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Hasan Salaam: Children of God

New Jersey’s Hasan Salaam is an interesting blend of MCs. While listening to this album, my roommate walked by and asked, “What’s this Game track you’re bumping right now?” And while Salaam may sound like The Game, you’ll hear nothing in the way of N.W.A references, palm trees, and 64′s. His subject matter is more an amalgam of Immortal Technique, ... Read More »

EPMD: We Mean Business

A few weeks ago, the 2 hour event, 24: Redemption, graced television screens all over the world. The return of Jack Bauer was watched by over 12 million that one night and the end result was excitement, exhilaration, and intensity; familiar emotions felt from the past 6 seasons of 24. In retrospect, the return was quite disappointing and the plot, ... Read More »

Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker: Hip Hop In The Soul

The overseas duo of Cymarshall Law, out of Jersey, and Mr. Joeker, out of Hungary, have more chemistry than most duos within the same city have. The beats of Mr. Joeker lace the 14 track LP and the fiery and youthful stylings of Cymarshall compliments the high tempo, emotional, and far from generic production. The blend is so good that ... Read More »

El Da Sensei & The Returners: Global Takeover

After a 2-year hiatus from the scene, El Da Sensei, one half of the debunked New Jersey duo Artifacts, has reappeared with his sophomore album Global Takeover: The Beginning. Teaming up with The Returners, a Polish production team formed of Little and DJ Chwial, El‘s newest project throws the hip-hop game back to the Golden Era. Alongside Sensei‘s sharp tongue, ... Read More »

Scarface: Emeritus

Emeritus is a title given to retired professors. The title establishes the authority of the bearer, in case they want to speak about their given field of expertise after they retire from teaching. Appropriately, Emeritus is the name of the new, and final, Scarface album. Scarface has professed about the ghetto, and we, the listeners, are his students. We listened ... Read More »

Common: Be

To just “be” seems so general, yet, strangely specific doesn’t it? Apparently, the album, previously called “Basement Evolution,” was Common just be-ing. How do we know this? He is in, no doubt, an ultra comfort zone with Chicago brethren, Kanye West, throughout the entire album. Aside from two masterful tracks produced by the late J Dilla, West handles all the ... Read More »

Common: Electric Circus

2003 saw the release of Common‘s Electric Circus and if this album isn’t an experience, I don’t know what is. Over the years I’ve found that this is an album you either hate or love. The people who love it tend to commend Com for his risk taking and his adventurous route taken on this release and those who hate it, in ... Read More »

Common: Like Water For Chocolate

When Common is mentioned, most will bring up Be and Resurrection as his superior works, and deservedly so, but something about Like Water for Chocolate makes it a very personal and enjoyable listen. Common‘s lyrics, which range from passionate to humorous; the soulful production from J Dilla, ?uestlove, and the Soulquarians; and the guest appearances by luminaries such as MC ... Read More »

Common: One Day It’ll All Make Sense

One Day it’ll All Make Sense is the follow up to the classic album Resurrection, as well as the last album to feature producer No ID, who was responsible for the majority of the production on Common‘s previous album. Fresh off of the settled beef with Ice Cube, the once booze-laden rapper was evolving in front of our eyes into ... Read More »

Common: Resurrection

After releasing his debut album, Can I Borrow a Dollar?, Common Sense was overlooked and the project garnered very little recognition. But like every great emcee, Common, didn’t let that hinder his growth. Read More »

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