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Wu Tang Vs The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers Mashup

Tom Caruana came up with a dope concept; mashing some classic Wu-Tang Clan songs with Beatles instrumentals.  I’m about halfway through the joint now and it’s official.  Now the only thing left to do is identify the samples used.

Props to G.C. for the heads up.  Hit the cut for the link to Bandcamp.

1. Wu Vs Beatles (Intro)
2. C.R.E.A.M.
3. Got Your Money
4. Forget Me Not
5. Back In The Game
6. Uh Huh
7. Criminology
8. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’
9. Daytona 500
10. Labels
11. Smith Bros
12. R.E.C. Room
13. Wu Vs Beatles (skit)
14. Mighty Healthy
15. Clientele Kidd
16. Cutting It Up
17. Release Yo Self
18. City High
19. Run
20. Cross My Heart
21. Uzi (Pinky Ring)
22. Bizarre
23. Slang Editorial
24. Save Me Dear
25. The Movement
26. Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up
27. Wu Vs Beatles (Outro)


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From Maryland
  • skeme

    def gonna check this out

  • Roads-Art

    This is dope right here..homie did his thing with this

  • Shane

    Is there another link? The current link is disabled.

  • Kika

    @ Shane: I found alternative links and put them up on my blog.

  • Tokyo Cigar

    This looks like it’s gonna be ill. Bout to check it out

  • Shane

    @ Kika – Thanks for the links. I greatly appreciate it!

  • Justin

    I’ve never been a fan of mashups. I mean, I have no interest in hearing all these Wu classics w/ Beatles backdrops. They are classics as is, no change is needed.

  • mofuwalters

    you don’t understand, back when people though hip-hop was gonna die the first time remixes were king, this shoulda been out a long time ago.

  • Preston

    Hey there. Just to say that this the best mash up i’ve heard in a long time. All the samples are listen on the back cover at

  • Mass Hysteria Werx

    Damn this is FIRE!!! I am just sorry I am late on this. WU n Beatles – what more can u want?

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