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Rapper Reviews: D-Risha’s 10 Must-See Horror Movies For Halloween


[Editor’s Note] Today, KN is proud to bring you a new feature called Rapper Reviews. Basically, we’re letting some of our favorite rhymers share their opinions on subjects outside of the realm of Hip Hop. And with it being Halloween on Friday, what better way to kick off this new feature than some great horror films to watch on All Hallows’ Eve. We had to go to D-Risha with this topic in mind as he’s a true connoisseur of the genre. While Houston emcee prepares for the release of his GIALLO EP with his 6 Demon Bag cohort That Purple Bastard, he took the time to break down 10 must-see horror movies for your Halloween viewing.

Check out the debut of Rapper Reviews below and make sure you grab D-Risha & That Purple Bastard’s GIALLO EP, which drops on Halloween!

Words by D-Risha

1. The Burning

This film is what I would consider a top tier selection in the “slasher movie” sub-genre of horror. It came out after Halloween and the first Friday The 13th, but has a strong cult following long after its release. In the same way that Three 6 Mafia rarely gets credit for creating the crunk era of southern rap, The Burning contains a hulking serial killer long before Jason was ever introduced, make up effects from the great Tom Savini, and the first on screen appearance of Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander. A true American ’80s slasher diamond in the rough.

2. Suspiria

If you don’t know who Dario Argento is and you claim to be a horror buff, I implore you to do more research. This is arguably the best “Giallo” (Italian horror) film ever made and he is pretty much the go to guy of the genre. The way he mixes extreme violence/gore with beautiful set pieces and colorful backdrops is unparalleled. The soundtrack by the rock band Goblin is haunting and just as memorable as the scenes itself. Myself and That Purple Bastard used this template as inspiration big time in making our new EP. A timeless, instant classic.

3. The Beyond

If Dario Argento had a director as an equal, it would be Lucio Fulci. He is widely known as the “Godfather of Gore,” which is very prevalent in all his films. This one has it all: teleporting zombies, evil German shepherds and seven doorways to hell! This film is part of a trilogy with this film being the strongest with tons of gore and a great soundtrack. Another Italian horror masterpiece.

4. Day Of The Dead

At this point, zombies are overrated and blown out of proportion in pop culture, but look no further than Day Of The Dead. Directed by the father of the zombie genre himself, George Romero, it literally chronicles a day in the life of a zombie apocalypes with alot of shock, twists, and gore. If you’re looking for an original take on a sub-genre that is done to death, please check this one out because it does not disappoint.

5. Inside

My list so far features a heavy mix of Italian and American films, but the most brutal films come from a place you wouldn’t expect: France. It starts off as a home invasion suspense, but when you find out what the antagonist is after. it takes a much darker turn that will stay with you after the credits roll. In a medium full of remakes and over done ideas, this is one of the best modern horror films I’ve seen in recent memory.

6. I Saw The Devil

This is a South Korean film that doesn’t contain any ghouls or ghosts, but what happens in between the lines is just as terrifying as any horror film on the shelf. It’s about a special agent who’s on a quest for revenge after a serial killer has murdered his wife, but the best part about the film is the special agent’s descent into the mind and actions of the killer. One of the most intense films I’ve ever seen horror or otherwise, please see the original now before the US remake they’re planning comes out.

7. Trick r Treat

If you want to watch something really cool on Halloween night, find this gem released in 2007. It’s the best modern horror anthology film you can find that doesn’t disappoint. Anthologies are films that tell 3-4 different stories in one sitting and the way the director ties all the stories together is brilliant. Creepshow and V/H/S are also great anthologies you should check out.

8. You’re Next

You know how in most slasher films everyone dies and there’s one female left at the end flailing around defenseless? This movie turns that idea on its head with a bad ass, take no prisoners female lead who has no fear throughout the film no matter what danger is put in front of her. This is a must-see as it’s one of the better horror films of 2013.

9. Kill List

If you need something great to watch on Netflix this month, watch Kill List. It’s about 2 retired hit men who get asked to do one last job that get more than what they bargained for in their targets. Very nice twists and turns throughout and the main character does a great job as you’ll feel for him at the end. Fearless film-making from the UK side of the genre.

10. Stake Land

Not since Bram Stoker’s Dracula have I seen a vampire movie this good. It features a post-apocalyptic waste land with satanic cults and unsociable vamps that will creep you out. Best part about the film is the anti-hero “Mister” who is a kick ass vampire hunter that you’ll instantly root for as soon as he appears on screen. Twilight can suck it!

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