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Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 8: 2014 Wrap Up (feat Von Pea)

As the year draws to a close Von Pea, our invisible co-host, drops by to chop it up about about Christmas gifts, the best rap releases of 2014 and  Iggy Azealia. We dug into the mail bag to read a few listener letters and tried something new by replacing the commercials with song snippets from an upcoming Tanya Morganrelease that drops on Jan 2nd at soundcloud.com/TanyaMorgan. As always rate, review and subscribe and be sure to drop us a line at BWNPodcast@gmail.com. We just may read your email on air! Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 7: The Fun of Feminism (ft. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh)

This week Donwill dropped by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh‘s home studio to talk Art Basel, feminism and awful names. Her wildly successful wheat paste project, “Stop Telling Women to Smile” uses illustration as a tool for social change and has been a hot topic since she put up the first poster. We also discuss how horses are the same thing as motorcycles in Oklahoma. Learn more about Tatyana’s project at StopTellingWomentToSmile.com and don’t forget to hit up WorkingCreative.BigCartel.com for some cool Tanya Morgan hats and t-shirts. Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 6: The Honor Roll (ft. Mike Baker & Tap 10)

Donwill trooped to Queens this week to kick it with Bay Area transplants Mike Baker The Bike Maker and Tap 10 aka The Honor Roll. If you don’t know who they are prepare to get an education like no other as we discuss everything from the origins of their crew, the ‘slim-case’ era of music, the scene in the bay area and exactly what ‘the antique roadshow’ is. Check out honorrollcrew.com for updates and follow @mkbkrthebkmkr and @tap10 as well. As always send anything you’d like advice on to BWNPodcast@gmail.com or @BWNPodcast on Twitter and we’ll include it in the ‘Horrible Advice’ segment of the show in the near future. Read More »

The Combat Jack Show: The LL Cool J Episode

The GOAT LL Cool J sits down with Combat Jack and Premium Pete. Another classic episode the guys put together. Description and stream below. We couldn’t end this year right without having the G.O.A.T. on. How he survived an abusive upbringing, studied his craft with early rap pioneers in the same rap dojo with Kool G. Rap, becoming the foundation stone that became Def Jam, building with Queens’ street legends, battling this rapper, that rapper and Jay Z, why he didn’t sign management with Diddy, the “Accidental Racist” thing, flipping burglars in his castle and the victory of seeing his wife survive Cancer, its all here and more. From Hollis to Hollywood, this episode is most certainly blowticious. LL Cool J will forever remain hard as hell. Pause. Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 5: The Uncomfortable Truth (feat. Ilyas)

Donwill went to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving and caught up with his good friend Ilyas. On this episode the missing member of Tanya Morgan explains exactly why he left the group as well as discusses his feelings about their last release. We also get a couple of tour stories as well as perspective on why Donwill and Ilyas had beef in high school. This episode also introduces the “Horrible Advice” segment and urges listeners to send anything they’d like advice about. Drop us a line at BWNPodcast@gmail.com or @BWNPodcast on Twitter. As always rate, review and subscribe and don’t forget to check out WorkingCreative.BigCartel.com and OldGold.NYC. Read More »

The Combat Jack Show: The Rick Ross Episode

Premium Pete and Combat Jack catch up with the Boss Rick Ross. Rick talks of growing up a die hard rap fan of some our lyrucal greats, his unappreciated skill as a song writer/ ghostwriter, his relationships with Jay Z and Diddy and the books he reads to keep his mind focused. Also, the some details of his #RossFit training regimen, his Wing Stop chicken empire and why he really instigated his beer with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson”. Stop being a munkey and press that download button, ya underdig? Rick Ross’ album ‘Hood Billionaire’ is out now! Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 4: The Green Room (feat. J-Live, Mr Mecc & Tonedeff)

On this episode Donwill stops through the Cunninlynguists ‘Strange Universe’ tour to hang out with J-Live and ends up talking to Mr Mecc and Tonedeff as well. The conversation goes from Wetlands to behind the scenes at the Source magazine and of course they discuss J-Live’s tenure in the game. Pull up a chair and catch one of these gems that get dropped. Be sure to check out J-Live’s ‘Around The Sun’, Mr Mecc’s ‘I Can Explain’ and hit up QN5.com for all things Tonedeff, Pack FM or Cunninlynguist. Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 3: The Hustle (feat. Karlie Hustle)

In this episode Donwill is joined by Karlie Hustle who walks us through her time at Hot 97 and talks about what she’s been up to since leaving the station. She also explains her ‘How To Quit Your Job’ series on YouTube and they talk about street harassment and gender in general. Trust me when I say that you don’t wanna miss this one! For all things Karlie hit up www.karliehustle.com and a special thanks goes out to Steel Tipped Dove for recording, engineering and mixing this episode. Subscribe :  iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Soundcloud Read More »

The Combat Jack Show: The Joaquin “Waah” Dean Ruff Ryders Episode

Combat Jack and Premium Pete are getting into the Ruff Ryders history with the Ruff Ryders founder Joaquin “Waah” Dean. Another must listen from the guys! You think you know the scope of the Ruff Ryders history? You heard all the stories about DMX, Eve, “The L.O.X.” Swizz Beats and the Def Jam takeover? Co-founder Joaquin “Waah” Dean takes the history back to the actual ground zero of Hip Hop with Kool Herc, to the legendary DMX vs Jay Z battle, to taking over the history and more. No shiny suits will be worn during the listening of this episode. Nothing but #BlockWork here b. Read More »

Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 2: The Housewarming (feat. Spree Wilson)

This week’s guest is the multitalented  Spree Wilson . Not only is he the accomplished singer songwriter behind DJ Afrojack’s smash hit single “The Spark” but he is also a budding photographer/cinematographer. In fact he shot the image i used for my cover art! In this episode I drop by his new apartment and we talk about gentrification,  #thatsite  and what makes all artists nerds. Subscribe :  iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Soundcloud Read More »

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Donwill: Bad With Names Episode 8: 2014 Wrap Up (feat Von Pea)