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Rapper Big Pooh: Producer Beat Contest

HiPNOTT Records has teamed up with the Hall of Justus Music Group to give producers a chance to have their beat used by Rapper Big Pooh and J. Pinder. The two emcees have agreed to submit a track for the official soundtrack to the film, “DEMOS: An Independent Artist’s Guide To Success” and they want to give the aspiring, independent producer a shot at providing the music.

Hit the jump to learn how to enter…

To enter, producers can send their beats to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Make sure the beat is in MP3 format and attached to the email. No links please. Each producer will have a limit of 2 beats to submit so please choose your beats wisely.

Contest Ends February 1st. Good Luck!


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About Kevin

Owner - Kevin is the owner and founder of Originally from Virginia Beach, VA he now resides in South Florida. In addition to this site he runs HiPNOTT Records, a small independent Hip Hop label and is an Executive Producer of the documentary film DEMOS: An Independent Artist's Guide To Success. Other than music, he is a techie by trade and holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
  • Roads-Art

    Oh yea, Im in this

  • juiceboxjackson

    what’s the limit on #of beats??

    any clues as to what type of track they’re looking for??

  • DynamicWayne

    Can’t wait til the film drops….Nice Post.!

  • Kevin

    Read the post… 2 BEATS.

    You decide what style of beat you think would match well with Pooh.

  • Killa Kake

    Excited for this shit.

  • juiceboxjackson

    hmmmn, sorry I missed it…I swear I didn’t see that when I was reading on my phone…

    often times, emcees are either looking for a certain particular track, or something totally out of left field so I always try and get that information up front before I waste his/her time and mine.

    good looking out on the opportunity though…stuff like this makes your site stand out amongst the rest!!

  • Blunt Tactics

    just send in my two beats in… looking foward to this

  • Alkota

    Dope. Sent.

  • Metaphor_Germany

    Oh yeah!

    Just sent two of my beats, one funky-sample based one and one with a nice melodic guitar sample u can spit various styles to (e. g. double time).

    One Love!

  • Oh Genius

    Any know when the winner will be announced?

  • Kevin

    Beats are being accepted until February 1st, so maybe sometime in February.

  • Rhyno

    Can we send sampled beats?



  • nate (knewbalance)

    really looking forward to this video. the sound bytes sound like talib on 16 bars… and you gotta love the way he promotes the independent hustle. that’s what we are all tryin to do. peep



  • Zyrus Campbell

    Dooooooooooooooooooooope… def submitting for this.

  • nate (knewbalance)

    damn… just got em in… 11:56pm west coast time!!! hope that counts…

  • DJ AMBUSH (producer)

    So when do they announce the people/tracks they chose?

  • Kevin

    Big Pooh and J Pinder are listening to the beats now. Over 500 beats were submitted, so give em time.

  • DJ AMBUSH (producer)

    Oh my bad I thought they head like a DEADLINE Deadline like The Regiment does on Feb 9th to have their mixtape out…

    Preciate it Kevin..


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