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Top 10 Mixtapes of 2013


It’s rare to see a mixtape drop at the beginning of the year and have the staying power to secure the top spot all the way at the end. Yet that’s what MaG accomplished though with his outstanding tape Freedom hosted by Mick Boogie. MaG’s tape was album-quality with its rich sound and poignant rhymes. I was familiar with K.L.U.B. Monsta before they released CANVAS, but the DJ Wally Sparks-assisted tape was an stunning revelation late in the year. It made a strong push to steal that top spot late in the year and is a must-listen for those who may have missed it. Nostalgia alone had me excited for the original Three 6 Mafia’s reunion as Da Mafia 6ix and their comeback tape delivered in a big way, making me feel like I had been transported back to the late 90′s. The south dominated much of my selections as emcees like Sy Ari Da Kid, Tito Lopez, Dee-1 & Kevin Gates kept adding to their already strong discographies in 2013. And just a reminder since this seems to happen a lot — before you voice any displeasure with a project not making this particular list, please check and see if was featured in the free albums category (if you haven’t already).mag

  1. MaG – Freedom
  2. K.L.U.B. Monsta – CANVAS
  3. Da Mafia 6ix – Da 6ix Commandments
  4. Sy Ari Da Kid – Definition Of Definition 2
  5. Willie The Kid – Aquamarine
  6. Tito Lopez – Y.O.U.
  7. Trouble – The Return Of December 17th
  8. Robb Bank$ – Tha City
  9. Dee-1 – Psalms Of David II
  10. Kevin Gates – The Luca Brasi Story

Honorable Mentions

  • Fiend – Lil’ Ghetto Boy
  • Scotty – F.A.I.T.H.
  • Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back
  • Gangsta Boo – It’s Game Involved
  • Vandalyzm – Bitch I’m ‘Mis Talented
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  • Thomas_76

    I put the MaG on my EP list for some reason. I really didn’t listen to any “true” mixtapes this year. Some of the joints labeled as mixtapes were really albums (She Got Game, King Remembered In Time, Tangible Dream, etc). Roc Marci’s TPSB was labeled a mixtape by the internets, but I seen him and the MBDR head dude call it a companion piece to ‘Marci Beaucoup’ album. Who knows.

  • mrmag83

    can’t even tell ya’ll how much this means to me. you guys have literally been there from day one. i’ll never forget it. forever indebted and thankful for the love and support!!

  • Pasm

    Amazing list,

  • thomas

    as cohesive and album like as it is, Acid Rap was still a mix tape so id have to put that at the top of my list. other then that though, The Luca Brasi Story has my pick. one of the most consistent pieces of southern rap I’ve heard in a longtime, especially considering how far it delved into pop territory

  • Vito17

    thank you so much for showin me that MaG Mixtape. So dope!

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