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SMKA: The 808 Experiment Vol. 2

The long awaited compilation has finally arrived! SMKA’s The 808 Experiment Vol. 2 is here featuring an amazing lineup including Nappy Roots, Pill, Tanya Morgan, Señor Kaos, YelaWolf, A. Leon Craft, Fresh Daily, Hollyweerd, Grip Plyaz, Kyle Lucas & more. Full cover, tracklist & link after the jump.

1. The Assembly

2. “The Make Believer” – Tanya Morgan

3. “Magnun” – FKi

4. “So What” – Hollyweerd ft. A. Leon Craft

5. “Fuck The Economy” – Proton

6. “Right Away” – Outasight, Kyle Lucas & Jay West

7. “Think You’re In Love” – Alexandrea Lushington

8. “What It Seems” – Young Scolla

9. “Botanicals” – A. Leon Craft

10. “Light Your Fire” – Kidd Neer, Senor Kaos & Fresh Daily

11. “Ooo Wee” – Rahbi & Slimm Duddy

12. “Let Me Go” – Brittany Street

13. “Spotlight” – Tom P

14. “Mirror Mirror” – The Canz

15. “Deer Mama” – Yelawolf

16. “Street Runner” – RE

17. “Jockin” – Grip Plyaz

18. “Absolute Zero”

19. “Back In My Younger Days” – Shawn Chrystopher, Mums FP & Joe Scudda

20. “Aine Given Up” – Pill ft. Young Scolla

21. “P.O.N” – Nappy Roots


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  • Justin

    HEAT! I think they topped Volume 1 with this one, so many dope guests and 808 Blake & 7 King definitely laced the production. Caddy’s is still my fav SMKA joint though.

  • Seymour Paper

    SMKA has done it again! Another Classic Compilation!

    Street Runner is probably my favorite track on here.

    Who is this Young Scolla kid? Where did he come from because I want to hear more from him. That Pill track he sung one a masterpiece but this “What It Seems” is a stand out joint.

    Great Work Guys! Keep it coming

  • MIKE

    any way of getting a link for volume 1 ?

  • @7KingofSMKA
  • Kid Captain Coolout

    They definitely beat Volume One with this… it’s more well-rounded musically.
    My favorite joints are:
    1. “Botanicals” – I can’t stop playing that shit.
    2. “Aine Given Up” – please keep giving Pill those kinda beats, he sounds really good over grassroots hip-hop shit… and it helps to separate him from all of the other hood niggas in the “A”.
    3. “Street Runner” – I like what he’s saying and how honest he sounds about it.

    Favorite joints off of Volume One:
    1. “Count If Off” – never would’ve expected El to rhyme on that kinda track but, it’s a good match and came off well.
    2. “My Heart” – thank goodness the whole R&B world hasn’t gone childish, this song stands out on the album.

  • Dr. MaD

    Volume 1 was dope, volume 2 is CRAZY. I’m in love!

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