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KN Site Happenings

Microphone Check 1-2, 1-2

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Earn a $10 iTunes Card or $5 Starbucks Card By Contributing to KN

Earlier this summer we introduced a new commenting platform here on KevinNottingham.com. This new platform (SolidOpinions) gives our readers incentives to share their thoughts in our community simply by commenting on posts. Today, we are offering two new rewards to frequent commenters. If you earn 1,000 points by commenting and sharing on our site you can redeam a $5 starbucks card. By earning 2,000 points commenting and sharing you can redeam a $10 iTunes card. Rewards can be redeamed on the Rewards tab of the comments of any post. So get involved and earn free stuff! Let us know if there are any other reasonable rewards you’d like to see. Read More »

Solid Opinion: New Community Based Comment Platform Allows You To Earn Reputation & Share Our Revenue!

Always looking to improve the user community here at KevinNottingham.com, we’ve recently changed our comment platform from Disqus to Solid Opinion.  While Disqus is a great platform and one that has moved up to be a standard commenting system for many websites, we like to stay above the curve and innovate new technologies.  When the team at Solid Opinion presented us with their product, I was intrigued and more than willing to give it a try. So why the change?  Simple.  Solid Opinion gives our users a community to get involved in.  Years ago, KN had a great community and many great discussions were had in our posts. These days it seems most people just read, listen, and leave. No comments, no feedback. We’re hoping to change that. With this new comment platform on KN, powered by Solid Opinion, users earn points for being engaged in the discussion – for example, for posting and viewing comments. You will earn a reputation on KN. You can also use points to buy fun power-ups and dominate the discussion, engage in micro-transactions or sell points to other members. Every transaction monetizes your content. Ranks & Privileges: 10 Points give you a rank of KN Soldier and the ability to add images in your comments 100 Points give you a rank of KN Enforcer and the ability to add videos in your comments 1000 Points give you a rank of KN Lieutenant and the ability to change the comment author’s name. Lieutenant’s are also protected against others’ effects and can participate in ... Read More »

New KN T-Shirts For Sale!

KevinNottingham.com has teamed up with 88Strong.com to design and manufacture some new super fly KN t-shirts.   88 Strong is the go-to place for quality Hip Hop tees and we hope the readers of KN will appreciate these shirts’ design and quality. Screen printed on the front and back in white ink on a Gildan 10.1 ounce tee, the shirts are available in the following colors: Black, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Cardinal Red, Kelly Green, and Military Green.   Sizes run from Small to XXXL. Front of tee is pictured above and the back is shown below. Order yours now for $15.95! Read More »

KN Site Redesign: After 6 Years, KN is Heading into a New Era!

We’ve gone through our share of site redesigns over the past 6 years KN has been in existence. Today we present to you our latest attempt at keeping up with the times.  The site has been totally overhauled from the ground up to make the site cleaner and load faster. Our main goal for the site was to reorganize our content to give you exactly what you’re looking for up front. To do that, we’ve grouped posts together by categories; a concept seen in many online magazine layouts. In addition to the new layout, there will be some more changes coming up at KN. We’ve listened to your requests about being overloaded with posts, so we will be cutting down on the number of daily postings on KN. We’ve always prided ourselves in quality over quantity and we want to go back to that method of thinking. We will also start to focus more on news stories and opinionated editorials as much as we can than just jamming new music down your throats. The ultimate goal of these new changes is to bring a sense of community back to KN. This isn’t just our site, it’s your site. Let’s make it the best Hip Hop community that we possibly can! With that said, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below… Read More »

We’re Looking For a Few Good Interns: Apply Within

Over the 6 years that KN has been in existence, we’ve brought new staff on board to help alleviate some of the workload. Some have stayed, some have gone. But the time has come again to reach out for help. So if you’re interested in becoming part of an award winning team, hit the jump to see what qualifications we’re looking for and apply within… Read More »

Introducing the ’73 Collective

KevinNottingham.com has always more or less stood on our own, with very few online affiliations. Sure, we’ve tried our share of affiliate collectives back in the beginning. Remember the Midnight Marauders or Hip-Hop Universal? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So when Vick of REUPspot.com hit me up to invite us to their new ’73 Collective, I was a tad leery. But I did my research… and while I only recognized 2 of the sites currently affiliated (REUPspot and 9Elements.com), the rest of the sites on board seemed legit and have a similar vision as KN. So here’s the ’73 Collective; a Hip-Hop website collective bringing real people real music. Each site is here to share dope, authentic Hip-Hop with the masses. The only difference you’ll see on KN is a new ’73 Collective tab at the bottom right of your screen. Click on it and you can see the member sites and learn more about the group. Everything’s still in its early stages, but I’m sure there will be more to come. Read More »

Welcome To The NEW KevinNottingham.com: The Underground Soul/R&B Authority

This was a tough decision to make, so we let the numbers speak for themselves. Our most popular day of the week as of late has been Soulful Sundays. And with the increasing lack of quality coming out from hip hop lately as well as our staff’s inability to be inspired by the influx of hip hop that is released daily, we have decided to turn this site into a Soul/R&B blog. That’s right… Soulful Sundays will be the norm 7 days a week, 24 hours a day starting today! Don’t believe me? Check the new banner above! Over the course of today, we will be purging the site of all hip hop related content in order to bring the Soul/R&B music to the forefront. To those who have rode with us for the past 5 years, we hope you will continue to ride. Soul music is the backbone of hip hop and we hope to bring some of that music to light. We will feature the O.G.’s like Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, while also bringing to light some of the new cats on the block. So sit back and enjoy the ride… we had a good run with hip hop, let’s see how this new journey pans out! On a side note, not all of the KN members agreed to this new switch. I’m sad to say that our Editor-In-Chief, Justin, has decided to leave KN because of the new decision. But I am happy to announce that ... Read More »

Meet the KN Staff!

This past year, the staff here at KevinNottingham.com has grown exponentially. What started out almost 5 years ago as a blog by Kevin Nottingham, KN is a now place where many views and opinions reside. I invite all of our readers to meet and acquaint yourselves with everyone on the staff at our new Staff Page. There you will get to see the faces behind the articles that you read everyday and connect with them via their social networks. So often the Internet is known for anonymity.  We want to share our lives with you, our KN readers. Feel free to hit anyone of us up! Read More »

KN’s Arasia Magnetic On Air Live Tonight on 88.5 FM Chicago

If you’re up tonight and looking for something to do, tune into Chicago’s WHPK 88.5 FM to catch KN’s Executive Editor, Arasia Magnetic, on the air with Kevin ‘KMax’ Maxey as she talks about hip hop, her journey as a hip hop journalist and new shit happening here at KevinNottingham.com. It all goes down at 11pm Eastern Standard Time and will be streamed online. Arasia will have a special guest with her, so make sure you tune in! Read More »

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