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The 10 Most Disappointing Albums of 2013


It’s important to note that disappointing doesn’t equate to bad. The majority of these selections did not make this list because they are unlistenable, but because the artist is capable of so much more. Freddie Gibbs is one such artist. Gangsta Gibbs has an amazing track record which led to some understandably high hopes for his album ESGN. Instead of the excellence you’d expect, Gibbs released an album saturated with a shocking amount of filler and inferior guests. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes made it necessary to include a mixtape on this list as they duped listeners expecting a long-awaited collaboration project from the two Native Tongues members. In the end, hopeful fans got stuck with a “best of” compilation tape made up of their past collaborations and a couple original cuts. One album that did go beyond disappointment was Kanye West’s Yeezus. While some critics (and fans) tried to find merit in what Mr. West created, most of us were trying to recover from the terrible listening experience that is Yeezus. An album meant to be challenging and provocative became unbearable and self-indulgent. The LP may be incredible in West’s mind, but it certainly didn’t resonate with myself and many others.

  1. Kanye West – Yeezus
  2. Jay-Z – Magna Carta… Holy Grail
  3. Freddie Gibbs – ESGN
  4. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris
  5. J. Cole – Born Sinner
  6. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes – The Abstract & The Dragon (Mixtape)
  7. Tyler, The Creator – Wolf
  8. Trinity - 20 In
  9. Devin The Dude – One Time For The Road
  10. Action Bronson & Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories
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  • Michael Stover

    Oh wow both Tyler and Earl, I thought they both did real well with their respective releases gotta hear what you think about this one

  • Justin Ivey

    I found Doris to be way too disjointed for my taste. I readily admit that unreasonable hype hurts Earl in terms of expectations, but a more focused effort could’ve helped him make a much bigger impact in his official return. There were spots that made you say “wow” yet too many times it felt like he was just recording a song because he felt like he had to do it. His talent is undeniable, but it’s hard to care as you’re listening when you feel like the artist doesn’t.
    As far as Wolf, Tyler seems to have stagnated. Bastard and the whole Odd Future “blowing up” of a few years ago showed so much potential. Goblin was a letdown, but I chalked that up to the pitfalls of his first retail release and sophomore slump. So for me, Wolf was a proving ground of what Tyler was truly capable of making. It ended up just being more of the same and failed to take it to that next level. There’s moments of brilliance, but there’s just as many misfires. The album sold me on the fact Tyler probably won’t change much as an emcee, both skill-wise and in content. His production is still top-notch though.

  • Kevin Holloway

    I. Fucking. Love. This. LIST!!!!

  • Thomas_76

    This category was always about my expectations for an album. If I was looking forward to an album and it didn’t meet what I had in my mind it should sound like….those albums made this list for me in the past. I didn’t put albums on the list I knew I wouldn’t like even if I listened to them. I keep my listening to music I knew I would enjoy.

    Did hear some albums that were meh to bad. Tyler’s joint was uneven to me. Freddie Gibbs did his thing, but I’m not sure who co-signed those F-list guest appearances on that album?? That Canibus joint wasn’t very good (aside from Planet Asia).

    I remember listening to Doris after two listens and was about to bash it on twitter…then I gave it a few more spins and it’s tough. Chum, Molasses, Hive, Whoa, and Knights are good solid records.

    I’ll never understand the dislike for J. Cole. His albums have been solid and he has some songs that have reach a wider audience (radio).

    J. Cole’s album was solid to me as well. He makes good songs that connects with a wide audience. He’s a major label artist so he

    You already know I disagree with Jay-Z being on any disappointment list. Heaven, Oceans, Fuckwithmeu…., Beach is Better, Versus, Crown…them songs alone say nah…nope. We’ll never see eye to eye on the GOAT so keep on walking young man….lol.

    Some fans and critics love Yeezus and some fans and critics hate it. I didn’t like it other than two (maybe three songs).

    Oh…how could I forget Em. The album was trash to me…wasn’t expecting anything with it’s release…but trash it is.

    My take…

  • Mugz101

    Great list! I totally agree – especially with that Yeezus thing. Funny though how others
    like Rolling Stone and Spin have this as Album Of The Year. I guess people’s
    expectations are just very different.

