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Forgotten Classics

Forgotten Classics: Public Enemy – Yo! Bum Rush The Show


Simply put, Public Enemy changed my life. That is not an exaggeration. I was in my late teens when I first heard the legendary group and their music guided me throughout my youth. They were that group for me – rebellious and fiercely intelligent; the soundtrack to your most tumultuous years when you start getting out into life and begin ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Prince Paul – A Prince Among Thieves


When I started Forgotten Classics back in 2011, I had a master list of albums which I wanted to spotlight. Some I’ve written about, others I’ve yet to cover, but there’s one particular record which has been sitting on the list since the beginning which I feel is time to talk about. It’s a joint that seemingly only the staunchest ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Da Grassroots – Passage Through Time


“Take it back to Grassroots…” In the late ‘90s, Canada’s Hip Hop scene was undergoing a renaissance, returning from years of being on the backburner. Poised to explode in the late 1980s with emcees like Toronto legends Michee Mee and Maestro Fresh-Wes gaining attention at home and abroad, cosigns from major American rappers like KRS-One, and a pioneering Hip Hop ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Zion I – True & Livin’


True and Livin’ is my comfort record. The third LP from the Bay Area duo Zion I is that go-to joint, perfect for throwing on and vibing. It’s a steady record with soul, substance and infectious tracks which have remained on my playlist for a long time.  It’s a record which definitely needs more shine and respect, and an easy ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Louis Logic – Sin-A-Matic


Louis “Louis Logic” Dorley released Sin-A-Matic in 2003. He ran into some comparisons as this album came on the heels of The Eminem Show and before Encore, notable as the point where a comparison to Eminem meant, “You’re trying to do what Marshall’s doing but you can’t.” When I listen to songs like “Mischievous” and “Coochie Coup,” the connection is ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Latyrx – The Album


One of my earliest Hip Hop obsessions was with the Northern Cali collective Quannum Projects. Originally known as Solesides, the group all met up at the University of California at Davis in the early ‘90s, which included the duo known as Blackalious, DJ Shadow and DJ Zen (aka prominent music journalist Jeff Chang). Blackalicious and Shadow were particular revelations for ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Da Lench Mob – Guerillas in tha Mist


Best way to describe Da Lench Mob? Call it “music to scare white people.” The South Central Los Angeles group of J-Dee, T-Bone and Shorty were brought together by all-around bad mofo Ice Cube on his debut solo album, 1990’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, providing vocal appearances on tracks like “What They Hittin’ Foe” and “Turn Off The Radio” as well ... Read More »

Forgotten Classics: Jungle Brothers – J. Beez Wit The Remedy


The Jungle Brothers are most one of Hip Hop’s most unsung figures. In the late 1980s, the NYC trio of Afrika Baby Bam, Mike Gee and DJ Sammy B were the catalysts for a new path in Hip Hop, championing Africa with a rejuvenated sense of youthful expression and uniqueness as well as a very positive style of rhyme and ... Read More »

KN “Future” Forgotten Classic: Billy Woods – History Will Absolve Me


So we’ve made it. December is winding down and barring any apocalypse, 2013 will be arriving soon and I can’t wait. However, looking back, 2012 has been a pretty dope year for Hip Hop with some strong releases so for this special year-end edition of Forgotten Classics, I wanted to tackle a record from the year, which I can’t call ... Read More »

KN Forgotten Classics: Y Society – Travel At Your Own Pace


“Travel at your own pace.” Those are most definitely words to live by and Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk (quite the name) definitely take that mantra to heart as the duo of Y-Society. Emcee Insight hails from Boston and has gained a lot of props from the underground for his grounded lyrics across several solo efforts as well as membership ... Read More »