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Introducing… Kida

You’ve seen Kida on the site quite a bit as he just recently unleashed his mixtape, The Endemic in January, followed by an untagged version, as well as a “ladies version” on Valentine’s Day. With producers such as The Real Focus, 9th Wonder, and DJ Khalil behind him, Kida got some people listening. If you haven’t caught up yet, hit the jump to get to know this emcee…

Introduce yourself:

Well, for starters, my name is Kida. And for the record, that’s pronounced (key-duh) lol people seem to have an issue pronouncing my name. I represent Inglewood California. I’ve been rhyming for about 13 years now..So its safe to say I ain’t goin NO WHERE!!

Where did the name KIDA come from?

The name Kida is actually a nickname that derives from my birth name Akida. Everyone calls me Kida for short. You wouldn’t believe some of the different rap names I went through before I decided to just stick to my real name. PLEASE don’t ask me to say any of em!!! lol

Main musical inspirations:

Being raised with a musical background, I was exposed to all types of music.So,my inspiration came from the feeling I got when I was around music. Hip Hop influenced me the most, which brings us here today.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

I fell in love with Hip Hop around the age of 10. That’s when my mom bought me my first hip hop tape. And I will go on record by saying DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper” tape was heavily played around my house.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

We recently dropped my 2nd mixtape/street album called “The Endemic” [download] about a month 1/2 ago. Its doing very well and I encourage y’all to check it out. We also put out The Endemic ‘ladies edition’ on Valentines Day..Just for the ladies. You know we gotta put the ladies on a pedestal man. Also We dropped a freestyle series leading up to the album called “Who is Kida”…We bundled those up in mixtape form and thats gonna drop in a few weeks.

Previous work that we should know about:

You can check for my 1st mixtape/street album called “The Pandemic” we put that one out about a year ago.It definitely deserves a listen.

If you had to pick one song that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

“Cant Knock The Hustle” by Jay Z off the Reasonable Doubt album. I say that because I’ve been doing this for so long that no one man can determine my fate. That’s God’s job. So to sum that one up, you “Cant Knock The Hustle”!

Why should the readers and fans give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

I believe you guys should check for me because I bring back what everybody’s looking for. Just a regular guy,no gimmicks, no beefs, just great beats and great rhymes. I’ll never disappoint the fans because I AM a fan. Thats how I approach my music every time I write or record a song. I analyze my own music as if I were a fan checking it out for the very first time.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

WOW!!!…..There’s soooo many I would try to smuggle in with me but dang….Only one record huh?!?!? Ok….Well I hate to sound repetitive but… Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” would be one I could definitely be cool with having as my only record. Why?? Because that record takes me back to a time where I caught the feeling that I wanted to do this rap thing on the next level. It was a very inspirational album for me. It made me feel like I could get out the hood and make a little paper for me and my family. All while approaching it like a pimp

What’s next for you?

Man….Success is next for me. I’ve been grindin’ at this for so long, thats the only thing that could possibly follow for me. Until then,we’re gonna be pumpin’ out mixtapes, street albums or what have you. Anything to keep the name out there and relevant.

Any shout outs or last words?

1st off, I wanna thank for even thinkin’ Kida is relevant enough to interview. Thanx again yall, Shouts to my dude Focus…, Ph.D everybody at a.Fam and Oso Reel, Shouts to any and everyone that helped me with my music career in any form or fashion, too many to name because I have a lot of people that actually wanna see me succeed. Much props to all the fans that are downloading my music and accepting what Kida has to say. Once again…I’m Kida….If U dont know me…..YOU WILL SOON!!!! peace

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