on four acres or more
    Bracin my jaw, scrapin the floor
    Home of Capone, gold phone take me to war
    Sip the Henny-Rock straight with a straw, lovin the cabbage
    Money stashes up in the mattress, fuckin the actress
    Bless her finger with ten carats, leather giraffe it
    my suit fabrics, silk smooth shoes jurassic
    Rip everything from new to classic
    Bulletproof jackets that move drastic
    Package the her-on in blue plastic
    Who blew the racket? G. Luciano with the drug traffic
    Homicide’s a thug habit let your crew have it

  • skeme

    “#1 with a bullet”

    A one man gang to bring the bang
    so the next nigga can’t even hang, yang yang yang yang
    You know my style, and know my pedigree
    You can ask Sadaam Hussein about me
    I’m never to let a brother bass
    And if you bring on a crew, I hope the bitches saw Scarface
    Cause I’ma send em to the morgue
    Six feet under, gettin their mail from the groundhog
    Cause I’m the wrong brother to push
    When put to the test, I go to war like George Bush
    And I got apartments to give
    the landlord of the morgue, now who need a place to live?
    I’m rough and tough, the man on the scene
    The baddest the maddest, you know the routine
    I flip and rip, to set the rank
    The coolest in rulin the gangsta lean
    I got my gat to your dome and I’ma pull it
    I’m number motherfuckin one with a bullet

  • skeme

    “#1 with a bullet”

    The last time I caught a body it was recent
    Gimme a HK, four banana clips, and I’ll take on a precinct
    Yeah, the murder rate is on the rise, with niggaz like me
    steady poppin niggaz are droppin like flies
    To get em up when I hit em I hit em hard,
    there’ll be no get well card
    Niggaz straight to the motherfuckin graveyard
    Cause Nino want to get em done
    Me pickin the one and lickin em up and hit em up for fun
    He thought them bullet hit me but him didn’t get none
    You better run son, because me beginnin to get the gun
    Yo, murder me, you musta heard of me
    And if you get rushed to emergency, I’m shootin niggaz in surgery
    Another nigga life is took
    I’ll be at your wake motherfucker signin my name on that book
    Inside the morgue another body freezes
    It’s one more bitch nigga that was sent to meet Jesus
    “Come on down!” “Whassup nigga?”
    No ambulence, just paramedics scrapin your brains off the street
    So yeah motherfucker come get a taste
    Cause I’ma give your punk ass my two in face and beat the case
    My finger’s on the trigger, I’ma pull it
    So now you know that Kool G. Rap is number one with a bullet

  • razorSHARPE

    Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Biggie, Scoob Lover, Shyhiem Freestyle

    Hold up cee..
    Now whats the bullshit niggaz been saying
    Dont try to act like martin now with that I was just playin!
    No need to grieve now on, now that the beef is on
    Uhh!! oh yeah motherfucker, your teeth is gone
    Just cause you rap dont meant that youre catchin wreck with me
    Step to this Ill give your mic a vasectomy
    I only know one nigga that can come next to me
    No, thats a tattle, cause I cant count my own shadow
    A battle, I gots to have it, lest youre gonna rob me
    Like they did, whittaker when he fought chavez
    Cause when it comes to goin against kane rappin
    Thats like a pimp trying to pull a nun, aint nuttin happenin
    Non resistable, non compatible
    Im not saying Im the best, Im just saying Im fuckin incredible
    And lets just get one more thing understood
    If I fart on a record, trust me nigga, that shit gon sound good

  • clubba lang

    I’ll put it to you wit pain
    I’ll put it to you plain
    I pop a few passengers on a Pan-am plane
    my people call me crackpot
    cuz I put packs in the pot
    get it poppin like Pac
    I was placed in the PJs
    no pot to pee in
    I get Poed wit my P.O.
    gimme pots to pee in
    I got pills placed in the pen
    3 cases pending
    I will penetrate thru ya chestplate
    no playin pretending
    ya preschool poets are pitiful
    ya playin with no principle
    put out public school
    I’ll put a pencil in the principal
    plea bargain my premeditated palmin my penis
    you prolly wit po-po
    and participate wit some penis
    I part thru ya people
    like pardon Pa it’s a problem
    they probably plenty praying
    or laying playin possum
    make police police park cars
    snap pictures on parts of em
    pull punks pop pellets
    you punks want no part of him period

