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Young Bleed Signs With Tech N9ne’s Strange Music Label

This isn’t breaking news as it was announced in May, but I haven’t seen many sites touching on the subject. Baton Rouge emcee Young Bleed, who scored a major hit in “How Ya Do Dat” in the late 90′s during his brief time at No Limit, has joined Tech N9ne’s growing roster at Strange Music. Bleed has signed with a new subsidiary of the label called Strange Lane, confirmed by both Tech N9ne & Big Scoob.

Young Bleed released two southern classics during his time at Priority Records and was apart of the Baton Rouge supergroup/collective Concentraton Camp along with Max Minelli, C-Loc & J-Von. Known for his laided back style, Bleed’s last solo album was released back in 2007 and he’s been rarely heard from since then. He dropped a collaboration with Frieze in 2009 and has done a few guest appearances, but has been out of the spotlight for the most part.

Now as a member of the Strange Music roster, Bleed may have a chance to capture a new fanbase similar to Fiend’s newfound recognition with Curren$y’s JETS movement. Tech N9ne’s label used to be home to just his close affiiates, but the past few years have seen him signing a lot of outside acts including Brotha Lynch Hung, ¡Mayday! & Jay Rock. If you’re unfamiliar with Young Bleed’s work, hit the jump to check out a few songs from the talented artist.

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  • Drake Blackmon

    Guess we need a Bay Area writer to get some exposure on our end… 

  • Justin Ivey

    Who in the Bay aren’t we giving exposure to that you’d like to see? Locksmith & DaVinci songs were just posted today, CB News’ EP dropped a few weeks ago and we recently did an interview with Zion I. Just off the top of my head.. the whole Hieroglyphics collective, E-A-Ski, The Jacka, Moe Green, Andre Nickatina, TheSeKondElement & Kero One all get pretty regular coverage.

    San Quinn’s got a new LP coming soon, hopefully we can bring you some stuff from him. I’d love to post new stuff from The Coup, Spice 1, Husalah, Laytryx or Blackalicious if they’d release something!

  • Ohini Jonez gives people equal coverage, regardless of region or country… I don’t see what the issue is? if it comes out, and its indie + quality the music ends up on KN…

  • meena freezie

    Yeah, I don’t understand that comment either. I have always found the coverage of The Bay proper here, I have even discovered some Bay Area artists that I wasn’t familiar with, Kero One for example. Maybe they are looking for some E40 or Baby Bash?

  • Drake Blackmon

    What i was referring to is the up and coming talent we have out here in the Bay, not the cats that the other blogs are all promoting or hyping up. The only cat I really see yall doing that w/ is Moe Green. TSE is more NO than the Bay if anything… When it comes to fresh talent and artists doing some diffrnt shit, I see the writers giving more of that exposure to the artists from their respective hometowns. Yall can scratch ya head, but it’s truth.

  • Drake Blackmon

    true there is a lotta quality music on this site, but i’m speaking about thangs on my end and there are quite few artists out this way that are doing quality shit that I try to tip KN off to, yet they go unheard and unseen. Unfortunate. 

  • Justin Ivey

    Well like I said, I’m interested to hear some actual names. Tell us who we need to be checking out.

  • Drake Blackmon

    my buddy Cache who produced: 

    Krikit Boi:


    Great Muta:

    those are a few of the homies I been trying to get yall to check out, but i got hella folks all over the globe that are making some dope music… and if u aint up on that new Open Mike Eagle album, check for that one as well.


  • Kc

    Write something…
    Everyone EveryoneCustomizeCustomedit

    WizCity Music Group, L.L.C.I made the “A Minute to Breathe” track expecially for Bleed back in 99′. Took almost 10 minutes. It was the soundtrack to memories of sit’n up in Chub’s (C-Loc) momma’s new house wit Happy, and Tank dream’n about making it big. I’m glad to see that come to pass, and hopefully continue via Strange Lane. I’d like to make a sequal to that song with Bleed… -Kc Easterwood / WizCity Music Group, L.L.C.

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