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Big Pooh: Nothing Less (feat. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & K Dot)

New video from Big Pooh off of his The Delightful Bars album.  This track can be found on the North American Pie (read review) and Candy Apple iTunes versions.  I like this song and the mixtape street LP album.  Spotted at XXL via OnSmash. Read More »

H.I.S.D. feat. KO: Summer So Good

Video from H.I.S.D.’s Summer Sessions EP (peep the spotlight and album review). Read More »

Rapper Big Pooh: Delightful Bars

I’ll be honest right off the bat, picking which one of Big Pooh‘s Delightful Bars to review was extremely difficult. I simply can’t wrap my head around the promotion of this “street LP” that Pooh states is the perfect bridge between his debut, Sleepers and his upcoming solo sophomore album, Dirty Pretty Things. So this isn’t an album? I’m confused as to what it is, let alone what I’m reviewing, because the press package of the album had the tracks out of order and the name titles messed up. There, there’s my rant. Here’s a short review of this “street LP.” This isn’t getting my traditional treatment of a review because we here are strongly against reviewing mixtapes, but, I’m still not sure what this is. There are plenty of features on it, ranging from the usual Justus League suspects (minus Phonte) to a plethora of producers like (Khrysis, Illmind, Jake One, and 9th Wonder). However, the blend is kind of a stinker. Read More »

Little Brother: GetbackArmy.com Mixtape, Vol 5

About a month and a half ago we posted Every Little Brother Track You Could Ever Want That Is Not on Any of Their Retail Albums, which included Volumes 1-4 of the GetbackArmy.com‘s Mixtape series. Well, GetbackArmy.com is kicking the New Year off right by releasing Volume 5 with not one, not two, but three discs worth of Little Brother material. Definitely a must have for any LB fan! This should hold us over until we get a new Little Brother album, or at least until Pooh’s solo album drops next month. DOWNLOAD Read More »

Illmind vs. G.C.

Rose Royce: “Love Is In The Air” From the album Golden Touch (1980) [audio:http://boxstr.com/files/4445209_z2asx/03%20-%20Rose%20Royce%20-%20Love%20Is%20In%20The%20Air%20%5B%5C%27Good%20Clothes%5C%27%5D.mp3] Little Brother: “Good Clothes” From the album Getback (2007) Produced by Illmind [audio:http://boxstr.com/files/4445208_zhat4/04%20-%20Good%20Clothes.mp3] Trav Williams: “For You” From the mixtape The Learning Curve (2008) Produced by G.C. [audio:http://boxstr.com/files/4445210_zea3z/08.%20For%20You%20%28Prod.%20by%20GC%29.mp3] If you’re bumpin the new Trav Williams mixtape (which you should be), you’ll notice a couple of originals produced by my man G.C. I remember when G.C. first emailed me the beat “For You”. I was like, I don’t know man, that’s that “Good Clothes” sample; Illmind already did his thing with that. But once I got that LB track out of my head and the dude Trav Wiliams hoped on it, it was all over. So I wanna know what you all think. The Illmind flip is classic; how did G.C. do? [poll id=”96″] Read More »

Every Little Brother Track You Could Ever Want That Is Not On Any Of Their Retail Albums

I think the title speaks for itself. This post goes out to all Little Brother fans who have bought The Listening, Chitlin’ Circuit 1.5, The Minstrel Show, GetBack, And Justus For All, Separate But Equal and still want more Little Brother. But more specifically, this post goes out to Jon, who keeps asking in my C-Box, “hey what ever happened to upping those japanese little brother tracks?”. This post is for YOU. I was originally gonna put together a short download of all LB international and bonus cuts, but I knew somebody had done this before, so I figure… why duplicate the work? What you will find, right after the jump is two must have compilations for any Little Brother fan. Two compilations that equal a whopping total of seven discs! Yes, 7 CDs. That’s more music than they’ve actually released. Some of it may be duplicated between the two sets, but in there should be every international bonus cut, non-album track, collaboration tracks from other peoples albums, etc that you could ever want. Props to GetBackArmy.com and DotGotIt.com for making these sets available… Read More »

DJ Wristpect: Bridging The Gap Volume 3

You know any Justus League/Little Brother affiliated mixtape is gonna get a post here! Toronto’s own DJ Wristpect is back with Volume 3 of his Bridging The Gap series. Previously he has bridged the gap from Toronto To New York (Volume 1) and Toronto To Chicago (Volume 2).  This time he goes from Toronto to North Carolina! If you’re diggin’ these, make sure to head over to DJ Wristpect’s website to grab more of his mixtapes. Read More »

The Little Brother Comedy Hour… Live!

Now, I’ve never had the opportunity to see Phonte and Big Pooh in concert, so watching this was a treat for me. This looked like a hell of a show!  But damn, why did they only post the interludes?  It’s a good watch though… anyone got the full show?  Yo, Phonte said Toronto… Deez, was this the show you were at? And if you all haven’t read it yet, check out this excellent post that our man Sean Deez wrote up… The Top 15 Phonte Rap Performance. Little Brother Bonus Mix on the way! Read More »

Top 15 Phonte Rap Performances

It’s been a minute since my Top 10 Beef/Diss Tracks, I had to chill for a bit on the list because it took so much out of me. I got loads and loads and LOADS of emails. The 88 comments really does me justice yo, but what can I say? I loved every single email I got, every comment dropped… I loved the controversy. I have to apologize to my man Kev for being late on this. I thought the Diss tracks took a lot out of me; I think this one damn near killed me. I present you guys with the Top 15 Phonte Rap Performances. Two things: I had to be specific about the title because he does sing and some songs were spectacular because of a combination of lines from separate verse and I had to expand it to 15 from 10 because 10 was much too hard. At the bottom there are 5 Honourable Mentions, even those were hard. Guys, I’ve listened to pretty much every single Phonte track that is available, I’ve narrowed them down through 5 processes. These are the ones that made the 6th cut. Professional sports teams don’t even have that many cuts! This thing has more cuts than a Preemo track so take it as you may and know that my time and effort is really all for you guys. Please feel free to hate, love, express your opinion, acknowledge, son me, own me, “pwn” me, violate me, email me and ... Read More »

Little Brother: Live in Toronto… The Review

I decided to flex my newly acquired media access muscle for this show on a chilly Sunday night in Downtown Toronto. The venue was quite small, but cozy considering no one felt like showing up for the 9 o’clock show start. Big ups to The MOD Club for holding it down, they did a fantastic job with it. REMG promoted the show and they usually always throw down the best hip hop jams in Toronto and always bring in the acts other promoters may have not even heard of. Read More »

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