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Danny Brown: The Nana Song [Music Video]

Another video from Danny Brown‘s The Hybrid.  Track is produced by Danny! Swain.  Please grab the album [here].

Via FWMJ’s Rappers I Know.

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From Maryland
  • Jon Garcia

    Best song on the album

  • Thomas

    “Tell me why my dimes look pregnant”

    Right now Danny is that dude. Whole album is top notch. “Greatest Rapper Ever” is probably my favorite song.

  • Dj ILL One

    I personaly love “Guitar Solo’ and “Juno”. the beats on this album are pretty sick. But the throwaway tracks are dope too.

  • Psymun


  • EsotericAlumnus

    Danny Brown IS my favourite bre right now

  • Drizz

    killin it of course. but wassup wit them nut-huggin ass jeans??? lmao

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