  • Ohini Jonez

    I don’t agree with Yeezus, but I co sign the thoughts on the Busta and Q Tip joint…

  • dunmmy

    ESGN was meant to be a clique project

  • Mike Alnarshi

    Wolf and Doris were both pretty dope but I agree with the rest of the list

  • A Random

    Weak ass editor should have stayed an intern. He needs to edit that list

  • Tea

    Its either crack or you just trying to be controversial? So your upset that Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes didn’t release an elaborate project but rather a solid mixtape available to everyone. And why are you hating on Action Bronson? Another FREE release – yes the production isn’t top shelf but dam it was a mixtape with some banging tracks. Stick to bagging artists that invest millions into cliche, one dimensional Hip Hop.

  • Danny Sanelivi

    NAH born sinner shouldn’t be up there.

  • jclaude66

    You’re a joke for having J.cole and Jay-Z on here…

  • Curtis Dixon

    Hope people know this is just opinion based before they get made.

  • Tyler

    you’re stupid as fuck if you think Doris isn’t amazing. Wolf is ehhh, but Doris is god

  • slim

    Born Sinner!!! nigga how the fuck??

  • Jordan Bushert

    Doris Wolf & Saab are fine, fail article

  • turtlefloww

    The title of the article is very misleading. Comparing a free mixtape (Abstract & the Dragon) to something with high production value (Yeezus) is a bit rediculous. Yeezus was garbage and I agree with some of the list., but magna carta, abstract and the dragon, and born sinner should not have made this list

  • SirEggman

    your taste in music is butt sir

  • chris

    whoever wrote this is a fuck idiot

  • Yessir

    Good list. I guess I just don’t get the Tyler the Creator stuff, and I tried.. I’m glad he got 0 air play.. He’s a terrible rapper.

  • Jalil Amir Salmon

    Born Sinner and Magna Carta were excellent…… the rest are understandable.

  • Baneezy

    how can u not have lil wayne album on here??

  • Devante

    You have to be delusional putting Jay-z and J-Cole’s albums up on this list and im not saying that Kanye’s should be album of the year but there’s no reason i can find to put his album on a list like this

  • Zapp Branigan

    How was ESGN disappointing, that shit is on my best album list Gibbs never disappoints

  • hunter

    Anyone that has Born Sinner on a list of disappointment’s has minimal knowledge of good music

  • bob


  • emaN

    We get it you’re an Odd Future fan…any other OF albums you want to list off?

  • TrulyPhenomenon

    Fuck your opinion, Born Sinner shouldn’t be on here. It should be on top 10 BEST albums of 2013.

  • Razor Ramon

    Hall of Fame not on here? should be #1 it was being built as a classic

  • Dablackmann

    Jay-Z album was alright 4 where his mind at now. J. Cole album was tight when you get past some production choices. Go kill yourself and this list.

  • Trey Arline

    “The LP may be incredible in West’s mind, but it certainly didn’t resonate with myself and many others.” Sounds like it you didn’t like because it’s not what YOU wanted, you can’t speak for everyone. The album debuted at number one, has gone Platinum, got two Grammy nods and was the base of the most successful hip hop tour of 2013 (and 2nd highest only behind Paul McCartney), was put as the number one album of the year by at least 20 different publications and you want to say it sucked or wasn’t well received? Okay then.

    Born Sinner and MCHG were letdowns, though.

  • ImJustSayin

    For real though
    This list is kinda bull shit
    I have several of these albums and even if it wasn’t the best albums the artists have ever put out, I don’t think any of them were even close to the most disappointing. Like straight up if your gonna bring Busta’s mix tape into this then pull up some of the other ones that have come out just last month. There is some serious shit out there compared to these.

  • Danii Beezy

    No hate but you got some real music on here , the earl joint was fresh thats the style they run with, plus how you gon put Born sinner as a dissapointment or even The Abstract & The Dragon (Mixtape) Qtip that nxgga is a DON who can you say sounds like him, classic music , what about all the trap ass albums that sound the same and talk about the same shit no hate tho i guess thats your personal preference

  • Thomas_76

    Did you even read what I wrote?

  • Thomas_76

    J. Cole supporters came out in droves…. Lucky they didn’t see that Yelawolf vs J. Cole article…..

  • 2Chainz

    Hall of Fame and Indicud were much worse than MCHG and Born Sinner. Yeezus too in my opinion, but Yeezus is either hit or miss. Some people love it, others hate it so it doesn’t surprise me to be on a list like this. Also disagree on Doris.

  • jfeiowa

    Indicud was crack. You have to give it another listen I’m telling you man! But still, I agree with you on the Born Sinner and MCHG thing. Born Sinner was one of the top 10 of the year in my opinion and while I wasn’t the biggest fan of MCHG I can’t go and bash it like this, it wasn’t all that bad.

