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Thursday Throwback

Thursday Throwback Soundset Edition: Atmosphere’s Slug Circa 1989 As Sean1 [Music Video]

When the Soundset Edition of Thursday Throwback came to mind this was the second video that came to mind. Although I know this joint made it’s way around the internet sometime last year there has to be a couple of you who have not seen Slug‘s performance as Sean1 in 1989. I’m not sure if this is a talent show ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback Soundset Edition DJ Premier – Guru & Big L Tribute At Fat Beats NYC [Music Video]

One of the performances I am personally most excited for at this years Soundset Festival is that of the legendary DJ Premier. I am a MidWest dude and have not had many opportunities to see Preem do his thing so this Sunday while DJ Premier rocks his set you know exactly where I will be if you want to find ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback Soundset Edition – Raekwon: Criminology (feat. Ghostface Killah) [Music Video]

I really can’t believe this cut is 16 years old. As soon as the idea for the Soundset edition of Thursday Throwback came to mind so did this cut. When that purple tape dropped I remember going to the record store with pops and being the first of all the homies to have it. Mad kids were giving me the ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback Soundset Edition – Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push (Live) [Music Video]

For this week Thursday Throwback will be dedicated to some of the artists we are going to rock with this weekend at the Fifth Annual Soundset Festival in Minnesota. To “kick” things off I found the video of Lupe Fiasco performing “Kick Push” for AOL Sessions. Although if you know me, you know I’m not the biggest Lupe Fiasco fan ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback: Black Thought Freestyling with Questlove

Nowadays, actual “freestyling” (as in rhyming off the dome) is rarely heard or seen, so I am bringing you a classic freestyle from a time when a lot of emcees were really good at rhyming on the spot. Black Thought is a very underrated rapper, but that’s for another post and another day; however, Black Thought proves his skill here in this ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback: Eminem Vs Juice [Scribble Jam 1997]

Who is a better (mainstream) freestyler than the legendary Slim Shady a.k.a. Eminem? Eminem was a phenom in the Detroit Hip Hop scene back in the ‘90s when he would freestyle at shows. And here is just one fine example of his raw talent as a freestyler. This classic clip is Eminem vs. Juice at the 1997 Scribble Jam so turn up the volume and ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback – MC Thick: Marerro [Music Video]

This was one of those tracks that I happened to hear from ear hustling my uncle’s conversations while they were playing dominoes and drinking Old E in the early ’90s. I never knew too much about MC Thick but this track always stuck with me and I knew this song was dope then and it still holds up all those ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback – College Boyz: Hollywood Paradox [Music Video]

Some of you all met Romany Malco as the guy that played MC Hammer in that horrible VH1 telepic while others met him as the funny guy from 40 Year Old Virgin. For me, I met him as a “college boy.” Romany was main rapper for the ’90s group, College Boyz that released their debut album, Radio Fusion Radio, in 1992. They had another noticeable track, “Victim of the Ghetto” ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback – Double XX Posse: Not Gonna Be Able To Do It [Music Video]

There are so many great things about Hip Hop but one that stands out for me is when that one universal song comes out that  provides a hook that sums up everything you are feeling or the point you are trying to make perfectly. Granted, Double XX Posse who released their debut album, Put Ya Boots On in 1992,  was speaking to chicks about ... Read More »

Thursday Throwback – Audio Two: I Don’t Care [Music Video]

When most cats think of Audio Two, they think of “Top Billin,” however, “I Don’t Care” was another classic track off their 1988 debut, What More Can I Say. Check out the video from Milk Dee and Gizmo. Yeah, we used to dress and dance like that. Don’t front, you know you did too. Read More »