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Koncrete Jungle: The Documentary

When Queens, NY producer Frank Diggs sent over his project Koncrete Jungle, it was nothing but a link and a title. No cover art, no description… nothing else. Emails like that normally get deleted right away but for some reason this one intrigued me. Maybe it was the title, I don’t know. I did a search online and found nothing else out about this project, which intrigued me even more. So I had a few minutes to spare; I downloaded it and gave it a spin. All I can say is I immediately hit Frank back asking for the artwork and a short description about the project so I could post here at KN.com.  There are a ton of guest emcees on here, but honestly the only one I recognize is yU of Diamond District. Don’t get me wrong; the others are dope and definitely hold their own. But real talk here… it’s the production of this project that makes it something that I’ll be bumpin for a long long time. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!

Good beatmakers are a dime a dozen but a great producer is a rare find. A great producer is similar to a great film director in that he/she not only provides you with the backdrop for your lyrics, but he/she can also give your story direction and help you bring your thoughts to life.

Enter Frank Diggs & his latest offering entitled “Koncrete Jungle”. Not only does Diggs provide all of the production, he also manages to skillfully tell his own story with the help of some of his talented friends. The sequencing and movie soundbyte manipulation come together flawlessly to tell you a vivid story that’s in your face without the Sony 3D HDTV. In a genre of music that has lost its way in the art of album making, this is a welcome edition.

Whether you are familiar with the works of Queens, NYC native Frank Diggs or if this is your first opportunity to be consumed by his audio humidity, rests assure that Koncrete Jungle is a solid presentation in quality hip-hop that appeals to both the classic hard knocker as well as the contemporary hipster. With production that exudes effortless cool, the well-polished pacing and precise drum programming with super clean bass lines only goes to compliment, rather than compete with, the vast array of rhyme slingers and crooners that gather to celebrate the idea that everyday people need great anthems to vibe with.  Just as with his prior releases, this Diggs mixtape release has a storyline and flow, and is a methodical collage of east coast bop from the perspective of a musical mastermind that appreciates both the nod and the ride. An album with a sound that captures every facet of any urban environment. Lace em’ up and get ya’ shit right, welcome to the Koncrete Jungle.


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