  • Austin

    Born Sinner was the best album dropped in 2013 lmao

  • Dd

    I thought earl sweat shirt was the most dissapointing, he def. changed his sound on Doris. Must listen!

  • scorch

    wow! whoever offered their opinion on top 10 dissappointing albums is smoking CRACK! J.cole’s Born Sinner should not be on the list nor should Jay-z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, some people CLEARLY dont know what good music is! why isnt chief keef’s album up here with a lot of other music that lacks substance, lyrics and knowledge for that matter, stop bashing people who consistently keep hip-hop alive and start going after the repetition of Southern Beats followed by poor vocals and horrendous lyrics!! sucks fuckn cock

  • scorch

    ty truly phenomenon for knowing and recognizing good hip-hop

  • scorch

    true facts stand up!

  • scorch

    true the rest are understandable but not worst top 10 most arent even albums ! where is the integrity?!

  • skidrowent

    it’s opinions damn, I like Yeezus, you might not like Yeezus so da fuck what?

  • ope

    This list is trash.. Seriously Born Sinner was disappointing? You’re clearly not from this planet.

  • sey

    this list is honestly crap, you probably didn’t get what you wanted out of any of these albums but a lot of these are listed in the best ablums of year for most people. born sinner was j.coles best work to date, MCHG was dope, just cause its not a classic jay z album its a disappointment? wolf was genius, tyler touched on every genre of music he enjoys people are too close minded to listen to anything that isn’t pure rap and the same go for yeezus. doris is honestly one of the best ablums of the year earl dropped bar after bar. if its not turn up music it isn’t good?


    Can I flag this?

  • GetThatDoughBoy

    You people are fucking MORONS. Saying shit like, “why isn’t Chief Keef or Lil Wayne on here?” BECAUSE, you fucking retards, WE’RE NOT EXPECTING ALBUMS FROM THEM TO BE DOPE!!! That’s why this is called “Disappointing albums”…Action Bronson’s album was completely average. NOTHING special about it. That dude is annoying as hell, and the fact he sounds like Ghostface pisses me off. Harry Fraud is WACK. J Cole’s album was disappointing because of the production! That shit was pretty bad for the most part. And Earl Sweatshirt’s album? Those beats are horrible, most of them at least. What IS that? Is that the new thing? To have production that sounds like the producer doesn’t know what he’s doing? Off pitch, out of key, just random sounds? That’s the cool thing now? GTFOH. Production is killing hip hop. It is NOT the emcees.

  • yeezus top 10album of the year

    yeezus is another 808′s and heartbreak album. in a couple years you’ll see how amazing this album is. simple minds….

  • Menace

    J Cole Album was solid. I think it was one of the top Hip Hop Albums of 2013.

  • Dave Tarantino

    I agree with everything on here especially that shitstorm Yeezus, except that my expectations for Doris was close to nothing so I couldn’t be really dissapointed, which is the same for Tyler’s record, which was actually an improvement, but nowhere near good (for me anyway).

  • Nicky T

    I shook my head when I saw Doris. I stopped reading when I saw you had Born Sinner on there. Shit list man…

  • AzstroBoii

    Doris was terrible i thought i was the only one who thought so

  • Don Von

    …are you guys crazy ? Born Sinner was amazing…wtf ?

  • young i

    this is some bullshit. get born sinner off that list.

  • young i

    the fact that you listed J cole on here, makes your entire list invalid.

  • young i

    so if the majority of comments bash the editors for having J. Cole on the list then they’re automatically J Cole supporters? Maybe we support “good music” and understand and can easily depict a good album from a disappointing one.

  • lipface

    You should quit your job. Nobody wants to read an opinion based list without any premise on why you concluded on this list. Horrible.

  • Thomas_76

    If you all aren’t supporters of J. Cole’s music what are you then? If you and others didn’t feel strongly about the album…why comment? You did say “we support good music.” I’m just asking. I like J. Cole’s album….think it’s one of the better albums released this year. Have it as one of the top albums released this year…..

  • Kakashi

    Born Sinner was alright. Listen to Cole’s mixtapes and then listen to his albums. They’re just not as good as the tapes. But thats just my opinion. I loved Wolf though. I guess we all have different tastes lol.

  • Dinero Asvestas

    please kill yourself. yeezus and doris were god tier

  • mike

    J Cole born sinner was a disappointment? No..

  • Black Girl

    Holy Grail was in no way dissapointing

  • TGiddy

    Oh it definitely was a disappointment.

  • joe

    For me Earl sounded like he was half asleep recording damn near every song and he sounded bored as fuck. Tylers album was straight though.

