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Danny Brown: Discography

Danny Brown has had a helluva year thus far. During the first quarter of 2010 he dropped two solid projects: Detroit State of Mind 4 and The Hybrid. He dropped some of the instrumentals to The Hybrid, unreleased/leftover tracks from those The Hybrid sessions, and another 15-25 songs from his vaults. Brown collaborated with Tony Yayo to drop a surprisingly solid album, Hawaiian Snow (or at least Danny’s verses) via online retailers. This collaboration may or may not be the start of a business relationship between Danny and G-Unit, which I’m not mad at that…just cautiously optimistic. And probably the cream of the crop moment for him this year is his stellar verse on “Black & Brown” from Black Milk’s Album of the Year [review] . The song and his verse blew twitter up for a few days…definitely a good look for him.

This post is similar to the Jay Electronica discography we did last year some time. I’ve posted links to all of the music I know he has released. It includes the Detroit State of Mind series, the instrumentals toThe Hybrid, loose tracks, and others. I cleaned the ID tags some of the files as well as numbered them. If I missed something hit comments to point me in the right direction.


Updated 1/7/12: Added new loose tracks.



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  • Keaton


  • hl

    Thanks for posting this. I’ll have to pass it along.

  • flip illson

    been telling niggas about “Hot Soup”

    —a dying metaphor—

  • Drizz

    i aint mad at danny for gettin his paper, but teaming up wit g-unit is kinda awkward i think. either way his shit is always hot.

  • http://[email protected] Davey

    which one should i check out first?

  • Thomas


    Start with Detroit State of Mind 4 and The Hybrid. Then I would go to Hot Soup then The Hybrid Cutting Room Floor joints. Then after those any order you want.

  • Patrique

    FUCKING AWESOME. Thank you so much- I had no luck finding DSOTM 2 & 3 (and I hadn’t found It’s a Art, Hybrid Cuts or Browntown until the previous post on this site).

    Did Blu produce all of It’s A Art?

  • Thomas

    I think Its A Art is some of the tracks he recorded with Blu and Mainframe out iin Cali. Go to Passion of the Weiss for the interview where he talks about some of the albums.

  • FourOneOh

    You left out “Cut the Lights Out!” by Crown Nation featuring Danny Brown and Dopehead.
    This track is on vinyl too, I believe his second appearance on vinyl, Jay Stay Paid being the first…

  • Tone

    My favorite rapper PERIOD

  • Soko85

    *want, *clarifications.

  • Soko85

    Yo great post but just wanna to make two clarificatins: Danny was never on S.I.N. with Nametag, Buff1, and Quest. And the song “My Father’s Gun” is produced by DJ Dez. Good post though, just clearing things up.

  • Guestman

    Can someone reup The Hybrid: Cutting Room Floor mixtape on an alternate link as the alt link is for It’s An Art

  • Lyriceater

    Do you have a decent quality cover for Detroit State Of Mind 1?

  • PP

    Yo, the link to the “hybrid cutting room floor” is the same as the one for “its a art”. can you please post a working link to it? :)

  • Pan21897

    No cover art for those first three DSOM mixtapes.

  • Pan21897

    All new links…..

  • Pan21897

    New links….

  • Pan21897

    New links….

  • Gangstaanon

    you should put up the title track off Esham’s new album DMT Sessions, Danny Brown is featured on it and it kills

  • Justin

    What About Ghetto/Bad i saw the song on you tube but i cant find a download link

  • Abdul Shareef

    thanks for doing this fam. huge help.

    just wondering – anybody have tracklists for detroit state of mind 2 and/or 3?

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