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Jus Ra & A​.​P​.​: Duality Complex

I’m really feeling Duality Complex from Flint Michigan duo Jus Ra, on the mic, and A.P., on the box. I started listening and was immediately sucked into banging the whole project all the way through. Jus Ra is real ill with the flow, vocabulary and all around emcee presence. A.P. definitely gives Jus Ra some ill shit to rock over, I actually have to listen again because I caught myself tuning out Jus Ra’s lyrics (on “Radio Rock“) and making the something stinks face because of A.P.’s production. That’s not a bad thing, just shows that the project has that replay factor going for it. The added bonus of KRS-One interludes is a dope touch as well, although I know I’ve seen the show they sampled him off of but I can’t remember the title or where I saw it so it will piss me off until I remember now, thanks fellas! I definitely suggest streaming and downloading Duality Complex below for it is, what I like to call, “Whole Package Hip Hop.”

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  • Jus Ra

    Much Love!!! I was having a talk with a associate in the industry and he told me Lyricism and Boom bap hip hop was dead, I’ma send him this link RIGHT NOW! ITS ALIVE! and this is just the beginning! good write up and by the way KRS interlude came from a DVD called The MC….

  • Franchezka

    Man this dude really needs to be on like yesterday! RAW!

  • LWesley0424

    Good write up, great project Ra. All I have say is where is his deal?

  • MoonChild Music

    Very dope write up, great Ep….#Hihill

  • TinoStone

    Been on repeat since I got it

  • Arasia Magnetic

    Downloading now. Can’t wait to check this out. 

  • BlackGuySteve


  • Kevin Nottingham


  • Thamomentoftruth

    Great article and an greater EP…real lyricism!!!! Bringing hip hop back to Flint in a major way!

  • Anthony Si Fye Kinzer

    This album is raw cant stop listening! #Repeat

  • Ka’Sella Matière

    Hey dude, I’m loving the record! Can’t pick a favorite because they all are AWESOME!!!

  • Shavajaymusic


  • Jus Ra

    I appreciate all the comments and people thats checking the EP and fucks with it! we trying to bring michigan hip hop to the forefront so spread the word

  • Pharenzik

    This bro is hard as it gets…we need hip hop like this, not like most of the trash that’s out now…KEEP SPITTING THAT REAL

  • Magnum XIII


  • Big O

    Yo, this cd fam, is what i like to call #BlueMagic! The beats are amazing (Shoutout to AP).. and your lyrics are incredible fam! To sum it all up G. This is what u call real hip hop! *Salute*

  • Tunde Olaniran

    True talent coming out of the midwest – really feeling this

  • MAtkin0312

    S/o to the homie Jus Ra !!! cant stop banging this instant classic FLI CITY STAND UP !!!!  

  • Janet Huddleston

    I’m LOVIN It!!!  

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