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Boog Brown & Apollo Brown: Friction (feat Miz Korona + Invincible)

The second single from the Brown Study album, “Friction”, is an unadulterated, rough, and hard-hitting track. Apollo Brown takes no prisoners on this “heat rock,” as Boog Brown best illustrates it. “Friction” opens with intensity and aggressiveness that leads into a firestorm of lyrics from Boog Brown. With a no nonsense line of attack, Boog shows off why she is quickly establishing herself as a lyrical heavy weight and holds her own along side longtime friends and lyrical specialists Invincibleand Miz Korona, showing off wit and dexterity with lyrics like, “The goddess is all this and then some/ Thumbin’ my nose at hoes and all critics – you can all get it/ I’m authentic, arsenic wit a flow all liquid/ No argument/ Heavy weight lyrics like I move large shipments/ Bo-guard the diction/ Good God it’s sickening.” Like steel sharpening steel, the lyrical onslaught of Boog, Korona, and Invicible perfectly compliment Apollo’s unrelenting samples and heavy drums. The message of “Friction”? Boog puts it best: “No message per-se, just enjoy the dopeness and the next time you say ‘she’s dope for a female’ remember this joint.”

I have been listening to my press copy of the album for the past three days straight and gotta say this is easily one of the best hip hop releases this year. Boog Brown and Apollo Brown’s album Brown Study will be available September 28th via Mello Music Group. Pre-Order the album now!


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  • goldeneraboombapper

    yo! from someone who was doing college radio in the early 90′s….gotta say man that she is the dopest female emcee i have heard come forward since bahamadia, ladybug, lyte etc…big ups..keep doin’ your thing..dope musick…

  • Justin Boland

    I hope they do some remixes of this…organ line got annoying fast, I couldn’t get into the beat, but those verses were all awesome.

  • Toronto

    can’t wait for this album !!

  • Thomas

    Heard the album…it’s good music, no Kanye. All three “go in” as the saying goes. Album is extremely good. Boog and Apollo make a good combination. “Friends Like These” is that crack…

  • Mello

    Shout to the K.Nottingham Team. Hope everyone digs the Brown Study album, a lot of different sounds from both Boog as an emcee & Apollo on the boards.

  • tre

    this beat is sick look at what i use to make beats

  • 1

    real dope track but no one thinks its kinda scary how much miz korona sounds like a man
    invincible kills, one of my fav female mcs

  • Mello

    She’s talented as hell at what she does. enough said.

  • Thomas

    Co-Sign what Mello says. I’m hoping to get my joint by Thursday/Friday of this week. is shipping them out on Tuesday.

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