  • ash-hole

    Magna Carta wasn’t that great too much conflict, as individual concepts the tracks are pretty cool but there are a lot of contradictions In Jay’s lyrics from song to song or verse to verse

  • Austin

    If this is a list of bad albums then I’m wondering what you think is good music to listen to. J Cole and Jay Z bad? Man u must think Mackelomore is tight LOL

  • Tyler

    This list is fucking terrible. Yeezus was incredible, you just didn’t give it enough of a chance because you either expected to hear songs similar to Watch the Throne or My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy. Born Sinner has 3 legit radio records on it, along with other sick record such as Forbidden Fruit, LAnd of the Snakes, Let Nas Down, and Niggaz Know… Wolf was Tyler doing his thing, there was not even a huge hype for his album, he met expectations and for me personally surpassed them. On a side note, Domo’s cuts on Wolf are classic. Earl’s “Doris” is also a great album, once again I guarantee you were expecting Earl to be his old self when he’s matured a lot and is now making some incredible music. Pre, Burgundy, Sunday, Hive, Chum, Guild, Hoarse, all incredible records, it’s a whole body of work. Saab stories is also a great EP, I’m sure you just expected a full album and that’s why you were disappointed. I don’t completely disagree with the whole list though, Magna Carta was very overrated and the abstract dragon tape was absolutely disappointing… You could have done a much better job with this. Wayne’s D5 was disappointing, Rich Gang’s album, Suffering from Success, French Montana’s debut was disappointing, Nelly’s comeback, Joe Budden’s project was below par. That’s six different projects off the top of my head.

  • Jeaven

    you were definetly born a sinner to put that album on this list

  • mike

    who ever posted this really doesnt appreciate music… fuck you dude yeezus doris and wolf are my 3 favorite albums of the year, magna carta and born sinner are bomb too

  • PimpHand

    As I read all the comments, it seems that a lot of you do not know how to READ or better yet READ WITHIN CONTEXT. First off this is a list based off of Justin’s perspective. Which clearly make it opinion based, not fact based. So there’s no need to get all in a fuss and state that his opinion is discredited. That makes no sense, since there are no facts to give credit to…smh. Secondly, the point of the list which I find that the majority of you are missing is that its not a worst albums of the year list, it’s his most disappointing album of the year list. Which means all the artist he mentioned, he holds in high creative regards, and feels that the projects they released last year did not meet those high regards to which he holds up them to be capable of. That doesn’t mean the albums weren’t good (i.e. Doris) , it doesn’t mean that the albums we’re not the best of that artist to date (i.e. J Cole), it just means that he expected better solid definitive projects from each of them…pretty much he’s expecting Classic material. Do you guys really consider Born Sinner to be classic? Do you really feel Saab Stories to be memorable 10 years from now? Do you consider The Abstract & The Dragon to hold up to their previous work? Etc. If your answer to those questions are NO, then you agree with Justin. Do not bring Rich Gang, Lil Wayne, Macklemore, etc into the discussion. His omission of those projects simply means he didn’t have them in high regards to be disappointed by them in the first place. PLEASE READ, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY PLEASE COMPREHEND WHAT YOU READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

  • Austin Dow-Smith

    This list is a joke right?

  • JBuggSoleFreak

    This list is false. I can name 5 albums off of this that are not disappointing at all.

  • Matthew Niece

    I’d be willing to bet that your favorite album of last year was french montana’s (excuse my french) . Some of these albums deserve to be on here but as far as too say disappointing?? No way !!! What’s disappointing is that a company hired you too write articles about albums and you call them disappointing…you should quit your job because you did a horrible job…this was straight trash don’t even bother reading the list because this eff’in guy’s an idiot

  • LKJ

    Born Sinner? U fail dude.. u don’t know shit. get a new job

  • carl

    This list is right on. These albums are all overhyped garbage period.

  • JD

    Doris was dope, Earl usually sounds like he is bored when he makes songs, that is just his style. Wolf wasn’t as good as Bastard or Goblin, but it bypassed them for lyrical content. Was something more heartfelt then Goblin or Bastard. I agree with pretty much everything else on the list except for Born Sinner. That album was straight up dope. How did it disappoint you? and Danny Browns Old should of been on here.

  • John Savoca

    who the **** paid all these j. cole supporters to spam the comments?

  • Tess

    My daughter was so disappointed with that album

  • guest333

    wow, wtf Yeezus, Jay and Born Sinner? wow, just wow 😒

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