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HiPNOTT Records Signs Cymarshall Law & K. Sparks


As with any new record label in their first year, 2009 has been a slow start for HiPNOTT Records. But that’s not to say that it hasn’t been productive! As we look into 2010, HiPNOTT Records is already looking to make its mark on the map and the hip hop world. And we’ll be kicking the year off right with two brand new artists on our roster: Cymarshall Law and K. Sparks.

Cymarshall Law has been working harder than ever in 2009, since the release of his highly acclaimed album with Mr. Joeker, Hip Hop In The Soul. Released just a year ago, the album has received rave reviews from top hip hop sites such as Okayplayer and Hip Hop Linguistics. Cymarshall Law has also been recognized by peers such as Talib Kweli, who has said, “Cymarshall Law represents the best hip hop has to offer his energy and passion is refreshing in todays climate” and EMC’s Wordworth, “Cymarshall Law has his own flow and originality that Hip Hop lacks plus lyrics.”

On January 19th, Cymarshall Law will be releasing his first project on HiPNOTT Records; Creator’s Kid EP. The 7 track EP is solely produced by D. Slaps, with the exception of one track produced by Remot. Creator’s Kid showcases some of Cymarshall Law’s best work to date and includes features from DJ JS-1, Silent Knight, Skit Slam, and Mary Lou. To give you a taste, we are dropping the first single today, “Harder Than Thou” featuring DJ JS-1.

Quite possibly the hardest working emcee of 2009, K. Sparks is scheduled to release his HiPNOTT debut in February 2010. Probably best known for his Manic Monday series, in which he released a new song every Monday for 52 weeks straight, K. Sparks has also released a countless number of mixtapes/albums this past year. With his hard work ethic and dedication, signing Sparks to HiPNOTT was a no-brainer.

As for K. Sparks‘ upcoming project, it’s still too early to release all the details. Tentatively titled, A Day in the Life, the album will be solely produced by HiPNOTT producer G.C., who just recently released his $5 Cover project with emcee MaG.

Both albums will be available next year on iTunes and all other digital outlets, such as Amazon and eMusic. Check out the newly updated where you can read more about Cymarshall Law and K. Sparks, as well as hear music from all of the label’s artists.

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  • skeme

    CONGRATS on the new signees

  • Thomas

    Congrats Kevin!

  • Sean Deez

    huge news
    two large up and comers and Cy already has a great piece in “Hip Hop in the Soul”

    this is dope

  • Jon Garcia

    Makin moves haha
    congrats Kevin!!!!
    K. Sparks. i have his super senior mixtape
    pretty good stuff
    best of luck

  • Cyclops

    congrats. excited to hear the new music.

  • J. Rizzle

    Congrats on the signing of 2 talented artist

  • Justin

    Got the early scoop about Cy haha but didn’t know Sparks was joining too. 2 great signings, congrats to Kevin, Cy & Sparks.

  • Praverb

    dope news homie…

  • MIL

    DOPE !!!

  • MaG


  • Drizz

    Congrats on the signings. Now all we need is for Cy’s brother to get some exposure… so underrated i swear.

  • Case Jones


  • RonniRebel

    This is Hot! Props to K. Sparks & Cymarshall! Big shout to Kevin Nottingham and the team!

  • Jay Large

    Definately a Cymarshall fan…. Like everything i’ve heard from the dude so far….EP should be CRACK!!!!

  • Kevin

    Yo, what’s good Ronni Rebel! Hope you’re doing well…. long time!

  • RonniRebel

    Peace Kevin! It’s been a while indeed! I’m proud of your accomplishments my brother! I hope to be a part of the team again real soon!

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