    Koog G. Rap – The Letter P

  • skeme

    “3 to the dome”

    Uh-huh, you in the perils of the lyrical heroes
    That rule just like the pharoahes
    Robert DeNiro’s got it covered just like sombreros
    Seek shelter, here comes the warpath
    Anyone who’s tryin to reign, I change the whole forecast
    If I slip, half a herd he learned
    This murder he earned ?in turn? ? turned his body to third-degree burns
    You’re purely pathetic, I won’t let it
    And once I set it, the after-party’s in the paramedics
    Vulgars, come back when you’re older
    Talkin like you’re grown, you cats is small soldiers
    Enough of them as the god muscle in, it’s puzzlin
    You couldn’t carry weight if you was hustlin
    Style ain’t even de-cent, them not gonna squeeze none
    Please dun, give me one rea-son
    What I, say in a verse will be slayin you worse
    As I wet em up just for the sake of obeying my thirst
    Anytime anywhere, without any fair
    I’ll do it with any hair, what da deal, ain’t he there? wha what
    What I do will be crucially brutally
    Usually legal and rippin stupidly, ain’t nuttin new to me
    What I spit attract felons, crack melons
    Leave the chickenheads back swellin
    Game tight wit the way I’m livin
    I bag birds and I stuff em like Thanksgiving
    My bad self, get more love than tennis
    From New York to Venice
    Black as a dentist here to represent to live wit the menace
    To win the apprentice, if your heart shows stealth
    You better watch yo’ self before I stop yo’ health
    Cuz then the props here baby, you ain’t gettin
    You better recognize, the true and livin
    You played yourself fast, put two quarters in your ass
    What I meant? Arcades done went up to fifty cent

  • skeme

    “3 to the dome”

    The Godfather saga, hit you dead in the chest like shots of Vodka
    Funer-als crowded like soccer while I’m watchin opera
    Last like Sinatra, blast like Binaca
    Binoculars is how I’m watchin droppin from the chopper
    Mafia imposter
    You’re left for dead wit your face inside of your plate of pasta
    ?Freddy in a hasa?, salute to my crew to prosper (salute)
    You know how we do, we icepick the boulder
    You get dabbed over glasses of ice wit the Bolla
    Blood on your shoulder, make costra nostra
    Keepin the heater wit the toasters
    Dough in the sofa, cashmeres and gator loafers
    We bullet-proof the Rovers, pimp-smack you sober
    Our whole crew is ?skippin? lieutenants and soldiers
    Flip on you the way Montana did to Minola
    Condition vulgar holdin on blowers older than Yoda
    Leave bad odors when we give cobras crystal like Yoga
    Colder than the caps that’s in the Polar, bubble like soda
    ?Been in Egypt for loader foreliners over?
    Cross me, cut our your momma’s ovaries
    Kid you know the steez, have your wake smellin like potpourri
    On the low-key, ship keys to over-seas
    My shit gets sold quicker than groceries
    K-double-O-L-and-G, you know it’s me

  • m.will

    wow an epic post. i love it

  • skeme

    “warm it up, kane”

