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Wafeek: Monster [Mixtape]

I’m most familiar with Wafeek from his dope guest appearances on various projects by the homie Vandalyzm. Now the St. Louis emcee has linked up with Trackstar The DJ to bring you his mixtape Monster presented by TSS, 2DB & IMKING. Tracklist & link after the jump.

01 A Sophisticated Psycho (prod. Rudeluv)
02 LeBron James (Needs Help) f. Sum Difference & Dez Yusuf (prod. Rudeluv)
03 A Bedtime Story (Skit)
04 West Wing (prod. Rudeluv)
05 Just Go (prod. Rudeluv)
06 Monster (prod. Rudeluv)
07 Green Niggas (Skit)
08 AGS (Alien Gang Signs) f. Sum Difference (prod. Rudeluv)
09 Bubbles in My Pocket f. Sum Difference (prod. Sum Difference & Rudeluv)
10 Do The Robot f. No3y Smalls (prod. Rudeluv)
11 Go Away (prod. Animoss & Shawn Lindell)
12 Dead or Alive f. Karma Stewart
13 Hush (prod. Grilla)
14 Living Dead Army (LDA) f. Limotint (prod. Gilla)
15 A Moment in Time (prod. Rudeluv)
16 The Meaning of Life f. Lady Ann Chung & Sum Difference (prod. Ish)


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  • RealHipHopHead

    This is very disturbing album artwork. What is up with all the satanic shit in hip-hop/ the music industry? I mean seriously, that is an obvious depiction of some kind of satanic ritual sacrifice with the girl on the table and him about to kill her. WTF? I mean, even on mix tapes now? I’ll give this artist a pass forever based on this artwork alone. Looks like he is working hard to sell his soul (or already has). DAMN! Disturbing shit. And people don’t even care. Make me feel sick to my stomach. Long live REAL Hip-Hop, not this garbage.

  • bob

    @Realhiphophead word up. These fuckin lame rappers will do whatever it takes for attention, from satanism to faggotry. Everything is elevated except for the music or the actual raps. Its a freak show. From this shit to Lil b’s faggot ass, this shit has got to stop and good blogs posting this fuckery doesnt help.


    Both of you should really consider acquiring the following:
    1. A sense of humor
    2. A logical though process


  • GK

    Doesn’t Showtime have Dexter on it? OH WAIT is that a depiction based on themes of Dexter? No wait, it can’t be its got to be satanic or demonic.

    And since its called the Monster Mixtape, there totally should be bunny/flowery imagery. Whoever markets this guy is the absolute worst and needs to kill himself. Oh wait, is that language to strong for the other commenters? Does metaphor or hyperbole mean anything to you? I forgot sarcasm, creativity and wit was so 2009.

  • Dez

    These niggas are just straight retarded. Hey Feekee we sold our soul which is why we are so fucking famous right? Dammit I’m tired of all these fucking Bobby Butchers. Go get fucked in the ass by Lil B.

  • benny

    im just gona say..dexter is one of the best shows on tv..
    and i dont think this could be a satanic ritual either..unless she was a virgin..maybe. but i doubt that she is..if she agreed to lay down on a table beneath feekee almost naked.
    anddd, if it is based on dexter..which it is..he happens to be an atheist. so there would be no demonic or satanic meanings behind his killings, hence, no satan involved in this mixtape.

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