    Come, get some, you little bum
    I take the cake but you can’t get a crumb
    from the poetic, authentic, superior
    Ultimate – and all that good shit
    I’m the original, Asiatic, acrobatic
    There you have it, now get dramatic
    Creatin drama when I’m on the scene
    And I pack em in mean, like Bruce Springsteen
    I profile a style that’s mild and meanwhile
    put on trial a rap pile to exile
    Make you tumble and stumble, in a rumble just CRUMBLE
    And I’m still calm and humble
    You need another helpin hand to swing on
    I stand alone, but still you gotta bring on
    your Batman and Robin, Cagney and Lacey
    Starsky and Hutch, but they still can’t face me
    And if may make this one thing here clear
    that’s for you not to come near, PERIOD
    So I ain’t buggin or delirious
    My swift tongue’s like a sword, that’s how severe it is
    And I can slice and dice a Fisher Price MC
    that thought he was nice into Minute Rice
    Single-handed, I ain’t with that band stuff
    Cause Cee’ll scratch a record like flakes of dandruff
    And the mic I ravage, not like a savage
    but in my own way of doin damage
    As I design the genuine line
    Now who flattop rules in eighty-nine?

  • skeme

    “the realest”

    Yo When the gats reveal
    You cats get peeled and that’s the deal
    Fuck a bitch-ass that switch fast niggas that lack the real
    When the slugs burst
    G.Rap be aiming at your mug first
    Niggas is blood thirst
    We’ll see who get plugged worst
    We dug earth
    The place you put the nickel-plate is to your facial
    Bullets ain’t racial kid the only hate you
    My nine will seem like it’s a time machine B.C. date you
    Jacking you more than ripper
    My fifth’s an organ shifter
    The human organism lifter
    You’ll be hearing organs
    If ya leaving orphans, If ya
    Let these fours hit ya where the law split ya
    A fork pitcher
    To bump heads with those that dump lead
    Accurate shot in back of your knot
    Leave you one dead G.Rap,Havoc and Prodigy
    Let’s put these bitch niggas where bodies be dun
    Yo if it gotta be,it gotta be

  • J. Rizzle

    KoolG Rap & Kane two of the realest that ever done it…one of them is my cousin (no lie, I never met him in person but maybe at the next family reunion) guess which one?

  • BurdeNdeR

    G Rap takes it with that verse from the Realest…Always thought that was one of his nicer verses.

  • sam

    As I walk the streets of Hollywood Boulevard
    Thinkin’ how hard it was to those that starred
    In the movies portrayin’ the roles
    Of butlers and maids slaves and hoes
    Many intelligent Black men seemed to look uncivilized
    When on the screen
    Like a guess I figure you to play some jigaboo
    On the plantation, what else can a nigger do
    And Black women in this profession
    As for playin’ a lawyer, out of the question
    For what they play Aunt Jemima is the perfect term
    Even if now she got a perm
    So let’s make our own movies like Spike Lee
    Cause the roles being offered don’t strike me
    There’s nothing that the Black man could use to earn
    Burn Hollywood burn

    Burn Hollywood Burn – Public Enemy ft. Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane

  • Jigsaw

    For old time sake Skeme…

    I seize and freeze MC’s with these degreesPut me to my knees, or at ease, chillllld pleaseI break it down, to bring on the next actRappers are so full of shit, they need Ex-LaxSo stop griffin, your mind is driftinPrepare yourself cause I get swift andcaptivate the crowd but you can’t understandAt times I gotta say to myself, “God damn!”As I get hot, and still be gettin warmerAnd I don’t have beef with no other performerKeep to myself never bother anotherBut if a rapper tries to diss I crush the motherfucker!Frontin MC’s that be tryin to ripneed to save it, and don’t even play witme when I react like a volcano eruptinI step to you and say, “Now what’s up?” thenevery word’ll be just like surgeryCuttin you open so rush to emergencyOr even bow to your knees and bend loOr get played like a game of NintendoJ-O-K-E-S ain’t my styleI ain’t a child that’s why I don’t smileI combine a line designed to find behind the mindso devine the other rappers resignAs I go on, from night to mornBeginning to end, from Knowledge, to BornWhenever rappers are lookin for staticLooks like a job for King AsiaticEn..Nem..Meez – and  competitorsThen again, it might just be better tojust slow down you don’t wanna throwdownI get busy, get you dizzy like a merry-go-roundFeel the wrath of a Big Daddy war rhymeAnd competition, prepare for wartimeBe alert for where I drop the bomb atAs I destroy you in mortal combat

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